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Not herring rest, and... what can be still?

From the point of view of the person civilized - so it is impossible to live!

Without water, without housing, the conditioner and a soft mattress, without civil - restaurant 5-single, lethal food, without jacuzzi eventually! “And - and - and, I to mother want“.

Other business “You lie to yourself on the beach overflowed with vacationers. You like the crowded beach? (herring option), you sip beer, you are fried and you pine with inaction … You swim in the sea in the company with bottles, pieces of paper, a shit... SEA! And at night “the real sea tour“: disco, alcohol, cigarettes, sex …“.

Well anybody not against, especially against sex... :)! And what, it is possible to have a rest in a different way? It is possible! The truth is not absolutely rest, but... (From “lyrical“ stories the Crimea - thrill-seekers and trainer`s retreats.)

Training “Freeman Dyuna“, or “Waters!!! We want to drink! “ Is not present

, of course, in any a little - malsk the manned place there is no water problem, but all of us were in background training “Dune“ (“Dune“ is a planet from a forfeit. epics where frimena appreciated water as gold!).

Did not gather water and who to you the doctor? Of course, will share with you, but if it occurs constantly - “Hey, the little girl, we here not the father - mother - nurses... You will think maybe of yourself, all right, do not take offense!“. The nonsense - water, is unpretentious, but good training of personal growth, and on - lives you will look for the help from the father too - mother - nurses, or all - will independently live how the strong sure personality?.

We did not pass any source, learned during 15 - a minute halt to manage to wash up the head in falls or the mountain small river, (what jacuzzi!!!) .

Sometimes, as under the crane in a toilet on the beach, or crept with dark evenings in sanatorium with bottles and secretly that protection did not find, (background training of “Ninjia“) gathered water, and sometimes and took a shower.

And still we had Bush - a shower at which very well it turned out “to obdushit“ from legs to the head, than the people actively and used... also envied going bananas.

Despite all precautionary measures, water-supplies sometimes all - ran low.

Once spent the night near the Fox bay, there the source was highly in mountains. And though real men, (training such “Real man“ :)) canisters silently took and went to mountains, the brought water was enough only for preparation of a dinner. And girls very much wanted to wash - to bathe … And it was necessary to wash and wash the dishes in the sea... (and everyone washed the dishes independently, tea not restaurant, background training “Cinderella“). To it the people get used not at once, to wash the dishes - what extreme!, but severe training - life quickly breaks “aristocratic“ manners...

Oh, I not made up...

A that was with group when in one of bays to the majority for the first time in life! - it was necessary to sleep directly “on the street“, without tents (training “Bum“ :))! The bus could not pass to the place of spending the night, and it was necessary to pass on foot on a heat of several km., and then unanimously, though without special pleasure, the minimum of necessary things which tents were not among decided to take all with itself. The group amicably was indignant: how it - to sleep without tents?!, - it is terrible to remember - “children of big cities“ got into sleeping bags in PYJAMAS! In normal civil pajamas in a floret and with kruzhavchik... it was necessary to see it.

Having by the way, spent the night then under the open sky, mnogiyekategorichesk refused to get into tents and in general even to put them for the night. It and is clear. We got used to the ceilings which are constantly hanging over the head, high-rise buildings and I will be able (such dirty city air - a smoke). Got used to go in cars and populous public transport, and we forgot that it is possible just to go on the ground and to sleep on stones and, having opened eyes, to see the bottomless black sky and improbably wide sparkling Milky Way and to hear noise of the sea directly at legs and to feel whiff of night wind on cheeks. Someone, of course, prefers most too, but on a soft bed, performed by the conditioner and fragrances - everyone goes crazy in own way.


Other “prejudice“ was, besides desire to sleep under a roof, desire to eat - well, at least twice a day, but it is normal. In the first KE of 2003. instead of breakfasts, lunches and dinners we had having a snack. Having a snack is when there is no place and there is no time to prepare, and then to us was once practically always.

(Sintal - training the Crimea - the Extreme we Will sit on clouds?) We went, unloaded things from the bus, loaded things into the bus, put - removed tents, climbed mountains, for the majority it were the first mountains though hills it were unpretentious (Chatyr - Dag), but to sit on the rock over clouds, this very inexpressible feeling!

Or to climb caves, to go to radialka (sorties from base camp), for example on the reserved cape Kazantyp, to make transitions and heats, to swim in the seas (Black and Azov), in falls, and … to go again. Having a snack is bread with paste, sprats or sardines, tomato - a cucumber and... Day through three such life the people begin to grumble, then poorly to be indignant.

Then reconciles - and what to do? - same KE, have it coming. The people returned from the Crimea very and very grown thin, tightened and incredibly happy. Now the question of food is considerably reconsidered and improved, however the legend of “having a snack“ continues to be carried by skilled members of the first KE.

Fox bay, Kazantyp, etc. animals.

That, 1 - y transition with spending the night near the Fox bay, perhaps, it was as if so accurater to be expressed... the most unpredictable for all trainings.

So, the Fox bay (foxes there do not live long ago, but other wild beings, like a big-eared krossovkogryz are. (Max, hi!)

By the way, this predatory krossovkogryz lives also on Kazantyp:) and not just gnaws, but actively privorovyvat both sneakers, and other edible delicacies. Here such it is a gourmet.

At once I will tell, Lisk made many much more unpretentious and tolerant to any conventions of life. Everything began with the fact that water was not. We already described these horror films,… and other trouble was the fact that we were taken a dislike for some reason by neighbors. Though, generally, they could be understood: crowd of savages lacking culture (judging by appearance - yes, but the people go to KE ill-matched: students, psychologists, engineers, bankers, businessmen …) kindled a fire at half of the night, and the second half of night loudly sang songs at this fire. Actually we sang not loudly, and it is rather romantic, but neighbors - that slept and did not understand our lyrical mood. Well, in the morning we are polite, but categorically asked to drive off far away. Spent the night ashore, on a narrow strip of the beach - in several meters from the live sea. Water was not, for breakdown of tents there were not enough forces. There was also no decent bush for this and all other purposes. (Training “Find a toilet“ with the conditioner and fragrances. What? Did not find?) . The kilometers passed today on the heated pebble, the people not too inspired. All too were tired this day to treat a situation with humour. And fell asleep, a vpovalka, on the earth, without having thought even to pull out the largest stones from - under rugs - the poor we, the sides in the morning rumpled by stones, oh as hurt.

And on following morning we looked more, than is deplorable. Dirty, peeled, with the hair which stuck together from salt, burned, with languages on shoulders for fatigue, with the run wild views and empty plastic bottles in hands.... It was still that show. But … before the first bathing in the transparent sea, in a sea foamy jacuzzi, in the recovering waves … and eyes burn again and wait new an adventure.

Your choice “the herring beach“ or freedom and adventures?

Sichkorez Sergey.