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When to sign the contract? Astrological business - a calendar for April, 2010 of

When to register the enterprise? When to conclude the bargain? When to sign the contract or to process documents? These are frequent questions of consultations business - astrologers whose recommendations are based on the analysis of an individual horoscope of the person, and, naturally, that (let`s be frank) such periods for each of us - are unique. Yes, “one man`s meat is another man`s poison“ and if Pyotr Ivanovich managed to conclude the favorable contract today, it does not mean at all that the same will manage also to Vasily Petrovich.

But nevertheless we can estimate the general quality of time, considering the current position of planets - and these are useful hints. And who knows, perhaps, they will give that small advantage which will allow you to become more successful than competitors.

Let`s be engaged in consideration of astrological hints right now.

An important factor which should be considered when planning similar questions - a retrogradnost of Mercury, the planet symbolizing contacts, information, documents, generally, any communication channel. This year Mercury becomes retrograde on April 18, therefore try to resolve all important issues till this day. Usually during the period a retromerkuriya affairs which were shelved well are given, long ago were planned or those which did not turn out from the first. However this time the opposition of Saturn and Uranium - destructive aspect which will hardly add stability to your contracts - transactions in parallel works. Therefore the third decade of April is not the best time for any important undertakings.

Pay attention for intense days - on April 3, 5, 23 and 25 . These days exact disharmonious aspects of fast planets - Venus and Mercury are formed. It can add to you unnecessary efforts in the long term.

One more factor standing attention are ingressions of planets in signs in April: On April 2 Mercury will cross border of the Taurus, on April 7 Saturn will pass into the Maiden, on April 20 the Sun is ingressirut in the Taurus and on April 25 by Venus - in Twins. Try not to undertake of anything new and extremely urgent in days on the eve of specified (i.e. 1, 6, 19, on April 24) as quite often change of a sign bears for itself change of conditions of business, change in initial plans and calculations. And not the fact that these changes will please you.

And the last that can be considered at astrological planning is the Moon periods “without course“ , i.e. those periods when this the fast and the object, close to us, does not do any aspects before transition to other sign. It is considered that the business begun in such time develops hardly, and the enclosed efforts and resources much more exceed the received result. Once again I pay your attention that during the periods provided below the conclusion of contracts, contracts, transactions, signing of important documents, registration of firms and enterprises is not RECOMMENDED (calculations Moscow time):

On April 2 - with 16. 50 to 20. 55,

on April 5 - from 1 to 5 in the morning,

on April 7 - with 12. 20 to 16. 50,

on April 10 - with 1. 40 to 5. 48,

on April 12 - with 16. 50 to 17. 30,

on April 14 - with 23. 22 until the end of days,

on April 15 - since the beginning of days to 2. 55,

on April 17 - from 9 in the morning to 10. 10,

on April 19 - with 14. 20 to 15. 40,

on April 21 - with 18. 05 to 19. 40,

on April 23 - with 19. 35 to 22. 25,

on April 25 - with 22. 20 until the end of days,

on April 27 - with 23. 45do the end of days,

on April 28 - since the beginning of days to 02. 30,

on April 30 - with 4. 40 to 6. 35.

Keep in mind that it is the general recommendations which consider part of the current heavenly configurations regardless of your individual horoscope . For this reason personally they can not have any relation to you. And for this reason I traditionally recommend to consider astrological calendars and forecasts in mass media as entertaining information. Though I do not deny that with such information planning of affairs becomes a little more fascinating;)