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How to clean and polish silver jewelry

U you there are silver jewelry which you very much value and which are bought long ago? For certain, when you bought them, they looked is delightful, sparkled and shone, but eventually silver turned black and began to look sadly and dimly. Sterling silver, i.e. silver 925 of test has property to grow dull and become covered by blackness if it is constantly subject to influence of air and other oxidizers. For certain there is a way by means of which it is possible to add to ornament former gloss and beauty.

For example, it is possible to find the professional master to polish silver, usually this work takes only a few minutes. But you can perform the same work also houses by means of some products and substances which are available to you in everyday life. These methods are safe, both for your hands, and for your costume jewelry. There are several main ways to polish silver.

Means for washing of ware

1. Place silver in warm water and add a little soft means for washing of ware.

2. Accurately clean silver products in this solution.

3. Wipe silver with dry cotton fabric.

Lemon juice or baking soda

We do not recommend to use to you lemon juice or soda if earlier you had no practice of work with these substances for purification of silver. They are very strong oxidizers and therefore can spoil your jewelry. However, if you understand this risk, then can try to purify silver in such a way. Thanks to the aggressive properties these substances are capable to add gloss and to remove blackness even from the most hopelessly spoiled products. Act as well as with means for washing of ware.


You sometime could imagine that toothpaste can be used as a cleaner for silver? It is valid and results will not disappoint you, and on the contrary will pleasantly surprise!

1. Choose toothpaste without any bleaching properties and effects.

2. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on silver products and softly pound cotton fabric.

3. Rinse silver in warm water and wipe soft dry fabric or a towel.

Other less used ways:

The cook - a stake

Place silver jewelry in a glass from the cook - Coca for 12 hours. Silver is purified of black spots thanks to properties of this drink. Polish a product with soft, dry cotton fabric and dry up it.


Apply lipstick on all surface of a jewelry, then wash away it warm water and wipe with a dry towel.

These ways will help you to keep your silver jewelry and will force them to shine. Remember also that silver needs to be stored correctly that it did not lose the gloss. Here several council as to achieve it:

1. You do not store silver together with rubber, steel jewelry or paint. Sulfur is a part of rubber, she is an enemy of silver.

2. You hold silver far away from such products which part sulfur is.

3. You watch that silver jewelry was stored in the dry place. If the product becomes wet, then there is a danger that many substances in air can react with it oxidations, and it will lose gloss and will gradually become covered by blackness.

4. Do not put on silver costume jewelry to the pool. Chlorine very easily reacts with silver and quickly destroys it.

Correctly you store and polish your silver jewelry, and they will never lose the beauty and gloss.