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Beauty or health?

In our dynamic time when priorities can daily change, each woman wants to be well-groomed and beautiful. In the aspiration to correspond to a present situation to us it is necessary to use daily sometimes up to 20 cosmetics which are in our arsenal. These are creams and masks, tonics and lotions, different types of decorative cosmetics. And being in the ocean of numerous means on leaving, we sometimes do not even reflect that does well to us, and that to the detriment. Unfortunately, not all cosmetics equal the hopes laid on them, and in certain cases, the result happens opposite. The industry of beauty strongly changed in recent years. The cosmetics contains much more chemical compounds today that, naturally, does not pass completely for a female organism. If earlier, means for purity and health were generally used, then today the increasing popularity is gained cream for artificial suntan, by false eyelashes, the increased hair and nails. The developments which are carried out by scientists revealed that some of components as a part of cosmetic products cause cancer, hormonal problems, an allergy and other diseases of skin. During research of development of primary cirrhosis scientists found unexpected risk factors of diseases. It appears, development of diseases of a liver is stimulated by smoking and a hair-dye. 4600 people took part in supervision. During them it was established that smoking increases risk of a disease by 63%, and a hair-dye - for 37%. It was not succeeded to reveal dependence of frequency of application of a hair-dye and what component of paint can be responsible for such negative effect. And as a result of carrying out still the whole complex of researches of sostavlyashchy cosmetics by the scientist it was succeeded to define, at last, that cirrhosis can cause such connection as oktinovy acid which is used in a hair-dye and nail varnish.

Unfortunately, both the decorative cosmetics, and means on leaving can bring not only objective benefit, but also the essential harm expressed in presenilation of skin.

Harm of cosmetics is expressed in presenilation of skin though women expect a boomerang effect. A third of women are younger than 25 years regularly use the cosmetics intended for women of more advanced age at whom age changes of skin are outlined. It girls do an organism a disservice. As their organism since early years receives such amount of chemicals with which the immune system, a liver and kidneys - the bodies participating in a conclusion of chemicals from an organism cannot cope.

Women daily it is necessary to use up to 500 chemical compounds. And not just to use, and to apply on the face skin and bodies, on hair and nails.

These connections are in composition of creams, masks, in decorative cosmetics, hairspray and nails. Researches showed that usually women apply up to 13 cosmetics daily, each of which, on average, consists more than of 20 components, including various additives.

Spirits, for example, contain cocktail from 250 components, and some especially “capacious“ fragrant liquids - even to 400!!! Lipstick on average from 33 components, body lotion - from 32, ink - from 29, and the most usual hand cream which we apply several times a day - from 11 to 27 components. All these substances are not always useful, and often are even harmful.

Now much attention is paid to development of natural cosmetics which for 70% consists of natural ingredients. And the organic cosmetics contains 95 - 100% of natural components. In our country in recent years there were many brands of organic cosmetics, the beauty shops working only with natural paints and organic cosmetics open.

Recommendations of the experts working directly with organic cosmetics will help you to be brighter, more effective, and, the main thing, to keep both the health, and health of your family.