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Whether the epistolary genre will disappear?

“Sit one in the room in all top; read your letter now and I cannot describe all tenderness, to tears tenderness which to you I feel, and not only now, but any minute of day. The dear my, the best on light! For God`s sake, do not stop to write letters to me every day till Saturday... Without you to me not that it is sad, terrible, though it happens, but the main thing - I the dead, not living person. And too I love you in your absence. So that silly. Farewell, darling, smart guy“.

L. N. Tolstoy`s Letter to the wife, 1867, June. Tell

, and you would like to receive such or similar letter written by a hand of darling, loved one? And then to store it, to re-read, feeling mood with which it was written?

Letters in post envelopes … Entering the entrance, we on a habit look in a mailbox - whether there is no pismeets there? We sigh - absolutely all ceased to write … We look forward, but not always we find time in time to answer. If to ask: Whether “You like to receive letters? Not SMS - ki, and the presents, on paper, by mail?“ , I think that the majority will answer positively. And if to raise a question in a different way: “You like to write letters?“ , for certain, many will tell: “Yes why to write, it is so easy to communicate with relatives and friends now even if they it is far from us! To call by phone, to communicate through Skype, to send SMS - the message“. Though in our huge country still far not everywhere not that the Internet, and even phone is.

Whether the epistolary genre disappears? In real life all of us write letters more rare and less often. Perhaps, became lazy? I judge by myself - if earlier I in a year wrote 140 - 150 letters, then now in three - four it is less time. Though not all my relatives and friends have an Internet and it is not always possible to reach by phone. My aunt living in Kazakhstan does not like to speak by phone - audibility unimportant and whether you will tell much? She asks - “Write us letters, we so wait for them, we re-read several times!“. And most of school girlfriends do not own the Internet and prefer to receive the present, “paper“ letters. But less frequently they appear in mailboxes.

Me mother accustomed to write letters, hardly I mastered the diploma in the first class. When it had some urgent matters, it put me at a kitchen table, and I took the letter one her sister dictation, another. It arrived wisely, and I am grateful to it for it. At school, I do not remember now, in the second or in the third class, at lessons of Russian we were taught how it is correct to write the letter and the address on an envelope. Here then - that the story A was also read. Item. Chekhov “Vanka“ . And in a modern school course of Russian the subject of an epistolary genre is practically not studied.

Read the children and grandsons this surprising story of A. P. Chekhov! From the small letter written by an unsteady children`s hand there will be a picture of a bitter orphan share of the rural boy. It is very useful for our spoiled children to learn how lived in that time, far from us, what was “study“, Vanka was defined in training.

And personal correspondence of Anton Pavlovich? Same the present encyclopedia of cultural and public life of Russia of the end XIX - the beginning of the 20th century. All about 4400 letters written within 29 years from 1875 to 1904 remained, they make several volumes! It is one of the most considerable meetings of an epistolary genre in a literary heritage of the Russian classics. The subject of letters of A. P. Chekhov is various. Diaries of travel, calendars of work on works, events of private life. Correspondence with writers, editors, publishers, theatrical workers, actors, composers, artists. Responses to the public, literary and theatrical phenomena, responses to critiques and advice to the beginning authors. As we would lose much if these letters did not remain!

The farther from us last era, the is more value of the letters left to us by great people - writers, composers, scientists, travelers. They are read with not smaller interest, than works of art. Not fiction, not a fascinating plot, not bright images of heroes attract us in these letters, and precious details of life of authors, their sorrows and pleasure, their thought of life and of art, a moral and public position, their syllable, rich and expressive language.

In 2005 there was an eleven-serial movie “Yesenin“ with Page. Bezrukov in a leading role. I do not know how to whom - all have the view of works of motion picture art, but the movie was not pleasant to me, moreover, just afflicted. It became offensive for the favourite poet who was presented in the movie such drunkard and the brawler. When he managed to write so many verses if was in hard drinkings all the time? At once began to re-read a small volume with letters of Sergey Yesenin . They - that also give a right idea of character of the poet, his views of literary work and literature, its relationship with writers - contemporaries. In vain father and the son Bezrukov so distorted an image of the Poet!

And, valuable to residents of our country soldier`s letters from fronts of the Great Patriotic War are especially significant. Sometimes written by a pencil, with the semi-erased letters, they are still stored in families as memory of the people who gave life for the Homeland. In them a soul particle, a touch of hands of close people. Often these letters become property of the museums, on them study an era. Though military letters were also exposed to “processing“, perlustration, but even by quantity of the dirtied pieces, and at times reading “between lines“, it is possible to learn not less, than from official documents.

It is thought that in this quickly flying life, we ceased to appreciate letters as the historical document, important, let not for all mankind, but for our family, for grandsons. Our world, our life, our character is reflected in letters. After time with great pleasure you re-read the remained letters written many years ago and as in a time machine, you are transferred to the youth. As it is good that somewhere the pack of letters from the close people who sometimes already went to a better world is stored in a secluded corner, in a box!

Of course, now e-mail and other modern means of communication becomes alternative to hand-written messages. But, how were frequent SMS - messages, they bear in themselves very poor, often terse information, the OK type, Well, So Far, etc., and then are erased. Not to hold telephone conversations in forces the most remarkable memory. Not for nothing the proverb speaks - “What is written by a feather, will not cut down that the axe!“ Even e-mail messages, letters E - mails can get lost if the recipient or the sender does not unpack them on paper.

The other day on the TV showed an interesting plot: in the memorial estate of A.S. Pushkin, in Mikhaylovsk, by mail teach children as it is correct and beautiful to write usual letters. A competition on the best letter is held. It is possible to write anyone: to the family, friends and even to A.S. Pushkin. Letters go in special envelopes with brands. For incomplete year from this mail more than 5000 letters were sent!

So can be, all should keep a habit to write, at least occasionally, usual letters on a leaf of beautiful paper, the hand, whenever possible beautiful handwriting?