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Who are they are ascetics of our time?

the Bum Vasily with friends sit on a parapet. As if a bronze lion of work of Tsereteli, it protects an entrance to the temple, to Mecca of all Moscow ascetics. The Three Station Square is a cult place with the orders, morals and philosophy. Vasily leaves to

a post and generous agrees to conduct tour. Patrol of militia, cheerfully untwisting bludgeons, looks in our party. Vasya is extended on a string and, clicking fragmentary soles of galoshes, salutes: “I serve the Soviet Union!“ We begin with

excursion from a facade of the Yaroslavl station. My guide, perhaps, the best for local places, eloquently shines with knowledge of architecture and history. Vasily was extremely extravagant personality. He knew two languages. Russian academic (perhaps, in antecedents it was a teacher) and to the Russian materialistic (perhaps, acquired in severe realities of the present). His stories dazzled with expressions in the spirit of “semicircular poles with the stylized serf turrets“ and “Zhorka - shchipach, sewed sideways, yesterday filched ten“.

For similar places also the fact that my guide did not take alcoholic drinks and tobacco at all was not less surprising. Especially Vasily was angry with the smoking female representatives. Having for a while left me alone with a dictophone, he ran up to pitching mademoiselle, sat down before it on hunkers, opened hands and gave out: “Ku!“ The girl hurried to disappear, and Vasya returned to the excursion program. “As in that movie, huh?“ - I address it. “Smoke, dogs!“ - the fighter for sobriety venomously is indignant.

Modern ascetics are two types:

1. Ascetic of city type.

2. Ascetic of desert type.

Persons, chosen for themselves a way of alienation from a civilization treat the first, being in its direct center. Whereas the ascesis of desert type is shown in asceticism and refusal of the civilization benefits outside settlements. Homeless, freethinking artists, antiglobalists, foolishes treat ascetics of city type. And the sadhu, Old Believers, hippie and Herman Sterlingov make ascetics of desert type.

In space scale Moscow continued to rush with a mad speed on one side of the Globe, moving away from a star further and further. The evening cool forced us to come to get warm with Vasily in the station. The identity of the interlocutor surprised me more and more. Earlier, in the Union, it was an outstanding scientist and went in for physics. But after disintegration Vasily understood that he does not wish to live in the new world, and voluntarily became the outcast. He prefers the term “philosopher of three stations“ and everywhere drags with himself the greased Daniil Andreyev`s small volume. That induced it to leave a civilization, the former physicist answered a question in the best traditions of school of an estestvoispytaniye: “Yoshkin cat! If to behave in a queer way, then only here! It is better to be honest smelly bomzhy, than the selling, but pure politician!“

stood Behind these words the indestructible beacon of Vasiny philosophy lighting all its course of life. He devoted me in a subtlety, explained, it is how important to see life and all as an unusual gift, as a miracle around. The “linguistic incentives“ developed by it personally not absolutely matched strong materialistic expressions, but were extremely curious. For example, Vasily spoke “star“ instead of “Sun“ and “planet“ instead of “Earth“. He considered that thus the person realizes greatness and uniqueness of objects of Solar System stronger. The computer - a progress wreath, water - a life element, money and documents - pieces of paper, and the person is an alien.

It is valid if to present that we also are the race of newcomers building a civilization on a certain third planet from an average star - it is possible to feel all magic and greatness of the events. Especially It should be noted, Vasya often replaced the word life with the main term of the doctrine. To behave in a queer way is to live. He spoke: “My miracle abruptly changed in 90 - e years, now my miracle here, at Three Station Square“.

Not all in this world are guided by light philosophy, choosing the road of an ascesis. For many it is a way of infinite battles, a way of a protest. The city ascetics of the city of London carrying themselves to camp of fighters against globalization for months live on a lawn before the parliament building. Kind people bring food and clothes to tents of hermits. It is a bright example of withdrawal from a civilization without direct withdrawal from it. As the pioneer it is possible to consider the Roman emperor Diokletian. In IV in AD. it left a throne and until the end of life was a hermit in gardens of own manor. It repeatedly asked to return to the power what Diokletian answered: “How it is possible to offer me it? Really you do not see what fine cabbage grows in my gardens?“

Unlike Vasily and Diokletian, to the majority of those who leave Babylon are imposed low-populated, at times by uninhabited places. Downshifting becomes more and more widespread phenomenon. The people who are burning down at work, chronic daltonism of routine and almost forgotten ambitions of youth push us to an ascesis. The tendency of time is an intensive production of money to the middle of the third ten, with the purpose to spend the remained years on solar Goa or on the paradise island of Thailand. Of course, often the ideology and spiritual searches are not the first points in the list of affairs of these people. Formally similar is not considered withdrawal from a civilization. Just the downshifter changes comfortable capital life for not less civilized situation of the coast of India. And only units conducted by irresistible desire to learn truth or to expose lie, get into deaf Siberian distances and on lamas try to reach Shambhala.

But even they do not cause respect in the opinion of bronze sphinxes of three stations. Vasya screws indignantly up the face and spat: “It is possible to run though to the North Pole though to Australia, but not to understand that life is a greatest miracle! And this miracle, it everywhere! No pieces of paper are necessary to be happy! In the Union anybody did not have them, but all aliens were happy!“

Ya suggested the cheerful friend to release philosophical work and promised assistance. This idea very much was pleasant to Vasily, and he thought up the working name at once: ““My miracle“... or not, here so - “Station religion“, the author - “The glamourous character““. The philosopher of streets, completely zazvezdivshiysya from close attention of the press decided to take such here pseudonym to himself.

We long and vividly talked till late evening. Periodically cheerful patrols, grandmothers with glassware and Vasina friends, a zigzag bearing a cross of a city ascesis approached us. All of them well knew local Schopenhauer and quite often asked it to help to solve “problems with miracle“.

And we said goodbye, I - with entirely the filled memory on a dictophone, and it - entirely filled by memory of the Soviet happiness. I clasped a hand-rail of the car and under the weight of impressions plunged into a sleepiness. He clasped a hot pipe of a heating main and fell asleep in pleasant reflections about own book. Tomorrow he will write chapter 1, will frighten the smoker and will be dissolved in crowd near the station, preaching the doctrine. Tomorrow will rush into my life business - plans, mobile operators, Google, and I will again be dissolved in a civilization.

“And which of us beggar? Who is free and rather happy?.“ I, as a dog understanding everything, but not capable to change even own life. Or it as a dog smelling, but free to shout of injustice continually.