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What does Austria attract tourists with? Vicinities of Salzburg

In the Alps at the height of 425 meters on coast of the small river Zaltsakh one of the most beautiful cities of Austria - Salzburg above sea level settled down. The name to the city was given by salt which in local mines began to be extracted at the time of Romans. It seems that time did not touch the city surrounded from all directions with mountains with snow tops.

It is simple to reach Salzburg. In only several kilometers from the city there is an international airport “Maksglan“. By rail the way from Vienna will take about three hours, and from Munich - two. From the station to historic center of the city it is possible to reach by bus or the trolleybus, but it is possible to walk in only 15 minutes.

If you come to the city independently, I recommend to get “Salzburg Cards“ for 24, 48 or 72 hours which depending on the number of days costs from 24 to 37 euros. I assure that even the three-day card will pay off in the first day as it serves as the ticket for all types of city transport and gives the chance free of charge to visit the main city museums and sights.

I recommend to begin survey of Salzburg not with its historical part, and with its suburbs, having chosen the first object of visit the Alpine peak located in several kilometers from the city Untersberg whose height nearly 2000 meters. By the way, already one trip on Untersberg will pay back to you the cost of daily “Salzburg Cards“. To a peak foot in 20 minutes it is possible to reach by bus. Having taken place in the ropeway car, you in 7 minutes will appear on a plateau at the height of 1200 meters. If draws in time, it is possible to be limited to this height, having admired a wonderful view of the settlements and towns surrounded with mountains lying in the valley.

I recommend not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and on a convenient track to go to mountain top. The road will take 30 - 40 minutes, but a look which before you will open, will remain in memory for the rest of life, and the pictures or video filming taken there will serve as confirmation of conquest of snow-covered top. Snow at top lies even then when in the valley already in all the summer behaves violently. Be ready to it. If weather is solar, you will not feel cold, but there will be an opportunity to sunbathe, at the same time playing snowballs.

Having climbed down a mountain, you do not hurry to come back to the city especially as even on the direct way to Salzburg there will be three more interesting objects: the lock Helbrunn, a zoo and the lock on water Anif.

The lock Helbrunn is the big country palace of an era of the late Renaissance surrounded with wonderful park with the well-known cascade of fountains. Consider that fountains will not allow you to relax. Streams of water can strike literally from - under lands, from a bench on which you were going to sit down, or from a sculpture near which you decided to be photographed. It is difficult to believe that the palace with so “playful“ fountains was built for himself by the local archbishop.

Interest of tourists will cause not only park with fountains, but also the palace in which the rooms of the second floor painted with the gifted artist D. Mascagni are open for visit. And on the mountain Helbrunn of tourists waits for one more palace - little, but very beautiful Manatsshlessl.

The zoo with very good collection of animals is nearby located. Here except primordial inhabitants of the European continent there are rhinoceroses, zebras, tigers, a kangaroo, etc. In total here more than 500 different types of animals contain.

Anif who literally is growing from lake waters will not be possible to visit the palace, this private possession. But the show is worth it to admire from the coast and to take impressive pictures.

Almost on the suburb of the city, directly on the bank of the next lake, the palace Leopoldskron called by name the archbishop Leopold von Firmian who constructed it at the beginning of the 18th century was located. The refined palace in style of rococo will transfer you to the forgotten courtois century long ago. Be not surprised if from - for turn of the avenue ladies in magnificent crinolines appear and gallant gentlemen - it chose surprisingly beautiful place directors of historical movies long ago.

There is in the suburb of Salzburg one more impressive palace in style of rococo which attracts not only tourists, but also wishing to leave voluntarily own money. In the palace Klesskhaym too built at the beginning of the 18th century the casino was placed now. The palace remembers many historic figures, there lived the brother of the Kaiser Franz Josef, removed from the yard, archduke Ludwig Victor, there took place Hitler and Mussolini`s meeting, and after war in his refined rooms the English queen Elizabeth stopped.

If you want to see rural exotic and life of the simple Austrians of the last centuries after suburban palaces, then it is worth passing several kilometers to the west from the city to the village of Grossgmayn where the big Salzburg museum under the open sky is located. Here nearly 70 original ancient constructions, a significant amount of agricultural, craft and trade stock and equipment are collected.

In the museum it is possible not only to admire ancient houses, benches, smithies, to see people in original national suits, but also to feel spirit of far eras. In a smithy you will become the witness of creation of tools, so necessary in the village, and if carries, then and will bring a contribution in creation of the next horseshoe, having worked as a heavy hammer. In a bakery you will see all process of baking of bread and you will try still hot fragrant fancy bread. If you are not afraid of stings of bees, you can accompany the bee-keeper in a honey kingdom. Men, undoubtedly, process of production of schnapps and an opportunity “will interest to remove test“.

Besides, in the museum it is possible to become the witness of colourful musical representations and performances of folklore collectives, to look at various national ceremonies, to get original souvenirs in small shops. It is possible to finish survey visit of local small restaurant in which will offer you traditional dishes of Austrian cuisine.

Near the Salzburg museum under the open sky (village of Grossgmayn) there is an interesting natural object - a meadow of Volfshvanga from which the wonderful view of the Alps opens. Here the small reserve in which animals live almost under natural conditions, and also the zoo calculated on visit by parents with children was placed. Except a zoo of children wait for various playgrounds. For adults - cozy small restaurant with home cuisine at which dishes are prepared according to ancient recipes.

For fans of aircraft and art there is a sense to pass in the airport of Salzburg where there is well-known “a Hangar - 7“ - an impressive design from glass and steel. Here it is possible to see old planes, including historical, and also exhibitions of works of the modern art. The local restaurant “Ikarus“ is famous for the refined cuisine therefore gourmets like to visit it.

It is simple to go round all listed objects, to them buses, and to many even city trolleybuses go.

Having admired beauty of suburbs of Salzburg, it is possible to start also survey of the city in which history comes to life literally continually.