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Long hair or hairstyle - what is better? From history of hairdresses

“Swept Gold of hair on pillows


Alexey Makretsky

“Magnificent hair“, “a magnificent hairdress“ - as you think, it belongs to small or to a large number of hair? The concept “luxury“ assumes something superfluous both in quantity, and in quality. And if to speak about hair - the word “luxury“ has no relation to shortly short-haired and the more so to the bald heads. And it is not glued “in any way to sweep a bald head on pillows“!

Of course, not everyone wants something magnificent (or do not confess that they want). But agree that on magnificent (furniture of the house, food, clothes and so on) it is always pleasant to look - and it is even more pleasant to be the owner of luxury.

What you prefer: the head with a hairdress or bald? And if with a hairdress - that short or long? And if long hair - that to a belt or are shorter?

It would seem, silly questions. But the answer to them - in your environment. The quantity bald is much less than quantity not bald (I do not use the term “hairy“ because it has several other sense).

And why the people prefer long hair? What it is a habit, a tradition tribute, religious instructions? Perhaps, all together. And all this together changed, came and left, and the problem - to cut or not to cut, shave or not to shave - was left still without unambiguous decision.

Of course, at bald many advantages: time of processing of a bald head is much less than time for courting behind hair. And if hair also long? How many works: to wash, dry up, lay!

On the other hand, there is a supervision of almost two-thousand-year prescription - it is worth not just reading it, but also to comprehend. And not only man`s half of the population.

Word Apulia, to the author of “Metamorphoses“ (or “A gold donkey“ that same):

“All the time was interested I only a face and hair: on them I was at first all eyes at people, enjoyed them then at myself in the room. The reason of my such preference is clear and clear, they are always open also the first appear to our looks; and as what for other body serve the clothes decked by a cheerful pattern, the same for the person hair - its natural ornament.

At last, many women to prove a charm of the addition, dump all clothes or pripodymat a dress, showing nude beauty, preferring pink skin color to gold gloss of clothes.

But if (the awful assumption and gods from the slightest hint on its implementation will keep us!) if at the most beautiful women to remove hair from the head and the person to deprive of a natural charm, then let will be from the sky descended, the sea given rise, waves brought up, let, I speak, balm exhaling will be Venus chorus, the grace accompanied, crowd of cupids soputstvuyemy, the belt surrounded, kinnamony fragrant, - if it is bald, even the Vulcan will not like to be pleasant.“

is a fragment from the description of love appointment. It is necessary to tell that this assumption “to remove hair from the head and the person to deprive of a natural charm“ awfully in itself!

“What you will tell when at hair color pleasant, and brilliant smoothness shines, and under sunshine powerful they let out a sparkling or a quiet reflection and change the view with a various charm: burning with gold, plunge into a gentle medvyany shadow, vorony blackness compete with darkly - blue plumage of pigeon necks?

What you will tell when the Arabian pitches umashchenny, they attract with thin teeths of a sharp crest on the small locks divided and collected back the lover`s looks, reflecting his image like a mirror, but it is much lovelier? What you will tell when, braided in a set of braids, they are piled up on the top or, a wide wave cast away, fall down on a back?

In a word, the hairdress is of such great importance that in whatever dress, gold with jewelry, the woman put on, than on light was decorated if it did not put the hair in order, cannot be called cleaned.“

I Think, nobody will argue with it. Once again I mention that Apulya wrote “Metamorphoses“ 2000 years ago!

Here to you and sentence: without hair - all the same that without the person. And really, short-haired under bald or absolutely bald (not from - for a hair loss, is not present) look always somewhat oddly. It is possible to understand such women: they attract attention (on the one hand) and save time for care of the head.

It is possible to understand also men who choose women with short hair: “I love when hair long. But the main thing - that the girl did not go in cycles in appearance. I like girls who can roll on a grass, without worrying for the hairdress“ - that`s all put! By the way, this opinion 20 - the summer guy for which this moment - to be filled up in any place - defines the attitude towards the woman in general and, in particular, to her hairdress.

With age, maybe, preferences will exchange. For example, one fan was expressed so: “I love the dismissed women!“. And after that specified that it is about a flowing hair.

Rationalism kills long hair! Look at images of the woman since ancient times before the beginning of the last century - there are no short hairdresses. And now?

And what men how they react to change of appearance of a fine half? As write to Networks, a half of men does not pass an opinion on hairdresses of the companions of life at all. Moreover, only the small part of respondents is categorical concerning short-haired hair. The others - either are neutral, or got used to short-haired. Though note that shortly short-haired women cast thoughts of their aggression.

Someone will tell that technical progress assumes acceleration of a current of time and as the remote consequence, change of preferences in hairdresses that dynamic, short hair are a world tendency. And long hair will gradually consign to the past. On the other hand, the world science works on restoration of the lost hair - and is not unsuccessful! Also works not from purely scientific interest - on it there is a considerable demand. It would seem what it is simpler to be tonsured or shave if is not present on the head of what should be had.

No, women do not want to be bald! And what hair they want? And by what hairdresses they will fascinate men? Time will tell!