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Good night, kids. How to teach the child to sleep without a motion sickness?

I want to warn At once all who read this article: it is written only on the basis of my personal experience. I am not a pediatrician and not the specialist in childhood questions, I only want to tell how I accustomed to fill up the little little son independently. If your kid is enough to be rocked few times or just to cover with a blanket, to kiss and leave tenderly the room - just do not read further and accept my congratulations.

However except such angels there are kids which sleep badly, waking up several times in a night, and there are those which sleep badly . Their parents absolutely differently understand expression “an infantile dream“, and it for a long time after the child grew up, continues to cause in them a nervous trembling. Motion sickness on hands all family in turn, infinite circulation by circles on the room, vigorous driving in a carriage with execution of all familiar song repertoire - and so nightly. Dry, full, nothing hurts, but sleeps only in beat ocean rolling...

It seems fell asleep? You will not manage to lie down - complains. It was succeeded to oversleep in a row at least hour - consider, it was lucky. As a result of such night watch the baby is vigorous and cheerful in the morning, and unfortunate parents are similar to the zombie from the horror film: eyes are muddy, physiognomies pale, the movements which are slowed down. The head does not think, nerves on a limit, do not remember yourself, there is a wish to cry with fatigue and a sleep debt.

In due time I rummaged all Internet in search of a way to teach the kid to fill up independently and to sleep well all night long. The most widespread council - to create falling asleep ritual. In certain time - bathing, silent games, feeding, laying. Everything is evidence-based and in the theory, it seems, has to work. Only did not work. Walks before going to bed in general did not exert any impact. Bathing with addition of infusion of the calming herbs gave a boomerang effect.

Perhaps, the problem, as well as many parents, we created to ourselves. In one book I read that the child falls asleep as you accustomed him. If the dream at the kid strongly is associated with a motion sickness on hands, singing of songs, driving in a carriage - he also will demand it. Then, say, it which - as fell asleep. The person wakes up not once in a night. And small children in general sleep not so deeply as adults. And here the child woke up - and nobody swings him, sings songs, in a carriage on the apartment rolls. Disorder! What to you it will also be immediately reported about.

All this is clear, but the question how to break a situation, and remained open. As a result one night, when my seven-months child in an interval woke up from 21 to 23 o`clock six (!) time, demanding a motion sickness, my patience burst. You can criticize me, but I adopted doctor Spock`s method. He advises to put the shouting child in a bed and to leave. To grit teeth and to listen to his cries, standing behind a door. To glance few times to be convinced that the child did not get stuck between lattices of a bed or did not fall down a floor, and again to leave its one. By the principle: who whom pereupryamit.

To leave and leave the little son roaring in a voice was above my forces therefore I remade this way under myself. So, one night I arrived as follows. As usual, turned off a ceiling light, included a night lamp, vykupanny and full synulyu took minutes five on handles and with irreplaceable “I bat - Bai“ put on a bed near herself. In the middle of the night I often took it in a bed to us with the husband and if I was lucky, he could fall asleep there after feeding. So first nothing guarded the kid.

I laid down nearby, keeping saying “I bat - Bai“, covered him with a blanket and closed eyes, pretending that I sleep. And further - everything, as well as it was possible to assume. One pleased: the child in the room not one. Personally it suits me more because to sustain its roar from - for the closed door I did not manage. And so it nearby: I see what it does, and the kid does not feel thrown.

Of course, he cried, span, crumpled a blanket, clambered on me and angrily cried out. It is good still that neighbors did not cause militia, having decided that we torture the baby. This nightmare proceeded half an hour. I do not know what it costed me, but I sustained. Remembered all sleepless nights and solved: I will pressurize. Will learn to fill up independently - it will be better for both of us, I thought, trying not to burst out crying.

For the second night the little son shouted already much less. On the third - complained for decency, turned minutes five and fell asleep. And our vigils ended.

Without urging anybody to follow by all means my example, nevertheless I want to offer - try. And if to you and your kid this simple technique helps to sleep peacefully, I will only be glad.