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Thousand rubles - how to define the false note? Pass - examination of

to you never met the false thousand note? Is not present? Strange, according to Ekspertno - the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs criminalistic center of the city of Moscow only last year to them about 130 thousand forgeries from which 95% were of 1000 rubles arrived.

Interestingly and how many did not arrive and comfortably lies in our purses and cushions? And from where they get there? Precisely from networks of small wholesale trade. And maybe, from exchangers, there thousand loads.

Misters, you should not set excess questions. The false banknote can come from everywhere. Be not surprised if it on you is palmed off by the ATM. It appears, it is equipped only with basic, so weak protection against fakes. So, withdrawing money from the account, you have no warranty that in the pile of thousand notes given by the ATM the forgery did not hide.

How to the nonprofessional to distinguish the real banknote from false? Let`s carry out own pass - examination. Get a green piece of paper with Yaroslav the Wise`s image and figure 1000 to the left of it. It is the face of the thousand note.

At first we will consider how it looks. Let`s look narrowly at quality of paper. To the touch it seems slightly “relief“. If smooth is the first guarding sign as counterfeit banknotes print on smooth paper. And here it is impossible to distinguish them on a crunch now. Swindlers learned to select the paper similar for a crunch to the real money.

Now we will transfer the view of a municipal coat of arms of Yaroslavl - to “a violet bear“. Slightly turn the note under a lamp or at a window up - down or to the left - to the right. The coat of arms changes the color? You notice transition with violet on brown and greenish? I think that yes, as counterfeiters mastered this degree of protection of paper money not bad, and the nonprofessional, especially in the conditions of weak lighting, will hardly notice a difference.

And here it is far more difficult to forge a silvery thread. Here it, on the back of the note goes a dotted line. Where print money, use difficult technology, as if a “vvarivy“ thread in paper. Swindlers should solve this problem in a different way. They place a foil strip between two stuck together pieces of paper. This deception can be noticed - the thread integral does not look and is similar to a chain of rectangles. I hope that on your banknote not so?

We move further to a watermark - Yaroslav the Wise`s profile. Alas, it was learned to be forged too. Well, maybe, the image will be slightly displaced or vague, and the look of the prince will be too thoughtful... So, the watermark on the note can hardly be considered as a distinctive sign of an original banknote.

And here such way of protection of paper money as microperforation, is more reliable. You see on a gleam under “a violet bear“ figure 1000 in a small hole? Such technology is not available to counterfeiters yet, and they do prosechka in the handicraft way - by means of needles. And to get rid of a certain roughness on a reverse side of the note where exhaust outlets of needles, cannot. Therefore the image “thousands in a hole“ on forgeries turns out not absolutely accurate.

I hope that at you with microperforation everything is all right?

We will consider that pass - examination is complete. If there were doubts in authenticity of your “piece of paper“, carry her in Sberbank for examination of professionals. To be afraid that will make responsible, is not necessary. Troubles expect only those in whom will find a pack of pseudo-money. You will only ask to write the application and to specify in it under what circumstances and where the forgery is received.

Yes, nearly forgot. If on your note there is no silvery thread, and instead of “a violet bear“ you found silver, then be not frightened. It is just thousand note of an old sample which so far is in use across Russia too.

And still. If you together with jeans wash the thousand note, then it will lose ultra-violet protection and it can not be accepted for payment. Bear the washed banknote in a Sberbank branch. There it will be changed for new.