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Lawn and stone. How to improve space around a country house with the minimum expenses?

Especially city, I got on a fazenda of the Moscow region husband 20 years ago. I will tell honestly, before saw a cow only on pictures and what is a chopper, and had never heard.

On spring absolutely to me it became bad. 15 hundred parts of an arable land with a mighty kitchen garden where everything is correct: morkoshka - greenfinches, potato, greenhouses and tulips harmonous rows. And, forgot, there were still two-meter dahlias attached to terrible pegs by not less terrible strings.

It became even more terrible when I was handed a bag of radish seeds, put in a bed, ordered to sow. The mother-in-law sowed the same radish on the next bed. When it became clear that mine - blossoms and ears, and it is perishes death of brave, the first conclusion was formulated: plants sensitively react to power of the person and are sincerely glad when they talk to them .

Then there were tons of books, those years hardly dostavayemy, puzzled looks of neighbors from - for a fence, the regular trips on nurseries and the garden centers in search of something zheltenky creeping and

blossoming all summer … the Site increased to thirty hundred parts, the greenhouse was cut in half and was transformed to a compost lodge and an arbor, and a kitchen garden now French where in due form arts alternate morkoshka - greenfinches and flowers. And the most important, I precisely know now that the garden - a kitchen garden for lazy (where at all it is not necessary to do anything) does not happen, but with small losses it is possible to manage. Often we work all week, we come to the dacha on days off and there is a wish not to stand up all known place, and to lie down in a hammock at a pond with Bunin`s small volume. And there is also a wish that lawns were cut, beds are weeded, bushes are cut, well and so on. Compatibly? Yes, responsibly I declare.

Only never forget a conclusion No. 2: your garden - a kitchen garden of dream has to have the logic, idea and philosophy . Otherwise integrity of perception will be lost, and it will be required much more labor costs on the dream embodiment.

My philosophy such: natures - the garden, feeling of lack of all presence of human hands, a grass instead of paths, a stone and water.

the Period of general hobby for the Japanese gardens and Alpine hills and me did not lay the Stone aside. However, I quickly understood what by rules is long and expensively and full stylization and - la Japan in the Russian garden is not absolutely pertinent. And what to do? Pebbles so pleasantly caress a look and cast thoughts about eternal, at the worst, about the last trip to the Crimea or the Alps (here who where went!) . The answer is simple: not to sit on a bottom exactly, and to do something.

The question - and where to take rose the first? When I bought the first portion of stones from the familiar agronomist in the local market, my husband felled into a coma. Not so much from - at the prices how many from understanding of a bredovost of a situation - to BUY stones. Ever since, where we went / went, from everywhere we carry / bear pebble, cobble-stones, boulders, the main thing that got into a luggage carrier. Then there was KamAZ of the Karelian stone almost for nothing, then friends began to come on a visit with stones. Perhaps they mentally also twisted fingers at a temple, but silently carried. So there was a certain stone stock and the third conclusion: dream, dare, and the material component will be put .

The second question - “where we will lay down“, demanded much more brain efforts. Usually all ideas to me come in a dream. The husband shudders in the mornings: “Nothing dreamed you, expensive?“ Over the past few years I was dreamed: pharmaceutical hill (tasty smelling spicy grasses and bushes), the dry course (imitation of a stream with all its slopes, bends, turns and stone taluses on coast), a garden of white stones in which blue plants (imitation of the Mediterranean garden) grow. Here - here are going to dream a bog in hills and vereskovo - a stone garden.

Each of the above described landscapes deserves separate article that in plans. So far about the most outstanding style forming element of a garden - about a lawn.

the Lawn

Is unconditional

, deserves the ode, is almost in each garden, in England exists not one hundred years on envy all and if to do everything by rules, is unusually difficult performed by.

My lawn carries out two functions: connects different elements of a garden, serving as one big path, and helps to process quickly neudobya, not grounds and just remote corners.

When we put? At any time garden season. What lawn grass we choose? Steady against trampling. What tool is necessary? A shovel, a rake, one bucket garden for collecting weeds, a watering can garden with a melkodyrchaty rassekatel, one head and several pairs of legs for an utaptyvaniye (it is possible if with pairs of legs rather weakly to use a pipe or a log for an ukatyvaniye).

We dig up the set site on a shovel bayonet. Carefully we choose weeds. We level a rake, in parallel we choose the remained weeds. Seius. Once in one direction, at times - in perpendicular that the grid peculiar turned out. Once again “we plunder“. We trample down or roll. We water. In total.

In ten days liquid shoots appear. In half with weeds. We are not afraid. Accurately we pull out weeds and we water.

Leaving simple. Regular hairstyle. Here it is necessary to be extremely concentrated. Not to pass time of “H“. It is difficult to cut the outgrown grass and, certainly, the remained weeds will desperately cling to life and to try to take roots. It is recommended to be run with a pitchfork in the spring and to dig out oduvana and a nettle. At droughty summer - to water, especially hardworking - to puncture with a pitchfork of times during a season for improvement of access of air to roots.

Ideally velvet such lawn will not be, any there daisies - field camomiles - cornflowers is surely poked out noses, but as beautifully and naturally it looks! And, above all: as quickly and rather budgetary we achieved desirable result.

Article format persistently demands to be rounded, but we still will meet and we will argue about compost, zoning of plants, ceremonial flower beds, ponds … Yes much about what we will argue, there would be a desire!