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Windows Phone 7. And what for?

“What all waited so long ago for, at last occurred - Microsoft presented the new revolutionary Windows Phone 7 operating system!“

Approximately in such spirit is written a set of articles devoted to mobile “seven“. Frankly speaking, I did not wait for it and the people on streets with is disturbing - an interrogative look “Well when when?“ did not see. Therefore we will write off inflating of an agiotage for journalists and a small group of fans. The public relations were thought over in advance: at first rumors, then leakages of photos. Then descriptions of the interface and requirements to iron, WP7 - similar covers of small producers. In total as usual.

So, there was next “revolutionary“ OS from one of the famous producers. To twist in hands and to rummage in new system it is not possible yet, but there is a quantity of demonstration rollers, pictures and descriptions according to which it is possible to draw preliminary conclusions. Let`s understand whether all this is necessary for us. If you wait for the review with figures and a photo, then it will not be. Only feelings, conclusions and attempts to monitor trends.


the Demands made to iron on which will rise and will earn by

WP7, are quite high. At the moment the suitable equipment can be counted on fingers. OS, probably, is gluttonous, demands the powerful processor, it is a lot of memories and good screen. So prepare for high prices (to the middle of 2011, I think, not less than $1000 in Russia) and to frequent, most likely, once a day, to phone zaryadka. Compatibility


about it. OS is, allegedly, written from scratch and is not compatible to Windows Mobile. It is necessary to buy new versions of programs. And Microsoft decided to go in the footsteps of Apple and it will be possible to put programs only from their Marketplace shop. What gives it to users?

At least loss of the money paid for programs, additional expenses on new and almost total absence by all of us a favourite freebie. Already it will be impossible to download the program from darling varezny (or another) the website and to put on the device - now it partially not yours, and them. And in Microsoft will decide whether it is worth giving you this or that program and how many from you it is possible to tear off money. The same and with graphics and music.

the Interface

I here “revolution“ only in someone`s heads with weak memory. There was it already everything, only not in OS, and in Web - design. When the people were sated pseudo - 3D - the buttons, shadows unbent by corners and other bagatelles on the websites, and the design became strict and laconic. Small, but enough flowers, simple forms, pleasant fonts. Design for the correct submission of information, but not for satisfaction of ambitions. Now and reached phones, only with delay of years in 10.

And you remember viewing of the big page of some website on the small old monitor? When it was necessary to twist the page not only down, but also across? Developers too, probably, remembered and decided to make it “counter“ of the design. One small screen, and on it the big page which should be moved to and fro. Conveniently? I doubt.

of the Logician

At first sight, the main idea of the new interface reminds the advertiser in the morning morning after. There is a field “Me“ which in the localized version should be translated as “Who I am?“ (And GPS whereas “Where I?“). Normal human desire “To call Vasya and to send SMS - ku to Masha“ it is reduced to style of advertizing “ GP slogans. Saw - buy“. Now it looks as “People. Vasya. To call“ and “People. Masha. To write“.

In habitual (both by phones, and on computers) a chain “Desire - the Program - Action - Result“ “Program“ is shifted on the third place and camouflaged. Perhaps, it and is correct, but, there will be yet no opportunity to try most, it is difficult to judge it. Let`s look.

the Lost opportunities

Multitasking will be only for the programs, it is sad. Is not present to copy / insert, now not to throw to the friend the pleasant joke from the Internet or an interesting link. There will be no opportunity to put the programs and to change a cover - all devices will be twins, as well as iPhone. Microsoft will be able to delete programs from your phone if they are not pleasant to it. OS is focused on continuous connection to the Internet, i.e. relative autonomy and closeness of system from attacks is lost too.


is made by

of OS for the loyal consumers of content focused on social networks and other options of electronic communication, preferring that for them all was solved by the clever uncle. On the one hand, growth of opportunities, and with another - their restriction from all directions. The freedom of choice and individualism are replaced with freedom of consumption of ready-made products under control of corporations.

And it is the general tendency of development of mobile OS. And it is sad...

P. S. It is clear, that presented 7 - yet not a final version of OS. There is time till September when sales of devices with it onboard begin, still to correct something and to add, being guided by the first reaction of consumers. Small shortcomings will be corrected only in the following version 7. 1, and to 7. 5 will correct large and will do new is already company “counter“ of one well-known company. Valorous hackers will find ways of circumvention of all restrictions, and everything will return to the habitual course.

For now I will use “old dobra“ of WM6. 5 and to adjust the Sense interface on the taste. And in a year - we will look at another...