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How to choose vegetables and fruit not on a season?

Are clear that the most useful vegetables and fruit - fresh, just removed from a bed or from a tree. But also not during a maturing season we think of consumption of vegetables and fruit much, considering as their main sources of vitamins. At the same time, the majority of vegetables in the spring and in the winter or are brought from the distant countries, or get on counters after long storage. Therefore usefulness raises them some doubts.

How from them to choose the most tasty and useful from among the gifts of the nature offered on counters? Answering this question, it is worth meaning several parameters.

What we look for?

If the speech about vitamins, then vegetables and fruit - really irreplaceable source of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. However the majority of the institutions offering organized food to citizens and trying to provide its compliance to dietary norms anyway during the winter period is forced to add synthetic vitamin C to dishes.

In a natural look a large amount of this vitamin B the winter period contains in exotic fruit - a kiwi, oranges, lemons. But continuous consumption of the products which grew out of the region of residence of the eater can aggravate allergic sensitivity of an organism. Besides, high rates of content of vitamin C belong to the fruit (and other vegetable production) gathered in the period of an optimum maturity and at once arrived on a table of the consumer. In the real imported fruit sometimes removed immature and making a long way from a plantation to a counter, amount of vitamin C, the most unstable to external influences can be much smaller.

All other vitamins known to the person can be received also from production of other groups - cereals, dairy, meat, nuts and seeds. The same concerns studied macro - and minerals and cellulose.

However nutritionists insist on regular consumption of vegetables and fruit also because except well studied feedstuffs, plants contain those whose role in food is yet not quite clear, but nevertheless it seems significant: phytoncides, aromatic substances, etc. From this point of view, wider range of gifts of flora on our table will be the most useful.

Local or import?

Import production often attracts us with brighter appearance. Besides, some of the fallen in love fruit local just do not happen. But specialists in food often say that it is more useful in every respect gifts of the local nature.

Except the problems called above (losses of vitamins and the best adaptation of immune system of the person to habitual food), still the moment of control of the maintenance of the remains of pesticides in vegetables and fruit is important. It is carried out, however only concerning the declared substances: to look for all range of agricultural chemistry in each consignment of goods would be too expensive. The same concerns also local production, but in the fatherland it is possible to hope also for control of sanitary bodies for place of production and acquaintance of controllers to the preparations which are traditionally applied in local agriculture.

Hothouse or soil?

the Preference which is given by citizens to soil vegetables is reasonable

- though not those parameters which these citizens call as criterion for the preferences. The amount of agricultural chemistry in hothouse production can be not big, than in soil, and anyway does not exceed maximum permissible norms. Norms on amount of nitrates for hothouse production really it is slightly more, but rumors about harm of these substances (which are formed in plants and without the aid of fertilizers) in general are strongly exaggerated. It is possible to expect poisoning with nitrates from hothouse vegetables anyway, only if to eat exclusively this type of products.

What does taste of hothouse " vegetables; plastic - a poor chemical composition of artificial soil and, respectively, the smaller maintenance of microdoses of those substances influencing taste whose role in food scientists so far only begin to guess. Nevertheless, studied and obligatory for this vegetable of vitamins and minerals as a part of hothouse production can be not less, than as a part of soil. But, as a rule, not to compare taste.

By sight the soil vegetables delivered on the markets in the winter and in the early spring, usually differ from the hothouse fellows in brighter color. But this sign disappears when hothouse production begins to receive enough natural lighting, i.e. with growth of light day. In this case it is necessary only to hope for honesty of sellers. Krupnotovarnoye`s

or from the grandmother ?

It especially matter of taste: and those, and those grades can be quite useful and safe, as well as on the contrary (nobody forbids to go too far in fertilizers and pesticides and to a small private trader). But if production from small private traders is lovelier to you, choose the vegetables which are not possessing a uniformity sign i.e. different in the size.

The uniformity (determined by high-quality signs, but not as mistakenly considers the people, rigid use of fertilizers) is preference of large production. One-dimensional tomatoes and cucumbers it is more convenient in transportation and processing, are demanded by the food industry. To the private trader delivering fresh production on the vegetable market, this factor is indifferent and therefore he will prefer a habitual grade with different-sized fruits rather.

Is fresher or processed?

Question debatable. Of course, it is more vegetable phytoncides, and also variety of taste and smell in fresh vegetables and fruit, and here vitamins - it is possible, and in processed. The matter is that in the course of storage of fresh production there are losses of vitamins, more essential, than, for example, at a shock freezing. Also salting of vegetables without vinegar addition is sparing for vitamins.

Marinated vegetables are not so useful, but if you got used to taste of such canned food, then it is worth knowing that lemon acid - preservative, less destructive in relation to vitamins, in comparison with vinegar. From fruit canned food there will be more useful where fruit and berries are not exposed to long thermal treatment, and as preservative only sugar, and in a small amount is used.

From factory or from home cuisine?


between house and factory processing of vegetables, it should be taken into account the next moments.

1. Unambiguously more reliably factory method of an instant shock freezing: in the home refrigerator where the minimum temperature - minus of 18 degrees, such speed of freezing is impossible, and at slow process of cooling of loss of vitamins is higher.

2. In manufacturing of hermetically corked marinades it is possible to use the lemon acid which was more sparing for an organism as preservative. In house conservation vinegar since it possesses higher bactericidal qualities is, as a rule, used. But at the same time destroys not only microbes, but also vitamins, and irritates intestines walls.

The matter is that at factory sterilization is made in autoclaves, at an elevated pressure and temperature boiling points are higher that allows to destroy not only toxins, but also disputes of dangerous microbes. In house conditions the maximum temperature of sterilization - 100 degrees Celsius, and for prevention of infection with botulism it is necessary to use rather high concentration of vinegar. To pickle with lemon acid of the house it is unsafe.

3. Process of a house pickles and fermentation of vegetables can be the best choice. It is real to observe this technology also in the conditions of kitchen, at the same time a house pickles with guarantee does without additional food chemistry.

4. Production of cookings at factory and houses equally safely therefore the choice is defined by personal taste and desire to spend time for house preparations.

As we see, criteria for the choice of especially useful vegetable production a set. There is an occasion deeply to reflect before a vegetable counter. It is possible to choose from all signs of useful and safe greens the most significant for you personally - and to be guided by it. And it is possible, having thought over all parameters, to conclude: the best of instruments of the choice is still own taste. Means, the main thing - to manage to remove test!