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How to arrange SPA - salon of the house? Banana, orange, grapefruit bathtubs of

the Uneasy girlfriend, getting off, uttered rapidly on one breath: Came true! I bought the subscription to the pool! I did not understand In what a counter? What problems in ours - that time? Yes there not only basseynishche, there sauna! And we are with you one, whole two hours. Every week . Super! At last reached.

We went to a sauna quite often before, but is somehow spontaneous. The weekly subscription systematized our careful attitude to health, ordered and almost built in ritual.

The pool was really magnificent. Multimeter, with transparent cool water. Two hours past quickly, the body after a sauna relaxed and smelled sweet. Each campaign to the pool added new impressions, pleasures and experience. At first the pleasure swimming and a sweating room was just. Later face packs and bodies increased. Water aerobics. Further - it is more.

To me there were few usual procedures, I wanted suit SPA - salon of the house. After the body steams out in a sauna, after several heats, on arrival home arranged the real SPA - a holiday. From a fruit bathroom.

the Bathtub banana

At first I gather a bathtub of warm water. I love more hotly. I cook mashed potatoes from kilogram of bananas and two - three tablespoons of olive oil. Last time added oil of a tea tree. Of course, more expensively, but also effect just tremendous.

I add mix of mashed potatoes and oil to water, I stir and I plunge into fragrant mix. Surely I turn on the gentle weakening music and I float on waves of a relax and comprehensive pleasure.

Always I do this bathtub only after a sauna and a peeling of skin. A time is open, double advantage.

the Bathtub orange

This recipe once at one of forums shared

the well-groomed beauty. The recipe of this bathtub has roots in the remote past. Chinese apply for authorship. They - that are a good judge of recovery of power of the person.

I dry up a dried peel of three oranges and I mill in the coffee grinder in thin powder. I squeeze out juice from several fresh oranges that 300 - 400 ml of svezheotzhaty juice turned out. I mix, again I add several spoons of olive oil and I stir in warm water of the gathered bathtub.

Chinese guarantee that after acceptance of a fragrant bathtub the karma is cleared, and Qi`s energy begins to flow without jams. I badly understand it, however I feel after such procedure magnificently.

According to the same scheme it is possible to prepare and

needs to tell a grapefruit bathtub to

that even fresh crusts of two - three fruits of this most tasty citrus, drowned in a tray for legs, give tremendous effect. Skin on patches becomes as if infantile. Two - three times in a week of such procedures will make gait easy and fast. Plus greasing by foot cream after a tray.

In fruit SPA - procedure is one minus - temporary shutdown of working capacity, full relaxation. Feeling of soaring. Rest and pleasure. However I right there transfer this minus to plus - in the next days my efficiency increases many times.

For the sake of comparison - fruit wrappings in SPA - mediocre salon cost from 2000 to 6000 rubles (from 60 to 180 dollars) for procedure. - salons I do not even sound the price in the VIP. Read off scale the beautiful body we model

, and carefully we look after him. Be always healthy and vigorous!