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Who lives on a dating site? Real chances to find the partner of

Which of us, Internet users, was not registered on a dating site? Let`s be honest - it was done very much also by very many! One were brought on the amorous territory by these or those vital circumstances, others were attracted by tempting photos under which it is so available, close and is obligingly signed: I am a Girl, I Look for - the Guy .

And advertizing powerful znakomstvenny servers it is worthy admiration.

So, having rejected false bashfulness, not pressing in the reasons which pushed us to join the ranks of millions looking for each other of people, just let`s observe how the free dating site works and what attracts such huge number to the people with.

So, all registered users of the territory of L`Amour it is possible to break safely into two main categories : those who honestly try to find the soulmate and those who look for sex.

Further each of these categories znakomets it will be shattered into classes, types and groups still more than once, but the main parts are all - these two. Of course, it was possible to begin with division into a female half of a bath and man`s, but here, I believe, ambiguities everything is less.

I will conditionally call their Sex - Romantics and Sex - Anxious.

Bulk Sex - Romantics - lonely women who, despite everything, hope not to remain lonely. There is a lot of them, it is a lot of. Thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of honest, diligent completed questionnaires. Photos of nice faces, young people and not really, are obligingly exposed on a public inspection. Look at me, write to me - I wait for you!

Smaller, man`s part Sex - Romantics fills in questionnaires not so diligent - and what for? the choice is huge! Having hastily scratched a name and a city of residence, lonely men take seat in front of the monitor for a long time. The status is exposed: He is not married . The casting begins. Having stayed some time and having seen limitlessness in the choice and opportunities, romantic men change the unmarried the status on there is no answer . Why? Yes because the choice is really so big, communication is charming - surrogatno, and greed to answer as it is possible for the bigger number of applicants forces down all reference points.

You remember that horse that rushed about between two haystacks and died of hunger? And here these stacks!.

Here - that men - Sex - Romantics are also divided into Romantics - Virtuals and Romantics - Realists.

The first already so got used to choose that they cannot stop.

It is much less of those who made the choice. But also risk that a choice is made unsuccessfully, and they will return on the website, too is very big.

As for women in this category - they break quicker than men. Rub - four unsuccessful attempts of acquaintance - and they delete questionnaires from the website. Understand that in marriage and here, seemingly, it will not be possible to leave.

Now about Sex - Anxious . Bulk - it is indisputable, men. Are subdivided into Sex - Anxious - Zadushevnikov and Sex - Anxious - Business. Both that and others - people, as a rule, married. Questionnaires Zadushevnikov blossom in the magnificent color of details. Even the most remote sites, such as desire to increase the genital size are filled. The number of photos is estimated in tens. Diaries are full of verses and clever thoughts. To the offer of sex at mutual sympathy will pass two - three days. The time spent Sex - Anxious - Zadushevnikov on the website is estimated for years.

Questionnaires Business are not filled at all - a name, age - there is enough. These will find to themselves all, will shortly offer, will easily endure refusal. Time spent on the website - a minimum.

Sex - Anxious - women - category of outsiders. Almost everything - ladies so-called balzakovsky age. The majority of them can be considered healthy mentally only very conditionally. Demand for them is small even in the subgroup.

Here, perhaps, there was also the user structure of a free dating site. It is possible to divide further - into beginners and veterans, into those who use the real and artificial name, a floor, a city of residence. But it - already a jungle.

It is necessary only to add groups of network intellectual exhibitionists small in percentage terms here (they are in all, except business categories) and prostitutes (who stands behind all these half-dressed miracles - I do not know).

Where we will carry ourselves?

It is thought that at that huge number of users of the website all allocated categories of users anyway find and have the interest. Dissatisfied here nobody holds, with users at the website a full order.