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What do esoteric libraries differ in? Secrets of search of books on the Internet of

of the Mystic, magic, astrology, numerology - for many these words are so attractive as far as in the childhood were pirates and fairies . However modern esoteric libraries - concept much wider, than just the collection of books about mysterious. Electronic storages are considered a duty to place on the regiments not only books on yoga and meditation, but also psychological literature, philosophy and religion, having flavored it with the latest works from area of management and business. The UFO adjoins to a chenneling, and oriental martial arts - to indigo children. How to find what will indicate a right direction ways of self-improvement or will just cure of a toothache?

For the aid to looking for, of course, Yandex, Google and other searchers will always come. However, they quite often give such huge number of references that, having pulled out seven bunches of hair from the head, the surfer quite often refuses the invention with self-development. At once we will note that in the same Google there is an opportunity to specify inquiries of search specifically under books. For example, if in a search line to hammer such inquiry: - inurl:htm - inurl:html intitle: index of (doc|djvu|chm|pdf|rar) name of the author or name of the book - that can be found texts in very unexpected places.

If you were not helped by standard methods of search, use the remarkable searcher aimed directly at literature! His name is Eboogle (ru), and it quite qualitatively copes with the task.

Besides, some enthusiasts adjust searchers, specifying by it in what libraries to look for. For example, flexum. ru looks for books among three tens libraries of an esoteric, psychological and philosophical orientation.

And what esoteric libraries? In what superiority of one over another?!

can allocate seven most large-scale libraries of the subject interesting us For today. Let`s stop briefly on each of them:

Electronic library Cube (ru) - nearly five thousand books broken on accurate and clear categories, beginning from relationship of floors and finishing with literature on the correct investment of means. Daily updates by readers do library of the most dynamic in a network. Perhaps, esoteric library of the RuNet best for today. The only minus is that readers add the book in various formats (but not all know how to read djvu, to open chm), in addition often texts are not read and clumsily formatted at all. However, it will not frighten off the inquisitive user.

Grandiose on volume Universal library (ru) can upset only with one: all texts in it are laid out in HTML format moreover and broken according to heads. That is it is possible to read books practically only it - a line that and not always suits not everyone. Pluses of library, besides volumes, is the qualitative cataloguer and quite good search in the website.

Library of the Lotus (ariom. ru) will please admirers both with scale and availability of search, and an opportunity to receive recommendations and to discuss books at a forum.

Library of esoterics Puzzles (ru) is more likely a warehouse, than library. Books are not broken on subjects and interests here, here it is necessary to come, knowing that you want to find. But to vashimusluga quite good search in the website, in addition practically all books are read and provided to the general doc format, it is the which so convenient most to transform to the necessary font size and to unpack for reading on the way home

Esoteric section of library of the Linguistic data base. Ru (ru/URIKOVA) is, perhaps, the most elderly storage of books from all listed libraries, and already therefore it is worthy mentions.

Big library of esoteric texts (hsgm. ru) is also created in far 1999 and contains texts as in rtf - a format that does them a little more heavy and in traditional html.

At last, it is worth mentioning library of the website - the guide to books Adviser (com). Charm of not really big book-depository given let - in detailed summaries to the majority of texts and their quite good selection.

Certainly, there is a set of narrowly targeted libraries (the Rerikhovsky movement, the Yogi, Christianity, Apocryphal stories, Castaneda`s followers and t. d, etc.) which often contain more complete lists of literature, than in presented all-esoteric tekstokhranilishcha, but it is already a subject for absolutely - absolutely separate article