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What are we obliged to Leonid Ilyich by?

of Leonid Brezhnev are noted Century not today with that scope with which its anniversaries when it was in power were celebrated. Nevertheless, this date became an occasion again to remember the leader of the USSR and its era which received the name Brezhnev`s .

Of history and stories of adults can develop approximately such image of an era: time of political jokes, rest on the Black Sea, the Moscow Olympic Games, conquest of space, bards, new buildings, figure skating on ice. It was also time of dissidents, invasions into Afghanistan, turns in GUM, the government which average age made 75 years, an era of KGB and oil according to coupons. All this rules of people with dense eyebrows, the obscured look, the breast decorated with gold awards with the Ukrainian accent it is also difficult the sorted speech and with a habit to kiss, the tsar happy-go-lucky, - Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. to

there are Those 18 years when he directed the country, for many people of the senior and average generation living in the USSR still remain time of stability, great fulfillments and are remembered, nearly as Golden Age .

So, to 100 - to it to anniversary of the secretary general of steel is accelerated to be removed movies, reportings, to be published books, to be published memoirs of a family and those who were near. Really, the tribute past and demand for nostalgia is given rise by all new offers. As notes NTV, more than 60% of Russians consider Brezhnev`s era safe . According to Parfyonov, the author of the movie And personally Leonid Ilyich this regret of the former Soviet citizens on the only period in their life without wars, collectivizations, cleanings and reforms: He was not the Bolshevik who was out for blood, he lived itself and allowed to live another, for the first time he allowed people to devote himself to private life, consumption, a hobby .

About what lived what Leonid Ilyich hoped for we can see in the movie Brezhnev which goes on Channel One now. In it the secretary general appears as the person who fulfilled the duty which tried to hurt nobody which loved the country, was at war with Germans, enjoyed life and cried with powerlessness.

also hope for this powerlessness Russians, remembering years of its board as a stagnation era. Rather quiet, bezreformenny board along with all other were marked also by blossoming of the nomenclature - the highest layer of officials and rigid suppression of dissent, Andrei Sakharov`s exile, Aleksandra Solzhenitsyna and others. A lot what cannot forgive to Brezhnev. But it is worth to remember, as on the sun there are spots. And the ideal state is a utopia.

Is clear one: at our parents was quite happy and filled with events and heroes youth (associations of Octobrists - Komsomol members, a trip in camp, fires and songs to the guitar, resort rest in any point of the Union, admiration national heroes from a number of astronauts and figure skaters, turn on the housing received for periods of service before the Fatherland). Something from this list removed to other era, something deeply buried in history. But we have to remember and respect this time. Respect for passed - that line which distinguishes education from wildness (A.S. Pushkin). Or at least because there was a formation of the identity of our parents at this time. It was the only time, by and large, in which was to them actually cheerfully and carefree.