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What the beginning copywriter needs to know? Elementary rules

the Internet - the huge field for work. For the competent freelancer it is a real paradise in the virtual world. As well as in real life, here are also crossed supply and demand, the price arises, people earn the virtual money which is valid real bank notes.

It will be a question not of everyone and everything " below; free floating bringing in the income but only about one of kinds of activity. Let`s consider the first steps of the beginner - the copywriter, the basic principles of his work, some precepts at which observance free writer not only will ensure the stable income, but also will begin to create own reputation in a copywriting field.

1. Fair price. this problem interests more than other beginning copywriters. For how many to sell the articles and time? Controversial issue. Fair compensation is the its actual cost depending on reputation, experience, the number of the written and sold works, dates of performance.

Someone wants to receive everything at once more. Alas, miracles even in the virtual world do not happen. It is possible to make, of course, the price transcendental, but customers will hardly stretch. Even if will become interested and will be ready to pay the designated price - will ask examples of ready works, additional information on the copywriter (education, age, the place of work and so forth) will want to learn why the price costs such, but not other.

The beginning copywriter at first should not choose - work for kopeks. On average beginners receive from $0,5 to $2 for one thousand written signs without gaps. Not densely, but also it is not empty. However you should not give up all the affairs, at once to agree to the customer`s conditions. You remember, in this question the bargaining is pertinent. There is a probability that at communication with the customer it will be possible to find golden mean .

2. Work has to be individual, author`s. Any plagiarism! If the question of the price is settled, the task is received from the customer - it is possible to start. Copying of material is not only copyright infringement, but also additional minus to reputation of the copywriter. Now it is possible to install programs of check of uniqueness of the text, the analysis on the personal computer, to use the Internet - services. Therefore before transfer of material it is better to check once again independently, than then to get out and speak. It is not necessary to give others works for own! We collect material, we understand a subject, we comprehend everything and we write own.

3. TZ - a basis of work and mutual understanding. TZ - the specification, being guided by it, the copywriter performs work, it is undesirable to deviate from it. The plan of work will be coordinated in the course of negotiations of the parties. TZ has to contain: the necessary volume of the text, the price, concrete subject, sources (optional), wishes on writing (style, existence or lack of pictures to article, the performance term, mission of the text, who the reader or target audience, a set of keywords, their percentage ratio and so forth) .

I called only basic elements, TZ is formed the customer, additional requirements can be shown to writing also. In accuracy the executed TZ - pleasure of the customer, chance that he will address again. By the way, the copywriter can make at coordination of TZ the offers, wishes, remarks how to make result of work it is better.

4. Relations of the customer and performer. It is desirable that the copywriter was in touch on a case of emergence of the new order, modification of TZ, for the notice of work receiving / performance. The continuous communication will help not only to perform a task in accuracy, but to construct certain relations. In contents of messages, process of correspondence you should not allow mistakes as it gives illiteracy, language proficiency at a low level. The same competent speech has to accompany the competent text! Do not push away customers, do not allow them to draw fallacies prematurely!

5. To declare oneself! the Beginner - the copywriter still very few people know. And in vain! The situation should be corrected. The copywriter has to study work not only with customers, but also with readers. It is possible to get the blog where articles available to reading will be placed or to expose the creations at thematic forums, to write for the Internet - magazines and projects. Comments to articles, an assessment by their other people, process of discussion are additional, but very important work. You should not be afraid of criticism, remarks, it is not necessary to hide the head in " sand;! Work goes not only with the text, but also over by itself.

We considered some rules of work of the copywriter. Beginners, of course, can make everything in own way, in accuracy to on the contrary. However understanding that somewhere was mistaken can come after a while, made something not so. We will leave the choice behind them.