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Actress Inna Ulyanova: the clown in a " skirt; or true woman?

When remember Inna Ulyanova, by all means speak: Yes, it is that that with fox in a TV series Seventeen moments of spring She all stuck to Stierlitz, spoke: I am Einstein in love! After this role people stopped Ulyanova on the street, took from it the autograph, asked to repeat a plain monologue, and she in reply lovely smiled, coquetted and made jokes.

Then concerning this ladies Inna Ivanovna will tell: I in a shot ran absolutely for a while and such resonance It was it 4 - y the movie. It gained popularity of the brilliant actress of episodes at once. But to the real glory it was still far. Inna Ulyanova was born

on June 30, 1934, 75 years ago in Donetsk region (according to other data - in Moscow). Her father was the famous mining engineer, mother was engaged in a construction of roads. Actors in their relatives from any party was not. But, as Inna Ivanovna remembered, her father perfectly danced, adored telling ridiculous stories. In their house often there were guests, cheerful young people.

During World War II their family lived in Novosibirsk. Future actress studied at school without special enthusiasm. She declared to the family the tone which is not suffering objection that will be artistichka . But the father and mother even did not want to listen to the stubborn daughter. When their family moved to Moscow, they were given the big apartment in the house of Council of ministers where there lived the famous cinematographers. Young Innochka at an entrance with a sinking heart watched exit director S. Gerasimov and his wife T. Makarova, actress M. Ladynina. Inna Ulyanova liked to tell, remembering the youth: In our house there lived the Alexey Konsovsky who played the prince in To the Cinderella . And I was in love with it, as well as all girls of the country

Having graduated from school, fearless Inna Ulyanova went to theatrical school of B. Schukin. Innochka, small growth, thin, with a thin braid, surely appeared before looks of members of a selection committee. Hardly she began to read prose, it was stopped right there. Asked to read some fable of Krylov. Inna discontentedly shook a coat hanger and started to the fable. Read it it originally, constantly stopped, being filled in from laughter. When Inna left the hall, she was followed by the actor from a selection committee, inspected its pathetic figure, told: Listen, thin, you are taken, but you will disappoint all, then will expel . Innochka resolutely hitched up a chin, assured that " up; to expel it nobody will manage.

By nature it was the coward, but when business concerned theater, energy began to rage in it with a violent force.

In school all young men were good as on selection - O. Strizhenov, V. Lanovoy, V. Livanov, A. Shirvindt, M. Derzhavin. Love always soared in air, novels arose then, there. And Inna Ulyanova looked for the ideal among mature men , decent and clever, capable to protect it from problems . When she became the actress of the Leningrad state Comedy theater, was fond 50 - the summer screenwriter. Girlfriends tried to acquaint her with the age-mates, but Inna with enthusiasm read scenarios with the new beloved, ran with him in circus and at cinema on the last sessions, equipped their joint life. Ulyanova perceived love as special gift, gave a hostile reception to arrangements of friends, declaring: The Main thing is a spiritual communication .

She loved life. Liked to love. Each new acquaintance to the man became the next play where the chief actress - she for Inna Ulyanova. In the same time Ulyanova with ecstasy played

under the leadership of the director N. Akimov. She acted in V. Shakespeare`s plays, A. Sukhovo - Kobylin, N. Gogol, Je. Schwartz. In Leningrad Inna Ivanovna had a deafening success, many went on Ulyanova. Within 7 years the actress practically changed all repertoire of theater. However in the press devastating articles on performances of the favourite director Ulyanova even more often appeared. He was accused of a formalism in art. Akimov left theater and was engaged in teaching activity. Without wishing to work with the new director, Inna Ivanovna moves to Moscow and comes to just created theater Yu. Lyubimova.

In Leningrad the actress forced the audience to sob from laughter, she could exist on a scene without words and do it ridiculously. At Lyubimova in performances Ulyanova was talented, but is reserved. In 80 - e years of last century theater Lyubimova becomes the only thing island of freedom in theater life of the capital. The director puts performances, without being afraid of censorship, but to him do not allow to work quietly, and soon deprive of nationality. Inna Ivanovna understood that she is not actress Lyubimova. When Lyubimov returned from emigration, and on To Taganka two camps were formed, Ulyanova comes over to the side of the director N. Gubenko.

She spoke: It is What is the time spent for useless disputes, courts. But I think that I in life will be rescued, as always, by creativity and love . Somehow in one interview the journalist it asked

: You said that all your romance novels can be picturized. It`s true? What Ulyanova answered: I do not doubt. Especially with the Frenchman Inna Ivanovna got acquainted with the pilot of a squadron Normandy The Hero of the Soviet Union Jean - Pierre Constantin on a visit at friends. Their novel lasted 4 years, to the death of the legendary pilot. Without having kept from tears, Ulyanova told the journalist: We visited with it almost all cafes of Paris, read each other verses, gave flowers and love. And still liked houses to fry potato and its fir-trees with " herring;.

In 48 years Ulyanova for the first time learned that she means to be star . She acted in M. Kozakov`s movie on L. Zorin`s play Pokrovsk gate as Margarita Pavlovna Hobotova. M. Kozakov after a release of this movie was accused of the obyvatelshchena. The plot is really simple and amusing Moscow in 50 - e years. Communal flat. To the aunt there comes a young man Kostya (O. Menshikov). It at once appears in whirlpool of events which there live people in this apartment. L. Broneva`s actors, S. Pilyavskaya, V. Bortsov, T. Dogileva, E acted in the movie. Koreneva, A. Ravikovich, etc. Purposeful Margarita Pavlovna passionately wishes

that her first husband Lev Hobotov was happy with life. It controls each its step. Completely exhausted and desperate, it asks for help of the new elect of the former spouse of Savva Ignatyevich. In this movie all want to be happy, all are eager for love. Despite persecutions of criticism, the movie the audience took away on quotes. What one monologue of irrepressible and ubiquitous Margarita Pavlovna is necessary (she addresses the new darling of the ex-husband): Tell, the darling, you, probably, wish that your life went head over heels, turned into chaos where accounts will disappear, receipts, ties you forever should return to Ice Age, but without skins, it to you will not be able to get them Inna Ivanovna played

in 27 movies, 3 series, did not refuse roles in satirical magazines Match . When Ulyanova was invited to television where she participated in the " programs; On health and It`s up to you the audience exulted. It was elegant, witty, at the same time never lost sense of proportion.

Inna Ulyanova in the last years of life badly felt (the liver disturbed). But continued to play in enterprises, dreamed of the future Very few people knew from her colleagues from theater that Ulyanova morally suffered from - for diseases of aged mother who was in a psychoneurological clinic.

The honored actress of the Russian Federation Inna Ulyanova died on June 9, 2005, in 71 years, in Moscow.

The name of this remarkable actress was always surrounded with various rumors. Even after her death. However Inna Ulyanova forever remained in memory of the admirers the vigorous and strong woman - such " perpetual motion machine; with genuine pleasure - in life and on a scene.