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How to take fine shape without exercise machines?

Who told that fine sportswear and a slim figure can be found, only swinging muscles on numerous exercise machines in a gym? At all it is not obligatory to be ruined, getting this miracle of equipment for the house. We offer simple and available to each woman " exercise machines;. They will quite successfully cope with a problem of strengthening of your muscles, besides with their help you not bad will be able to save.

" Exercise machine; the first - the ladder

would Seem to

, is already very much told and written about sports advantage of ladder march. And all of us do not wish to listen to these useful recommendations yet. Meanwhile, it is the most available way of receiving physical activity. Researches showed that when walking on a ladder five times more energy, than on the plane is spent. That is even if you go to work on foot (only from desire to grow thin and train muscles of legs), your efforts will not be as effective as if you daily climb up on the seventh (or the ninth, or even the twelfth) the floor, ignoring elevators.

Think what this gymnastics during a summer heat will relieve you of - you should not stand in the stuffy elevator, inhaling aromas others skin and deodorants of all who passed in the elevator to you. In the winter, walking upstairs, you will be able to get warm after the frosty street and, having entered the apartment (or a study), will easily be reconstructed on warm climate, so, will be able quicker to get to work or to restore the forces after day of work.

So if you decided that the ladder can quite replace to you exercise machines, start occupations. For a start try not to pass any ladder: on the street or the boulevard; coming into shops, go on steps, but not on ramps; and, of course, forget about elevators. In several days increase loading - at rise on a ladder you hold an equal bearing, pull in a stomach and pretend that such convenient devices as a handrail, just do not exist in the nature. By the way, at rise on a ladder muscles of a forward surface of a hip and buttocks train, and during descent all muscles of legs get into gear.

When you will feel the first effect or just get used to new to a shell begin to master styles of circulation on a ladder . Walk on steps socks separately (imitate Charlie Chaplin`s gait). So you in addition load internal surfaces of hips and gastrocnemius muscles. And now, on the contrary, walk putting legs socks inside. External surfaces of your hips and gastrocnemius muscles will be enraptured with this exercise.

If you happened to get up at least once on skis, then imitation of driving on these, apparently, objects, unsuitable for a ladder, will become the following stage of your trainings. Get up on the " skis; - and your foot muscles and buttocks will soon draw attention of each passing or following man. Besides by means of this exercise it is possible to give loading and to a humeral belt - if not to forget about sticks of course. I will remind that them it is necessary to swing in a step to driving . you Remember

how your children learned to walk upstairs - one leg is put on a step, then put another nearby, and so will not reach the purpose yet. Try to walk also you upstairs it kindergarten by method. Only go quicker, than kids, - to you - that within its powers.

It is possible to increase load of muscles of legs, and walking through a step (certainly if on you not too tight and short skirt). Thanks to so wide step, additional groups of muscles train and their extension is provided. While nobody sees you, try to rise sideways, and also putting legs every time on width of shoulders is the closest to edge of a step and, at last, forward a back. By the way, the last way helps to struggle with cellulitis.

" Exercise machine; the second - a plastic bottle

the Excellent device for those who prefer power trainings for an upper body. The plastic bottle filled with water easily will replace habitual dumbbells. Its advantages before these iron fellows are that, in - the first, it is easily possible to replace them: every day you can use different bottles, for example, with nakleechka of different color or choosing drawing according to your mood. Perhaps of course, all this is not too important for you, however the effect of a variety is reached - will not argue with it. In - the second, plastic bottles unlike dumbbells, can have every day different weight - watching how many water you will pour. Besides (it already in - the third) if such dumbbell during exercises suddenly will fall on a leg or, it is worse than that, on a breast, the trauma will not be. And if iron falls down?!

In a word, we start training. As it was already told, the weight of this apparatus can be any, but it is better to begin with small and when you feel that exercises come easily, it is possible to increase weight. It is better to choose a bottle such form that at it was waist - it is so more convenient to hold. And all exercises with ease can be borrowed from fans of trainings with dumbbells. For example, from a prone position to lift and lower hands with bottles. The same can be done of a standing position. If at the same time both to rise on toes and to fall, then to work, besides muscles of a humeral belt will join also sural that absolutely not superfluous.

And here some more exercises which can be carried out both with usual dumbbells, and with ours - water . Put legs more widely than shoulders, lift dumbbells (they have to have small weight) up. Do inclinations with the swing movement of hands reminding the movements of the woodcutter forward. During an inclination do an exhalation, pass hands as it is possible further between legs. Being straightened, cave in and make a deep breath. Do not bend a leg in knees. Exercise develops muscles of a back and a humeral belt.

Sit down on a chair, a foot of legs fix about a floor for a motionless support, raise hands with dumbbells for the head. Slowly bend back, turning a trunk to the left, - a breath. Return to a starting position - an exhalation, then do exercise, turning a trunk to the right. Exercise develops muscles of a stomach and mobility of lumbar department of a backbone.

Also for these muscles it is possible to do the following exercise: - costing a starting position, legs at shoulder length, hands with dumbbells are raised up, carry out roundabouts a trunk in the left and right parties. At the time of a progibaniye take a breath, during an inclination - an exhalation.

One more huge plus of similar occupations - strengthening of muscles of a breast. The special effect gives crossing of the hands raised over the head with dumbbells.

" Exercise machine; the third - remarkable on taste

And call him a water-melon - this children`s rhyme about a subject which can be used for fitness classes in house conditions too. I think, you already guessed that the water-melon in this case carries out a role of a usual ball. For trainings it is better to choose equal fruits of a round form, weighing no more than three kilograms.

At the expense of what the bigger effect of trainings is reached, you ask? And who will want that the water-melon fell - here to you and the answer to a question. Training with this striped " ball; you will hold very much it in hand, as much as possible straining at the same time all muscles. But it does not mean at all that the number of exercises with this subject is limited. At all not! Let`s consider some.

Lay down sideways, raise a direct leg at an angle about 45 degrees and hold it together with a water-melon in a knee several seconds. Carry out this exercise of 15 times for each leg - muscles of an internal surface of a hip train. Plus muscles of hands are tightened - you keep weight one hand.

Exercise the second: lay down on a floor, bend legs in knees and having embraced a water-melon, rise, having torn off shovels from a floor - the press fine shakes and the back works.

And now clamp a water-melon between knees and raise legs to a breast. Or lower them, trying to touch by knees (with the clamped water-melon!) floor. Do not forget about the turns burdened by " sweet; " exercise machine; raising of hands and, of course, take for a drive it as the most ordinary ball, on a floor - at first one leg, and then another.

And after training cut the apparatus on segments and - with pleasure eat. You it deserved!