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How to save on purchases for firm and not only?

As are shown by experience, practically any purchase can be made cheaper. It is actual for the organizations, however, often the offered technique is suitable also for ordinary citizens.

So, each organization for full functioning constantly acquires stationery; more rare, but nevertheless buys office equipment, motor transport, eventually, regularly orders advertizing services. In what the economy technique consists? In use of the phenomenon, very widespread in our country, called KICKBACK .

Kickback or the personal gratitude is a payment personally to you for the fact that you became the client of this or that organization. Official kickbacks - these are personal bonuses. Many companies declare it openly, offering the persons capable to influence decision-making, to earn points then to use services or to receive goods free of charge.

We will consider typical situations:

- Order of advertizing services. The specialist in advertizing does the main orders in advertizing agencies and production companies, announcing the imaginary tender. The tender allows to achieve minimum price (certainly, quality is also taken into account) - lower will not be any more, and here negotiations with the applicant are entered by either the advertiser, or his head who reports that one of the companies to which they addressed offered the price slightly below, however, for personal remuneration he is ready to cooperate with it.

- Insurance of the CMTPL. In this case you hardly receive something from the most insurance company, but can receive money from the insurance agent. Agents are ready to share the percent with loyal clients. You have a choice of insurance company, and it is the fact. Any agent will share with you (more often 50/50) even on condition of insurance of one car.

Pay attention that I gave some examples on the basis of which it is possible to build the schemes of economy. It is absolutely clear that if a necessary product is service, then to agree much easier.


A) Using this technique, you, in fact, give to kickbacks the official status, and it is significant. It is quite possible that now your employees gain additional income in a form of kickbacks.

B) you considerably save company funds.

Now it is heavy to present that was not bought by our company without similar form of kickbacks. On especially expensive purchases it was possible to receive just improbable discounts as the seller needed to sell. Personally I regularly trade on this technique, giving out personal for what belongs to the company. It works and saves money!

Some time ago other technology which received the name " worked; imaginary wholesale . The essence of technology consists in the following: You need to buy one cash register. You come to the company and tell the manager what you need to get 10 control - cash cars, three detectors of currencies and still which - that, but now you buy only one KKM and you promise to come tomorrow if quote you the good price. Earlier you were given actually minimum price. Now for fight with such wholesalers the stage-by-stage scheme of reduction of the price when upon purchase of each subsequent goods besides a discount you receive a refund for the purchase made earlier is entered.

About kickbacks, by the way, the book with the name " of the same name is written; KICKBACK (the book appeared quite recently), having read which, the head of the company can find a number of the moments at which departments of supply can deceive him, and the inhabitant can understand how to save on purchases.

Certainly, I described not all ways, but among legal and honest I would allocate these. Someone for certain will be negative to described, someone on the contrary, and someone is indifferent, but it is worth remembering one phrase: Does not save only poor. Rich saves! Saves because it is not difficult to earn at all, and to keep here - more serious problem.