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But whether not to descend to us in a zoo? Surprising opening in fauna of

it is valid, it is time! The last time I was in a zoo about 25 years ago. Paraphrasing Arkady Raikin, I can tell that already began to forget main types of animals. Well there, a cat, a dog - of course, I remember it. Horses and donkeys can be met in the settlement in which I live - close agricultural grounds (on the suburb Tel - Avivah). The herd of camels happened to be seen relatively recently too. And here all others - far back in the past.

And here we in a zoo. At us it is called safari . Of course, it not a safari in Africa: the area, you understand, less, and animals too. But very much impresses!

We arrived there on public transport. Such as we, carry on grounds of this park by buses. Let`s roll. Unplanned stop: the ostrich in the middle of the road receives a forage from passengers of the car. Then it is slow, with advantage is removed.

We go further. Glade with gnu antelopes. Then in the distance there are rhinoceroses. They stand near a small lake over which surface some eminences similar to stones act. We come nearer - it is backs of hippopotamuses. Still a glade with antelopes. And here we at a zoo - here the place in a safari for small animals and birds.

Well, apparently, what else it is possible to learn new about the world of parrots? Already saw - both a cockatoo, and green fly near the house. Do not tell: in the glazed cage the big parrot sits, sits near a joint of glasses. In a joint there is a crack, in this crack it is possible to push a straw. And the parrot waits for this straw, it is enough and eats. Process very amusing, but appeared language of this parrot even more interestingly.

And here some absolutely unclear bird: it has over a beak a huge peak, not at once will understand what is it. And it is absolutely unclear why it is necessary to it.

Still birds. Closed by a grid from all directions (and from above too) the open-air cage in which there are trees, bushes and a reservoir. Ah, what beautiful birdies!

Then special sites for small rodents. For them hillocks with minks in which they can take cover and remove posterity are built. And here for the most curious and patient kids the viewing glazed turrets are constructed. The child can stand in such turret and watch small animals. The adult cannot get through in this periscope: the sizes do not allow.

Crocodiles. One settled down under a tree, two roll as the squeezed-out rags, ashore. They below, public above. The people behave very actively, someone is bent through a fencing. And workers of a safari stand nearby and warn such here curious that crocodiles can gobble up. Also will not redden.

The big open-air cage with gorillas. The male sits as if absolutely not privy to the events. And all others stand along a ditch which separates monkeys from public, and ask food: wave hands. Near public (besides) the worker of a safari which urges not to throw food: it is harmful to monkeys. But how not to treat the feeding mother?

And here to you still handsome man: mandrill. It has hands - almost with manicure, very well-groomed. And in general, he is just a handsome! Slightly farther - three observers. Look how they are attentive! Also are how original!

In the open-air cage with elephants the slow movement. The elephant cow with an elephant calf moves away from us somewhere aside. Other elephant cow gets from - for protections straw and abandons her in a mouth. One more elephant for some reason remained is dissatisfied with how to him put straw. It took a trunk an armful and slowly carried it to other place.

Here the public considers a turtle. That you could present its sizes, it is photographed so that in a picture it is visible the audience. Near the open-air cage - a show-window in which the skeleton of a turtle - for curious is exposed.

Result: about one hundred pictures, couple of zoological opening. The first - language of a parrot. The second - the mandrill of such look which is not on the Internet. Of course, it opening only for. But it is all the same interesting. And ahead one more visit - this time to predators.