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What is Molotov`s cocktail ?

Recipe Molotov`s cocktail it is known among fighters for the world happiness and justice around the world. The bottle with gas mixture is thrown towards enemy object. Breaking, it lights object. The burning flame is not extinguished by water.

So, Molotov`s cocktail - at all not cocktail. Moreover, Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov (Scriabin) (1890 - 1986) is not the inventor of this gas mixture at all. Though in due time it was also registered among outstanding revolutionaries, hardly it can be considered as that.

Since 1906 he was a party member of Bolsheviks which, unlike other Russian socialist party, Social Revolutionaries, was not engaged in terror. Therefore revolutionary activity of Vyacheslav Scriabin (Molotov he accepted a pseudonym only in 1915) was estimated not by the death sentence, but the exile at first at Vologda, and after - at the Irkutsk province. In breaks between these references Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich managed to end two courses of Sankt - the St. Petersburg polytechnical institute.

In 1917 V. M. Molotov became the active functionary of Bolshevik party. Working at various positions, he proved to be consecutive and the stalwart of I. V. Stalin. In many respects thanks to it, on December 19, 1930 V. M. Molotov was appointed the chairman of Council of People`s Commissars of the USSR. Actually it was the post, the second for importance, in the state. Being on this post Molotov, undoubtedly, bears responsibility for repressions 1920 - 1930 - x years.

He bears responsibility and for aggressive foreign policy of the Soviet Union in 1939 and in 1940. As the national commissioner of foreign affairs V. M. Molotov signed on August 31, 1939 the contract with Hitlerite Germany on the section of spheres of influence in Eastern Europe ( Molotov`s pact - Ribbentropa ) . According to this contract, the part of Poland, Baltic, Bessarabia and Finland fell within the scope of interests of the Soviet Union. To occupy Finland and to set the Soviet mode there, on November 30, 1939 it was begun sovetsko - the Finnish war. This war is called still winter as it proceeded all winter of 1939 - 1940 and ended on March 12, 1940.

At the beginning of war the Soviet planes bombed Finnish the city of Helsinki and Turku. In the statement on behalf of the Soviet government Molotov claimed that the Soviet planes dropped not bombs, but products for the starving Finnish workers. These words caused genuine rage in Finns (including, and in the Finnish workers). The personality Molotova right there became a target of caricatures and satirical songs (for example, No, Molotov! ) For this reason they began to call bottles with gas mixture which Finns during war applied against the Soviet tanks cocktail for Molotov ( Molotovin cocktail ). Molotov`s Cocktail - loose translation of English-speaking journalists.

As a matter of fact, self-made anti-tank grenades from bottles with gas mixture - not the Finnish invention. For the first time they were applied in in 1936 during civil war in Spain. With their help in fight under the city of Sesenya in 30 km from Madrid falangist reflected attack of a republican tank column. Though they cause in us in memory shots from cinema where the Soviet soldiers bottles with gas mixture set fire to the German tanks.