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EvoWallet. For what the electrowallet is necessary and how to use it?

One more payment service provider. What advantage of them?

And what advantage from a new grade of beer or new make of the car? Correctly. Fuller satisfaction of consumers in a certain market niche. Well, and what market niche at new payment service provider EvoWallet (in a free translation - an electronic wallet)?

Those who tried to earn money on the western Internet for certain faced restrictions of PayPal payment service provider for residents of the countries of the former CIS. For those who else did not face it, I remind that this system works for such unreliable (without quotes, they and the truth so consider) citizens only in one party - to transfer money from a card and to spend them. About acceptance of payments and the speech is not present, it is simply impossible! Rules of system do not allow. And if I earned this money?! Well, use services of intermediaries Though intermediaries even more often refuse recently to our citizens such services.

Here also the decision in the form of it here a wallet where many western membership - the websites (PTC - systems, huipa, axle boxes, etc.) came also allowed to transfer money since the beginning of April, 2009. However, to eliminate a quantity of users (at whom with inclusion in PayPal all is normal), the minimum sum of a conclusion is determined five times above.

The system is registered in Costa - Ric and gives about itself such information:



Global Counsels Building,

150 meters west and 25 meters south from the

Inter - American Institute of Human Rights,

11501, San Jose, Los Yoses,

of Costa Rica

Company Registration Details:

of Evowallet S. A.

of Registration number: 3 - 102 - 555285

of Website: com /
System works as

with the American dollar and euro, and the account number is identical, the currency is specified when translating.

And now - how to be registered also nuances of use.

We visit the website. To open, IMHO, is better business - the account. There it is more opportunities, the negative moments, except the increased percent when translating, did not find yet.

Registration does not present any difficulties, simply we click the link Open an Account under the chosen account ( Personal or Business ) . On the following page all fields for filling are filled from a lamp.

The system checks nothing, the wallet, naturally, can belong to anyone. But the mail, naturally, has to be the worker, the room of your account (wallet) in system will come to it.

Attention! pay Special attention to the classified information. Information for access which is required from you includes:

name of the account (login in English);


Login pin (5 figures) for an entrance to the account;

Tranzaction key (3 figures) for payment confirmation.

Besides, needs the confidential question Security Question (if you will forget the password) with the answer to it Answer and personal message Personal message which serves as protection against a website clone. Attention! Than more wonderful (more non-standard) you will think up this message, to you it will be better for those.

We enter I smoke (tsiferka from the picture) and Having filled with

all fields, surely study rules of system. Generally it should be done always, but the majority of us do not attach it significance. And in vain! For example, rules accurately say that private information appears only once and if you forget something, you will have problems. It is better to unpack a page with the classified information.

We open the letter which comes on specified to you e - a mail.

Dear (Your name in English)!

These are your account registration details at EVOWALLET. com. Your account is not yet activated. You may need to login into your account to have it activated.

Your Evowallet Account Login Information is provided below:


of Your Evowallet account number: E ______ (here six-digit number of your account)

of ============================================

of Please click on Access your Account at the Evowallet website to login and begin using your Evowallet account.

of The EVOwallet site is at: com...

Attention! As your identifier serves six-digit number without letter E!

If you enter on third-party resources your identifier with a letter E, the system, most likely, will give the message like

You have not entered a correct account ID!

of Your account ID must be a number!

Attention! At an entrance to the account the letter E it is substituted automatically. The entrance is two-level: on the first six-digit number and the password is entered, on the second it is necessary to validate a greeting and to enter figure which serial number by means of the virtual keyboard (in Login pin ) the system requests from you.

At the right figure we press a mouse the " key; Hide (if it is necessary to change something - the " key; Clear ) also we repeat input. To transfer money, it is enough to press the picture with the inscription Spend in the account to write the room of a purse in system on which money will leave on the opened page and to choose currency. Further to enter one figure from " again; Tranzaction key by means of the virtual keyboard and to confirm money transfer.

Attention! No chardzhbek (payment returns) are provided by rules. The commission is paid by the recipient (for business - the account - 1,5%, for personal - 1%). The minimum sum for sending - 0,1 dollars (or euro).

It is possible to exchange EvoWallet for other currency only on an exchanger of system to the address evopay. net/. It is possible to bring through bank, WU, MoneyGram, LR and to your credit card.

There is a referalny system. In principle, at registration of referrals (those who were registered according to your recommendation) you receive: for business - the account - 0,25 dollars, for personal - 0,10 dollars. In principle - because to me, for example, money for the attracted referrals is not added yet.

So far and everything that I managed to learn about a personal electronic wallet like EvoWallet.