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Aphrodisiacs: whether they grow on a garden bed?

Aphrodisiacs are called specific means for awakening of love passion and strengthening of sexual desire . The Greek version of an origin of the word connects it with a name of the goddess Aphrodite, English allocates two components: afro - African and dizzy - to cause dizziness, to stun. So, it is about excitement of unbridled passions.

We will not concern clinical aphrodisiacs of the " type; shpansky front sight for which use in orgies the marquis de Sade, or preparations on the basis of tree bark to a yokhimba was condemned. Let`s better address safe means which improve the general health and are quite available.

the Anise

From an extreme antiquity in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and then in Greece and Rome it was considered as the medicine possessing spazmolitichesky, the expectorant, anesthetizing action. It was drawn on alcohol and used who in small doses (on a teaspoon in day) who in big (Ivan the Terrible and Peter I had addiction to anisette), who in mix with honey.

The Mediterranean tradition to serve spicy cakes with an anise on wedding banquets was at all not casual. But you should not abuse, certainly. Anisic essential oil, in particular, possesses so powerful stimulating property that search can cause the return action.

the Asparagus (asparagus)

Thanks to the fallichesky form this vegetable numbering more than fourthousandth history was considered as a fertility symbol for a long time.

In antique times decorated with asparagus branches both a marriage bed, and newly married. Greeks devoted an asparagus to Aphrodite, and Romans considered as an effective remedy from undesirable pregnancy.

In medieval France it was necessary for young people to include not less than three dishes from an asparagus in a wedding meal. Guests liked to be treated with it too to avoid morning consequences of plentiful libations, i.e. a hangover. Besides, the asparagus is used for clarification of an organism and restoration of water balance, treatment of a prostate.


onions (who is a relative of an asparagus, by the way) is renowned five millennia as means of strengthening of sexual energy. The place of honor in cultural tradition is provided to it davny - long ago, - in Ancient Egypt it had the sacred status. Besides, was called musk of poor people .

According to the Ayurveda, onions are diuretic, krovoochishchayushchy and the excitant causing fast excitement. Pliny Starshem possesses lines that pink " onions; and pushes sluggish husbands in embraces of Venus . And in Renaissance because of influence on the sexual sphere it (as well as relatives - an asparagus) was forbidden for the use in monasteries.

In French cuisine there is an onions salad for married couples of respectable age which consists of the mix of small chopped bulb watered with olive oil, grated green apple and the egg mashed by a fork. In the Arab wedding cookery to the groom some days before wedding consults to go on the diet based on fried onions and egg yolks.


Well-known the curative properties carrots and in the love sphere was used by

since ancient times. Avicenna, for example, it is very transparent spoke about it: The Root pleasantly bed moves thoughts . And in Russia carrots were used for improvements of blood at weakness in general and especially female and also cooked curative drink as for the women who lost an inclination and for the men experiencing failures in intimate relationships.

the Celery

the Celery takes the leading positions in a rating of food aphrodisiacs. History of its use originates in depth of centuries. But it began with the fact that the plant was recognized as excellent medicine. It was found by already ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.

Greeks too very respectfully handled a celery and named it a symbol of a holiday and pleasure. It was used in cookery, furniture of the houses and wreaths assigned to the heads of men. But honor of pioneers in cultivation of a celery as a crop belongs to Romans. They, having revealed afrodiziachny ability of a plant, began to include it in marriage ceremonies: and on a table wedding gave, and hung out a bunch over a bed of newlyweds.

On the Celtic legend, at magic drink of love of Tristan and Izolda there was a celery juice. Perhaps, therefore the famous marchioness de Pompadour before appointment to Ludovic drank hot chocolate with a celery and too offered it, and also treated soup, salad on the basis of this plant.

The celery in general is useful to working capacity increase: and in the physical, and intellectual plan. And all because it is vitamin-rich also minerals.

These greens too long since used Fennel for treatment of sexual dysfunction and as considered also as a magical grass (it is necessary!) included in structure of love potions. The ancient Russian folk remedy for disposal of impotence consisted of unexpected cocktail: glasses of beer and circles of sour cream together with the crumbled fennel.


as well as as aphrodisiac horse-radish which is a kind of a black radish was used by

as spice and the remedy helping at waist pains for one and a half thousand years BC of

British call it horse garden radish for exciting property. The easiest way to check its efficiency - to try a piece of the black bread greased with horse-radish before a romantic meeting.

But if it seems too banal, add to horse-radish grated apple and a little lemon juice, - Apfelkren will turn out. Only consider that this seasoning long is not stored. And in Bavaria there is a touching custom to serve horse-radish by an easter breakfast where he personifies transfer to participants of a meal of ardent desire and force of life which is not extinguished by a winter icy cold.


Garlic as natural aphrodisiac admitted still our ancient ancestors. Egyptians very much appreciated it it. The priestess Aphrodite considered that the use washed out at first in water, and then in olive oil of garlic forces women to fall in love and gives force to men... According to Herodotus, garlic is the main carrier of the creating energy. Ovidy in To love Science too gives frank advice:

That whose monastery is stored by a shadow of Eritsinsky hills, you eat with

white garlic of pelasgiyskiya of Alkafoyevy sowings.

But the modern person has doubts connected with the smell exhaled by this product. This obstacle easily is eliminated even for the choosiest kinestetik if to heal a garlick dish a carnation, ginger or parsley.

It is, of course, not all. The cucumber, tomato, strawberry, raspberry - too possess properties to kindle love passion. But this fire at the true feeling assuming is stronger and brighter not only physical, but also spiritual proximity, mutual trust and respect.

With all the heart I wish to meet and not to lose true love!