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What museums to visit in Kiev? The museum of the Ukrainian art

Pride of the republic - the State museum of the Ukrainian fine arts. Located in picturesque part of Kiev, in one of the most interesting buildings on architecture, it conducts the history with the end of the 19th century. The exposition of the museum gives almost complete idea of development of art culture in Ukraine: in it both ancient Ukrainian art, and works of modern artists is widely presented.

Here such most rare monuments to an iconography as a unique icon - a relief " are stored; Saint Georgy with life 12th century, Volynsk Mother of God 13th century. But most of all attract a painted portrait - the remarkable works XIV-XVII of centuries - a transitional stage from an iconography to a portrait, not an icon any more, but also not absolutely a portrait. It images of various state, military figures. For example, big painted portrait of the ataman of Army Don Danila Efremov. The magnificent ornamental pattern covering clothes of the military leader draws attention. All these works - touching, in them there is a lot of naivety, but at the same time they are solemn, made with big skill and taste.

A peculiar section of an exposition - the Ukrainian national pictures. There is a lot of them in the museum and therefore only the small part is exposed. These pictures till the 19th century were indispensable decoration of each Ukrainian hut. Popular prints, and in Ukraine - so-called " once were everywhere widespread in Russia; Cossacks of Mamai . Pictures got accustomed because they symbolized the Ukrainian`s type which developed in the people - can be, slightly sluggish, located to reflection, to contemplation, lyrical, loving songs. As a rule, he sits with a bandura, with an invariable tube - a cradle in teeth, a favourite horse and a saber nearby. Character of the Ukrainian is grabbed so truly as if returns in that time, far from us.

The important page in the history of the Ukrainian culture is art creativity of Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko. Works of the great poet and the artist - Self-portrait (1861), a series of etchings (1860) - take a place of honor in an exposition of the museum. Congenial Shevchenko is the artist Vasko (1820 - 1883). It The young man`s Portrait from Tomari`s family it is written very frostily, but it is surprisingly lyrical.

A Peredvizhniki movement era - the following stage in development of realistic art in Ukraine. The central place belongs to the known picture of N. Kuznetsov " here; On earnings where the peasants leaving native places are represented.

The exposition of post-war time is opened by a picture G. of Melikhov Young T. G. Shevchenko in K. P. Bryullov`s workshop narrating about a meeting Great Karl with the serf artist, an event who defined Shevchenko`s destiny.

Belongs to number of the tremendous works telling about military years Return V. Kostetsky. Laconic and avaricious on color, deprived of outer effects, she gives rise to the most serious thoughts and feelings. The picture adequately passed test time. How many the drama maintenance difficult and truthful, the artist enclosed in it! The picture as if absorbed severity of a wartime, raising of feelings and forces, improbable tension of the people.

In all museums there are a lot of small, imperceptible things about which it is not told in popular brochures and guides. These are works as it is accepted to think, minor artists. And suddenly once they stop your attention, reveal before you, and begin to see what did not notice earlier: warmth, revelation. Often happens that little-known painters and their half-forgotten pictures aggravate imagination and cause feeling of novel.

The museums should be visited more often, without referring to a lack of time. And when in life all it seems clear and simple and when some internal forces suddenly run low. There you will surely find for yourself what will inspire and will refresh you, will fill with bright impressions. You leave inspired the museum, new plans come, everything is perceived actively, it seems fine.

Any visit of the museum does not take place completely. Every time is an opening. Discovery of ideas, pictures, artists. Reconsideration, apparently, long ago and well familiar. Even in the most modest museum by all means you will meet that necessary and useful that surely it is useful in life.