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Twin-cities: for what they are necessary? To the world day of the made related cities it is devoted...

Are unknown whether God created the person it, or it gained this quality in the course of evolution, but he always and everywhere looked for soulmates. A collective being whether you understand. Not only that collective, so also special forms of social and spiritual proximity give it. Here also he for himself throughout all history thought out different options of related communications with similar. Dear people - it is always pleasant, agree. It is better to suffer them with all shortcomings and eccentricities, than to worry from - about the fact that they are absent and will not be.

And once in a calendar of significant dates the World day of the twin town appeared . It drops out the last Sunday of April and it is noted at the initiative of the World federation of the twin town founded in 1957. The twin town are called the cities located in territories of the different states and which established among themselves continuous friendly communications.

And precedent of the phenomenon looked so... Went 1942 - y , the heat of war. Germans mercilessly bombed Stalingrad. To inhabitants and defenders of the city the telegram from the English Coventry, too the victim of fascist bombardments arrived. British expressed the admiration of courage and firmness of residents of Stalingrad and offered a friendship hand. Still after a while they sent to inhabitants of Stalingrad the first gift - a cloth with the names embroidered on it more than 800 women, residents of Coventry. Each of them embroidered the name manually. Together with a cloth of the Englishwoman transferred the money raised for residents of Stalingrad within a charity event. Stalingrad and Coventry of steel the first twin town , or as they are called still, twin-cities. The movement of fraternization of the cities very quickly extended on the world.

Concept twin-cities it is necessary to distinguish from the concept the cities - partners . The last is meant as the cities between which agreements on partnership are concluded. In most cases they assume only economic cooperation on a number of joint projects or on one of them.

The agreement on the twinning relations pursues an economic benefit not always - not to measure related feelings by money. Cooperation consists most often in the educational, cultural, social or sports sphere. Twin-cities have the right to address for support of joint undertakings in the international and European organizations.

It is interesting that in America, for example, twin-cities it is accepted to call of sister - cities , that is not brothers and sisters . There is still a definition of twin - cities - the cities - twins, but it is used rather seldom.

Residents of twin-cities often visit to each other, exchange visits of special delegations, hold joint conferences including scientific, sports competitions, celebrate together various holidays - well, at least same Day of the twin town . If one of them got to trouble in the form of social or natural cataclysm (terrorists took, the hurricane collapsed etc. there) another will quickly send to the victims containers with a gumanitarka. It ideally, of course. Because cases when all fraternal long-distance affection is reduced to slow correspondence between school students and students of higher education institutions yes to rare messages on life - life foreign " are frequent; brother in the local press.

In the early sixties in the Soviet Union created the organization operating the twin town - Association on communications with the Soviet and foreign cities. In WFTT (World Federation of the Twin Town) she entered as the collective member. About three hundred cities of the former USSR found her efforts to themselves relatives in 71 countries of the world. And in December, 1991 its functions passed to new public structure - the International Association Twin town (MAPG). She is engaged first of all in the cities of the State Parties of the CIS, helping them to coordinate external relations within the Commonwealth.

As it was already told, the cities from two (more) different countries fraternize among themselves generally. Twin-cities in one state - an exception of the rule. Also this exception extends only to Germany. The cities of GDR and Germany became related between themselves during this period when the country was divided into two worlds by the Berlin wall. But managed to get to like so that did not wish to refuse the status of sworn brothers and after restoration of Germany as uniform power. This is first of all Heymnits and Dusseldorf, Ayzenkhyuttenshtadt and Zarlui, and also other German cities.

In 80 - 90 - e years of the last century the movement of the twin town was directly - mass. Even any remarkable provincial town sought to get two, three at once, and even ten newly-baked brothers . After 2000 the fashion on fraternizations imperceptibly abated. It would seem, for ever? An, no. Quite recently, for example, the contract of intent is officially signed to enter the twinning relations between Bethlehem and Suzdal as both that, and another are closely connected with development of Christianity.

It is visible, the classic whose words are enclosed in lips of the hero of the sensational movie now was right. I - about Gogol and about Taras Bulbu . Same from there: There are no bonds svyaty association! The father loves the child, mother loves the child, the child loves the father and mother. But it not that, brothers: also the animal loves the child. But to become related relationship to liking, but not by birth, only one person " can;.

you Have more than soulmates from different corners of the world!