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Nikolay Kryuchkov: sex - a symbol of the Russian cinema or the unfortunate family man?

stopped on April 13 heart of the first sex 15 years ago - a symbol (as it was called much later) the Soviet cinema - Nikolay Afanasyevich Kryuchkov. The actor, whose emergence on the screen caused the increased heartbeat in a fine half of our multinational country. It seemed such big, such kind and such reliable that women looked at his heroes and sighed: No, still the real men were not translated!

And very few people knew that Nikolay got great chance not only to act in at film, but also in general to live. The matter is that it was born long before the put term. As the actor remembered: I why such hardy? Probably, because my mummy went to a cellar behind sauerkraut and there seven-months gave birth to me, and then left, grew up... It was the only thing hardy - other six of his brothers and sisters died, without having lived also several years.

From a tap dance to TRAMA

Was born

Kryuchkov on January 6, 1911, in the Christmas Eve, probably, it played a role too. In any case, some invisible force stored his all life. And at teenage age when Nikolay not once or twice sorted out the relations with the help of fists, and a bit later when after several years not of good behavior, it is suddenly sharp became reasonable . By the way, it had such line in character: told how cut off! So, for example, in 1970 when the heart began to play pranks, the doctor of one of the Moscow hospitals advised the actor: Give up you this business, Nikolay Afanasyevich, differently " motor; can not sustain! To Tie, you speak? - Kryuchkov asked again. - And that: trifling matter! Since then he did not drink alcohol at all...

Muscovites and not only they, heard, for certain, about factory of the Three-mountain manufactory. Exactly there Kryuchkov comprehended elements of working specialty, and was neither more nor less - the engraver! From it a sharp-sighted eye and a firm hand were required. And with it it was impossible to joke supposedly at you both hands left. The matter is that Kryuchkov from the birth was a lefthander.

And in the evenings he ran on rehearsal in factory club and did not shun any work. It is necessary to beat a tap dance - please, to sing - what problems! And to play in amateur theater - in general lovely business. Whom it only did not change unless on the old woman - the moneylender from Dostoyevsky Crimes and punishments did not raise. Well, tell at what Rodion Raskolnikov the hand will be raised against such hefty granny?

There is a lot of distance to Nikolay of occupation in Theatre of young workers (well-known TRAME). Exactly here it was noticed by the director Boris Barnet who started shooting Suburb . It was one of the first Soviet movies awarded with a special prize of the Venice Film Festival. And 20 - summer Nikolay Kryuchkov as Sashki - the shoemaker became recognized.

Thirteen - unhappy number?

Then also, but the role of the chief of frontier post in the movie Mikhail Romm " had to become an hour of triumph for Nikolay; Thirteen . But did not become. In one their film-making days it turned out that after yesterday evening nachzastava stays, to put it mildly, not in shape. Romm built all actors in a rank, walked along it and thoughtfully said: Let`s consider that the commander died at the very beginning of the movie. Nobody meticulously will begin to consider how many you people: twelve or thirteen...

But even such unpleasant case in the biography of the actor did not influence his invitation in other movies. When Ivana Pyryeva suggested to shoot the movie Tractor operators he without fluctuation invited to one of leading roles of Nikolay Kryuchkov. His partners in the movie had to become Pyotr Aleynikov and Boris Andreyev already popular by then. And against these athletes the director`s spouse - Marin Ladinin had to shine.

Pyryev, of course, heard that Kryuchkov sometimes breaks but at first the actor kept, did not argue with Aleynikov and Andreyev supposedly yet I will drink 10 glasses of vodka without snack and I will not get drunk! Argued. Kryuchkov, really, overturned in himself ten piles (at least, vodka liter), bowed to colleagues and went to sleep.

But the movie was successful wonderfully well. All quartet of the main characters became very popular in the pre-war USSR, and the song Three tankmen turned into the present anthem of this type of troops.

And after that Kryuchkov became, perhaps, most removed actor. And in movies which made great success. It is enough to remember such movies as Pig-tender and shepherd Kotovsk Member of the government Vyborg party . And let not all roles were main, but cinema-goers already in each movie looked for the favourite.

And girls? Without departing from a shooting stage...

He forced to remember

himself in two movies - The Guy from our city (according to Konstantin Simonov`s book) and Heavenly slow mover . The first acted in 1942 and became as if continuation Tractor operators . The same gallant guy, again the tankman, out of any doubts - the hero. The movie - one of the most popular in the period of the Great Patriotic War. And here Heavenly slow mover it was devoted to pilots (probably, not without influence of Vasily Stalin with which Kryuchkov was amicable). And the song from this movie with fervent words: First of all, the first planes, and girls? And girls then... long time along with march We are given birth that to make the fairy tale bylyyu was considered as the informal anthem of aircraft.

By the way, on shootings of this movie Nikolay Afanasyevich got acquainted with 20 - the summer Alla Parfanyak playing one of leading roles. And though between them there was a considerable age difference (13 years), and also Kryuchkov`s marriage with Maria Pastukhova, it did not stop lovers. Soon Kryuchkov and Pastukhova (the performer of a role of Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya in the movie Stories about Lenin ) left, and Allochka gave birth to Nikolay Afanasyevich to the son.

But to be Kryuchkov`s wife for Alla Parfanyak it was an excessive burden. It can be understood: Nikolay Afanasyevich often met friends, and these meetings usually came to an end with feasts. In 1957 it, having taken away the son, left the famous actor, to less famous Mikhail Ulyanov. By the way, it was very risky step: future cine marshal Zhukov too was not an angel when at a table binge began. But Mikhail Aleksandrovich managed to overcome himself, they had a close-knit family, the daughter, say, soon was born Parfanyak it was succeeded to make of him person .

In two years Kryuchkov got acquainted on shooting Home with Zoya Kochanovskaya, the Honoured Master of Sports. Their mutual sympathy ended with official marriage. But happiness of newlyweds was very short. Once Kryuchkov with the spouse and the friend came back home from a trip. Zoya asked to stop GAZ car for a minute also ran to buy lipstick. When it came back to the car, brought down her goodness knows where from undertaken studebekker . She died on hands at the husband

the Last love of Nikolay Kryuchkov

After this Nikolay Afanasyevich some time were sponsored by friends, were afraid that to it there can be something. And the new love - 30 - the summer assistant to the director Lidiya returned it to life. This last marriage also was the happiest for Nikolay Afanasyevich. Too it was rather difficult for Lidiya Nikolaevna with the people`s artist of the USSR. It is enough to tell that in life he was a peculiar person: according to the spouse never the refrigerator opened and the teapot did not put. And if the wife was late, then quietly expected her arrival in front of the TV. Without having made itself even sandwich.

And for the rest at them everything was in a full order. Nikolay Afanasyevich worshipped the daughter Elvira, acted much, on the eve of new, 1981, to it in honor of forthcoming 70 - the anniversaries the rank " was given; Hero of the Socialist Work . In addition he was awarded by three Orders of Lenin, three awards of the Labour Red Banner and an award of the Red Star.

In 1985 Elena Mikhaylova removed continuation of the movie The Guy from our city having told about the one whom were main heroes of a picture 40 years later. Naturally, the same were invited to the central roles Nikolay Kryuchkov and Lidiya Smirnova. And though movie I Believe in love did not repeat such success, but it was given by the audience rather a cordial welcome.

At the end of life at Kryuchkov the tumor in a throat developed, he almost ceased to speak. But in movies he and remained a Guy from our city. To such reliable and such family