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So Saint Anthony spoke. Part 1

Dear reader, the real work is not transfer from the original at all, and is only inept attempt to shift to the modern language of saying of Saint Anthony the Great, taken generally from Dobrotolyubiya . In the original all this can be found in Patrologiae graecae, t. 40 - Migne . The author is open for responses.

is A little history.

the Movement of hermits arose at the end of the 3rd century. Having distributed the property - shchy, to widows and orphans, they left to desert regions and lived decades here - mi, is frequent to the death, in repentance, a post and a prayer. Already in the beginning 4th century around Egyptian fathers of the desert their followers began to gather. The founder pus - tynnozhitelstvo Anthony the Great is considered (probably 253 - 357) .


It is necessary for

having begun, not to weaken and not to despond! Every day, we will increase the diligence. Life is short in comparison with centuries, and all that we have - nothing before life eternal. Any thing in this world has the price and is on sale at cost, and everyone exchanges equal for equal. And life promised is bought for a trifle certain. Because it is written: Days of years our seventy, and at a bigger fortress eighty years; and their best time - work and an illness because pass quickly, and we fly (Ps. 89,10 - 11). So if all eighty, or even hundred years we are in a feat, then time not equal to hundred years we will reign, and for ever and ever. Besides, having been active on the earth, we have an obetovaniye heritage to receive in heaven, having given a body to perishable, we will receive its imperishable. Let`s not despond, and we will not think as if we too long were in act of faith, or made that great: Because I think that present temporary sufferings cost nothing in comparison with that glory, to - tory will open in us (Riml. 8, 18).

we will not think, looking for the whole world that we renounced for some reason big because also all earth is insignificant before the whole Sky. Even if and over all earth there were we misters and renounced all earth, then and in it there would be nothing, equivalent to the Kingdom of Heaven again. Who, being mister of all earth, renounces it, is similar to the one who throws one drachma of copper to buy hundred drachmas of gold. All earth is not equivalent to Heaven, so, that leaving several its tithes, it as if leaves nothing. At least it left besides and the house and a lot of gold, and then he has nothing to be praised, or to lose heart. Even if we also do not leave what we have, for the sake of virtue, dying, we want that, or not, all the same we leave, often to those to whom and did not want at all! The person is lonely, and there is no another; he has neither son, nor the brother; and all works do not have it the end, and his eye is not sated with wealth. For whom I work, and I deprive my soul of the benefit? And it is vanity and bad business! (Ekkl. 4, 8). So why not to leave us this vanity, for the sake of virtue to inherit for that Kingdom of Heaven?

We will not feed in ourselves desire to get because what benefit to get what we cannot take with ourselves. Why not to get to us what we can take with ourselves, somehow: prudence, justice, chastity, courage, judiciousness, love, modesty, belief, patience, hospitality? Having gained these virtues here, we will find them ahead of ourselves there, preparing us a haven in the Kingdom of Heaven, on the earth of mild.

Let such thoughts everyone convinces himself not to lose heart, Let will understand that it is the slave Gospoden, and is obliged to work to the Lord because the slave will not dare to tell the mister: as I worked yesterday, today I will not begin to work. He is obliged every day as it is written in the Gospel, to render the same diligence to please the mister and not to get to trouble. And we with patience will stay every day in act of faith, knowing that if we spend one day in not zeal, then the Lord will not forgive us that, even for the sake of the work executed the day before, but will become angry with us for today`s laziness. If the righteous person recedes from the truth and does lawlessness, and for toumirat, then he dies for the lawlessness which he made (Iyez. 18. 26). And Judas in one night ruined all the work.

Going for act of faith, we will not despond because we have the help of the Lord in volume as it is written: loving God, called on his izvoleniya, all for the benefit (Riml. 8, 28). And not to lose heart, well to remember also the following saying of the Apostle: I die every day (1 Boxes. 15, 31). Because if we will begin to live as dying every day, then we will not sin. So, every day, wakening it seems that we will not live up to evening, and, intending to go to bed that we will not waken, we do not know a limit of our life and it is unknown what measure is believed it by Providence. So thinking, and so living every day, we will not be able neither to sin, nor to wish, nor to be angry, nor to collect to ourselves treasures on the earth. As the death expecting every day, we will not be avaricious and we will forgive all to all. Lust or other dirty pleasure, for one moment we will not hold in ourselves, but we will be averted immediately from it as for some reason passing by, staying always as if in agonal struggle and expecting day of court. Because the strong fear and fear of torments destroys a gratefulness of pleasure and vosstanovlyat the soul tending to falling.

So, having begun business of rescue and having taken virtues a way, we will be like the Apostle: I aspire to the purpose, to honor of the God`s vyshny rank in Christ Jesus (Phil. 3, 14). Yes we will not turn back back, like the wife Lotova. The Lord told: nobody, having assigned - shiya the hand to a plow and looking around back it is not reliable for the God`s Kingdom (Luk. 9, 62). to Address back, means to regret that left the world and to begin to philosophize again crafty.

Hearing about virtue, be not frightened and be not surprised to acts of faith. Because this feat is not far from us, and depends on us, to follow a way just if we only want. Greeks go to foreign lands and cross the sea to study the world and sciences, and we do not have need to go to foreign lands in search of the Kingdom of Heaven, to cross the seas for the sake of virtue because the Lord told: The Kingdom of Heaven in you is (Luk. 17, 21). For virtue needs only that we wanted it as it in us and is formed of us. If the soul reasonable is in us in the natural state, so in us there is also a virtue. The soul is in natural state when stays such by what it is created, and it is created very kind and right. Therefore Jesus Navin, giving precepts, also spoke to the people: So, reject foreign gods who at you, and turn you (will fix) your hearts to the Lord, God Izrailev (Iis. Nav. 24, 23). Also John the Baptist spoke: prepare a way for the Lord, are right you create paths (straight lines make paths to it) (the IATF. 3. 3). Right the soul happens when rationality it is in the natural, normal state. When the soul turns aside, and perverts the state then the evil in soul ripens. So, kindness is business, natural, not difficult to us, because if we stay as are created, then we are in a virtuous state and if we plan thin, then rightly we are called are angry - mi. If it was necessary to study kindness, then, of course, there would be it for us complicate - telno, but if it in us is, then we will only store ourselves from evil thoughts and to observe the soul to the Lord as the pledge accepted from Him. And He recognizes it as the creation, having seen that it such is with what He created it.