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Who will go to kindergarten?

Since April 1, 2009 authorized to resolve issues concerning waiting list for receipt in kindergarten Committee on Education.

If earlier young people (and at times and future) parents bypassed all nearby gardens, writing down the kid at managers, artificially increasing thus turn many times, then the uniform base of information about the children expecting receipt in kindergarten is created now. So, for example, in the Volgograd region the general turn of children was reduced from 5000 people to 3000. The program is installed in each kindergarten and in all Committees on Education. The child who is written down in several preschool institutions gets to that queue which is got by him the earlier others. Therefore if parents wish to appear in any defined from the declared gardens it is more, than in the others, it is necessary to address to Committee on Education.

It is necessary to provide for signing up of the child in kindergarten:

- the birth certificate of the child;

- the information about parents;

- the documents confirming existence of privileges.

Privileges for extraordinary receipt, according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, have the following categories of citizens:

- the children of lonely parents (divorced parents do not belong to this category);

- children of the studying mothers;

- children of disabled people of I and II groups;

- children from large families;

- the children who are under guardianship;

- children - orphans;

- children of the military personnel at the place of residence of their families;

- children of the unemployed, refugees and displaced persons;

- children of students;

- children of the citizens who received or had radiation sickness, other diseases, and disabled people owing to the Chernobyl accident;

- children of the citizens evacuated from an exclusion zone and moved (moved) of a resettlement zone;

- children - twins;

- children whose brothers and sisters already visit this institution, except for cases of discrepancy of its profile to a state of health or development of the arriving child;

- children of police officers at the place of residence of their families, children of police officers, the died (dead) in connection with implementation of office activity, or the dead before the expiration of one year after dismissal from service owing to the wound (contusion), a disease got during service, and also children of the police officers who got the injuries excluding for them a possibility of further service in connection with implementation of office activity.

At the end of April lists of the children getting to kindergarten will be created therefore in advance it is necessary to address the manager to learn the approximate place of your kid in this list. Pay attention that situation still can change considerably: for you there can be exempts who will go out of turn, and those who faced you - to move, refuse, to change the mind... Behind the end results it is necessary to address to Committee on Education. There you receive the direction on the device in concrete kindergarten.

But there is more to come. Before going to kindergarten, the child needs to pass medical board. Will specify in the medical certificate whether the specialized preschool institution is necessary for your kid. Besides, in it marks about inoculations (BTsZh, poliomyelitis, AKDS, measles, a rubella, reaction to Mant), results of analyses are put down, and also results of survey by doctors - experts (the orthopedist, the surgeon, the otolaryngologist, the oculist, the neurologist, the stomatologist, the pediatrician) for the direction in group of health are fixed. You should not hurry with analyses, many of them are valid no more than a month.

Now with the birth certificate, the insurance policy, an extract from a medical record, the direction from Committee on Education and the passport of one of parents we go to kindergarten. In the presence of all these documents you are obliged to accept.

If in desirable kindergarten your kid everything is did not get, do not make scandal, do not try to prove the rights shout In Committees on Education surprisingly sincere persons whom it is possible to ask for the help and council work. Considering a personal situation, they for certain will try to find to your kid the town in other garden, for example, near work.