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As we listen to kids from two to five and what we hear?

In life of any child come time when he tries patience of the parents. It can happen also in two years, both in four, and in five. In this surprising time, from two to five years, the soul of the child is formed, and he with interest masters the inner world. These years not only the world of desires, but also the world of defects which adults on misunderstanding sometimes put in souls small " is formed; angels .

We, adults, live life, the cares, without noticing as kids watch closely us as attentively they listen to us, every time opening for itself something new. They remember new words and not only good, not always understanding their sense. Children are very observant and susceptible. If we inspire in them one, but we arrive in a different way, they will quickly acquire discrepancy and will surely not arrive as advise them.

Children adopt our manner to speak, can break in conversation on shout, roughness. Also the five-year-old kid of the mother can tell: - Yes do not stick you to me!

Surprised, we ask ourselves a question: - From where it at it?

We straightened out it continually: - It`s not true! Where you climbed? How many it is possible to speak? Do not stick with silly questions! It is impossible to do so! It is impossible, it is impossible, the Word " is impossible for

; it is impossible often adjoins to threats: - It is impossible to whom told! You will not obey - I will give to a baba-yaga, I will bring to the wood, in militia I will complain - look to me!

If crying does not work any more as means of achievement of the purpose, then the kid will surely try to use a whim or cunning, and they can be not so harmless. And here you already waiting: what else will the little prankish do? the prankish just wants to draw with

A attention to himself: - Do not forget about me! I want that you with me were engaged - sang, read, played, drew, just talked Not so seldom the kid hears

from adults: - Leave alone! Do not disturb! Do not get under feet! Play itself! Do not bother! Let`s speak by phone! Stand quietly when talk to you! As I was tired of you!

the Child in such cases unconsciously takes offense, intuitively feeling to itself disrespect. Punishment for a nadoyedlivost is no good: - You that? You do not understand words? Go to a corner and a billeting there!

The child is not guilty that you are busy that you have to talk to the girlfriend that you should make a lunch. You are angry: there is no time for game, and he demands, the head hurts, and he asks, you want to have a rest, and he asks to read the fairy tale!

What to do to parents who have children from two to five requiring to themselves an attention maximum?

First of all it is necessary to stock up with patience and understanding that the child annoying not because he such harmful was born but because age at it special: from two to five! Its all whims for this reason! If parents take for the rule: not to raise the voice on the child, not to offend him, and to quietly listen to whimsical requirements, to calm, together they will be able to cope with them.

There is one more important rule in behavior of parents with children of such age: it is not necessary to communicate with them at half strength, to play, with impatience expecting when this game ends, to listen and not to hear, thinking of something special, to tell the fairy tale, hurrying to finish rather it. In a word - it is impossible to do everything in half-souls, children will at once feel.

If you decided to find for the child time for occupations with it, then in advance prepare for them, but consider that at this age at kids there is a lot of energy - he wants to run about, jump, wave with handles. Do not forget that physically the child long is not tired. He will not understand you if you tell that you were tired, and in his eyes will see disappointment.

To compete with the kid in vigor it is useless, any healthy child exhausts the adult if game to him on temper. You want to sit, and he wants to jump, run about, and all this is natural. Therefore think out for yourself the acceptable role in future game: to represent, for example, station, and to the kid suggest to be an engine, or you pass through a barrier the car which is represented by the child of

At this time parents are always afraid to concede to the child`s whims that not to spoil him. However forces to stand firm is enough not for all, and then we hear: - On, only get rid.

If you noticed for yourself similar, then agree better at once with the child not to force it to force you to make concessions.

This uneasy time from two to five will quickly end, and from parents only the patience and understanding is required that everything will pass soon. And it is good to leave pleasant memory of this unique time! Get an album with photos and records of interesting and ridiculous statements of your kid do not forget

that any address of your child demands attentive and respect. You can discuss any request together with it, agreeing to execute it or refusing, but having convincingly explained why so it is necessary to arrive. always remember

I that your own example will be always the strongest pedagogical measure! Protect the kids and be happy!