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Who is concealed on social networks.

Since that moment when for the first time two computers were united in one network, became clear that business will not be limited to it. Information transfer from one terminal on another, and character and volume of this information of crucial importance have no, emergence in a network of multivarious, so-called, social networks allowing to find old acquaintances, schoolmates, classmates, colleagues, fellow countrymen became a starting point at first of formation of a global information network (more precisely than networks, just it is more often used the Internet as more popular and available resource), and then, or just to get acquainted with somebody for expansion of an outlook. Erasing borders and distances, social networks progressively win the increasing number of admirers.

However more and more every day appears publications that the popular websites are attacked by viruses that the lion`s share of messages on personal pages is made by spam that this or that participant of a network fell a victim of swindlers. So for example, one of the most widespread ways - on behalf of the good acquaintance to ask to put money for balance of the mobile phone. Not everywhere it works, among my acquaintances, for example, it simply is not accepted, but there are companies where such inquiries are quite pertinent. But it is possible just to try to call back, specify a situation through the general friends, the word to check a request for authenticity.

About virus attacks there is a wish to tell the following: already for a long time there is an opinion that viruses are written by producers of anti-virus packages. Really, let`s put ourselves to the place of the hacker - what benefit can be derived from the fact that you will write a virus? You will spoil to someone an operating system? And what`s next? That computer will become simply inaccessible. To attack bank? The local security service will easily trace where money went and who uses them. To use someone else`s computer as remote, performing through it doubtful operations? Besides, what sense, only you will delay inevitable. Probably, it is simpler to be engaged in quite legal writing and distribution of programs, the benefit the market still allows to come to new participants.

However even if viruses are also written by producers of antiviral programs, it becomes easier from it not and social networks really constitute very serious danger in this plan. Also became something now like the rule of a good form to warn the maximum number of users about where and what virus is found how is called as masks and so forth

Wants to tell all of them separate thanks.

As for spam - as a rule, it is advertizing mailings, and the people wishing to cut down on a lung of a money are engaged in it. Personally I in it see nothing especially bad. And that who aches that go by them I want to remind that all of us anyway earn the friend from the friend so it is not necessary to demagogy. Eventually on all post resources there is a protection against spam including the concrete e-mail address can be brought directly in it the category.

In a word, two problems from three are solved very easily, viruses are the only hitch. Here I propose the solution it - besides the anti-virus program on the hard drive well to have still a two-three on replaceable carriers to check the winchester without involving an operating system. Well it is also necessary to have at itself an adjusting disk with favourite OS and drivers.