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How it is correct to write papers? Whether

A need to be written in general them? A RuNet - part of the World wide web, the only Internet sector in the world where various papers in large quantities are widely submitted. The reason of similar abundance in the Russian education system where writing of papers turned into a special form of the independent activity developing not so much skills of the research work which how many is means of formalization of training. The pupils puzzled with writing of the paper understand that the main thing in it is mute not contents, but delivery and acceptance. Therefore there is a huge demand for the ready papers published on the Internet.

Initially papers are intended for instilling in pupils of methods of research work. Correctly written paper is a basis for other, more important and significant work. The paper is a review of the publications available on the set subject. The review which does not demand either the imagination, or originality of thinking, or the statement of new ideas. It is optional to provide own statements and statements in papers, and sometimes in general it is inappropriate. Therefore it is simple to write them, and for own development, besides, it is useful.

What there are types of papers ? Let`s characterize four main types: educational, control, office and creative.

Educational papers are set to pupils and students as independent works. Their main mission - to teach the person to skills of preparation of papers that in the future he could write something necessarier.

Control papers use for check of readiness of the person for execution of this or that work. Similar papers without fail are given at receipt in postgraduate study and some other (especially foreign) educational institutions.

Office papers prepare as office tasks. With their help the management of various organizations can check abilities of the workers to perform these or those tasks with necessary quality and in time.

Creative papers prepare for themselves and have no specific goal.

By preparation of the paper initial materials gather for the set subject (books, articles, notes, illustrations), and then excerpts from them are grouped in that order which is convenient to the author.

Writing of the paper is subdivided into the following stages:

1. Collecting materials for the paper.

2. Processing of initial materials.

3. Creation of the paper.

Presently the main material for the paper gathers by means of the Internet. Collected material for convenience of work is grouped on a computer Desktop in special folders.

At the second stage collected material is analyzed, all superfluous cleans up. Necessary is copied and located in one document in the Word format. As a result it turns out huge mega - the paper which the paper in true value of this word is not. We carry out configuration of materials in our document. We define a sequence of substantial sections, that is we structure.

At the third stage after the end of editing of structure of initial materials we switch in browse mode of the document. In this mode we see a huge number of pages, and the main lack of our paper that it is not independent work. We clean work. We clean what repeats several times.

Further independently we rewrite those places where there is a transition from one subject to another. A lot of things from earlier collected have to be replaced with own statements and judgments. Further we need to write introduction and the conclusion.

Introduction is written to the last turn though costs at the very beginning of the paper. Introduction can have an independent subject, for example, relevance of work. That is we have to define value of about what it is written in the paper. In office papers introduction has to be such that it saved the customer`s time necessary for reading the paper. The customer has to read only introduction and the conclusion. If it has any questions, then he can address the main text.

The conclusion can be made out in the form of conclusions. In conclusions there should not be nothing in excess of what is in the main text. Therefore they can be prepared on the basis of the ready text. It is only important to draw conclusions short and accurate. Except conclusions in the conclusion it is possible to specify perspective related topics for research in control papers: for example, problems which emerged during your work, but were not opened by you.

At the very end of work on the paper we make the list of references . Sources of information found in the Internet are specified as follows. At first heading, then a hyperlink with the indication of all signs, points, hyphens, sticks. Right at the end in angular brackets the date of receipt of this resource is specified.

If you managed to find web - the page with the specified list of references on subject of your paper, too it is desirable to specify it. It is possible to call this section of the paper The List of the used literature or The List of the recommended literature .

Now your paper is quite ready, and it is possible to submit it with feeling of full satisfaction and lawful pride on court of the teacher.