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How to meet the man of the dream? Features of national hunting. To the case

Well, here it, at last, - desired Friday. Standing in front of the mirror, you put a fighting coloring on a face. In a couple of minutes the girlfriend Mashka will call, and you, two brave hunters, will rush in the pulsing evening of the hometown, in night club or to a disco. And there under the rhythmical music flowing from loudspeakers, holding in hand a glass Mojito you at last will meet him. Man of the dream. Prince. Superman. He will approach you with slow grace of a wild leopard, will deeply look in eyes, will take by hand (that in which there will be no glass), and And further, as in the fairy tale: They lived long and happily

Fine plan! However you know, most likely, it should remain unrealized. That is music and cocktail, probably, will be. And some lewd macho, maybe, will be drawn on the horizon. Only give frankly. How many times it already was? A hasty kiss in a cheek and your pathetic: You will call? And you know why? Initially from the hunter you turned into production, into the victim. You tried to play on others territory and lost. The man visiting pleasure institutions without lady - the hunter. It goes there not to find the girlfriend of life and to drink, dance, fool about, well and if carries to have sex with some maiden. I am afraid that this some easily there can be you.

And now wonder whether there is a sex with the casual partner of loss of self-esteem? Or you really thought that he will call?

I interrogated a set of the familiar married couples. I asked about where and as they got acquainted. The sea of options, but any about bar, a pub, a dance hall or something similar. Ah and! The sweetest friend Andrey got acquainted with the girlfriend at cinema. At a premiere Lord of the Rings . It started in it a glass from - under popcorn that did not prevent to look. Then it turned out that both are fond of role-playing games. Well, they years five are happy together. But it more likely exception to the rules.

The most frequent answers were: together studied, the general friends acquainted, worked together with

By the way, about work. I want to warn you. An office romance - piece artful. Gossips of colleagues, discontent of the administration, constant tension - the price which should be paid for seeing the beloved eight hours a day five days a week. (B - r - r! I would not sustain!) And if nothing turns out, be ready that you should look for new work. You not iron, forty hours a week to contemplate the former. Besides, until you endure a gap, exterminating handkerchiefs and sighing over the broken heart, operational performance will steadily fall. And here it will become clear that you were hired to work. And your sufferings - business deeply personal and nobody, except you, not concerning. Well, think: It is necessary to you?

There now, the ticklish moments discussed. Let`s start business. I am a fan of accurate planning in everything: in life, in study, in work. The accurate plan assumes accurate statement of the purposes.

So. Our purpose - to get acquainted with the handsome, unmarried man of suitable age for creation of the serious relations. It is possible to tell, with the relic type of the man which is dying out, included in all Red Lists. But we did not get used to recede before difficulties. Let`s get down to work!

On Wikipedia materials, hunting - the trade or entertainment consisting searching, tracing, prosecution and production. Just for fun we sweep aside hunting at once, our task - production.

The girlfriend Masha should cost some time without your society. Hunting for men - business thin, workmates here will only prevent. You do not want that the man interesting you was fond of the girlfriend? (Even the most firm female friendship does not pass similar tests.)

The algorithm of actions is put in the definition of the word hunting :





In the following part we will talk to you about where to find the man of the dream. Let`s discuss, so to speak, an area of its dwelling, a habit. For this purpose, that hunting was successful, and production pleased, we still should work.