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Office Kama Sutra of

the Inscription on the book: The Kama Sutra for beginners . Opens the book. Her manicured finger runs from top to down on a table of contents. The nail stops on number 324. There the corresponding page is specified. Opens the book on the corresponding page.

The drawn picture where the man and the woman in a fancy position make love. Over the picture in bold an inscription:


the Secretary attentively studies the image. Overturns the book up, down. Then from one side, then from another.


From that dug out, the old libertine! As if after such acrobatic trick with heart to it it became bad not! Eh! There is no fool like an old fool!

KATERINA puts the book back in the safe. Locks it, pushes folders. Approaches a desktop. From a drawer takes a cosmetics bag. Gets lipstick, a pocket mirror. Tints lips. Cleans a cosmetics bag. Knocks at the door with the plate CEO . From - for doors the bass is heard.

- Enter!


PILYULKIN IVAN IVANOVICH`S Office. The man for fifty. The polished bald head. Severe looking.

PILYuLKIN (strictly) of

you studied the report No. 324, Ekaterina?


Studied, Ivan Ivanovich.


Is good. Give then we will work over this report more densely!


Let`s work!

KATERINA begins to undress, putting things on a chair. PILYuLKIN too slowly, undresses. Accurately hangs up a jacket, a shirt, trousers at first on coat hanger . And already then coat hanger hangs up on a floor hanger. KATERINA remains in underwear, and PILYuLKIN in boxer shorts, socks and an undershirt. On a breast dark hair puff up. The thorough paunch pulls a snow-white undershirt.

Wait for PILYuLKIN of

, Ekaterina! Now we will work over the report No. 324. Something my executive body not absolutely functions.




That you so - that are at once a default! Temporary difficulties.


the Door in a reception is closed. So I can wait at myself, Ivan Ivanovich


, Ekaterina Pavlovna. Wait. Also be on selector communication.


As usual!

The secretary leaves an office

PILYuLKINA Office. IVAN IVANOVICH delays an elastic band of boxer shorts and strictly orders.

And well to rise! I demand that you got up when the higher administration talks to you! (looks to himself in pants) Hey! You! To rise! The senior head orders you! You as the head small, subordinate, is obliged to obey to the head! To rise! It is the order from head office!

IVAN IVANOVICH of free stroke-oared several times the bald head.

Well! That! You do not execute orders! Absolutely was dismissed?! I will dismiss! (continues to look to himself in pants) And! An award you want?! There is not enough motivation? All right. Give in an amicable way! Motivation - so motivation!

PILYuLKIN releases an elastic band of pants, approaches the safe, gathers a code. In the safe of a roll of money, paper. On the top office - a small box. PILYuLKIN takes it in hand.

A medicine pack on a palm. Inscription " VIAGRA;.

PILYuLKIN opens packing, sends medicine to a mouth. Approaches a table, pours water from a decanter. Washes down. Again sits down in the head`s chair. Gets the book from a drawer.

Book " cover; KAMA SUTRA . PILYuLKIN opens the book on a bookmark.

PILYuLKIN (aloud)

So! Position No. 324.

Twists the book with the image in different foreshortenings, as well as the secretary earlier.


Reception. KATERINA in underwear sits in the workplace. A nail file grinds nails. Knock at a door.

KATERINA (loudly)

At Ivan Ivanovich important negotiations!

The MAN`S VOICE behind a door

Katenka! But I need urgently to sign the important contract!


Later! Important negotiations!

KATERINA continues to grind nails. The call signal from the selector loudspeaker is distributed. KATERINA presses the communication inclusion button. PILYuLKINA voice from the loudspeaker.

Ekaterina Pavlovna! My marker for work with the report No. 324 is ready! Come!


In a minute, Ivan Ivanovich!

EKATERINA gets up and disappears behind a door with the inscription CEO .

A corridor of office before an entrance to the reception CEO. On a door the plate Important negotiations! PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB! . On chairs along walls office workers settled down with papers in hands. Men and women, young men and girls. Wait when PILYuLKIN is released.

The WOMAN of YEARS of 50

wearing spectacles (accountant) When these negotiations will end! I in bank need to be in time!

The MAN IN a

A TIE the signature on the credit is urgently necessary for me.

The YOUNG MAN (addresses brightly made up girl of years 25) Marinochk`s

! I am a person new here. Tell, often it is necessary to wait so long?

The MARINE (grinning)

Watching what number of the report it studies there! When quickly, when long. Here business such - important negotiations on the reporting at the corresponding numbers.


A - and - and. Sorry, I did not understand something: what reports? What numbers of these reports?

The MARINE (indulgently)

You, apparently, Kirill are called?


Yes. of


And so, Kirill! Have patience! All the same, until Ivan Ivanovich with the report finishes reception will not be.

(bends to Kirill, in a whisper) I know it, faced.

KIRILL nods, stops. In twenty seconds the lock at doors in a reception turns. There is EKATERINA. On cheeks a flush. Dressed, as usual, in office suit.

EKATERINA (to turn) Ivan Ivanovich finished with

negotiations on phone with important clients successfully. In five minutes it will begin reception. Give your papers to me, I will transfer them to Ivan Ivanovich. He will choose sequence of visit depending on importance of business. I will call you on one.

EKATERINA collects papers, disappears behind a door again, having removed the plate Important negotiations! PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB! .

KIRILL (Marin)

Here it is good that negotiations took place successfully! It is important!


to Whom it is important?


Well, for firm. And for all of us, means!


A - and! Sure! Sure. Eh! There is no fool like an old fool!


, What, forgive?


Well, anything. As to you, Kirill, is worked for us? It is pleasant?

KIRILL (blurs in a smile)

Of course! In - the first