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Photoshop and job search of

- Look what simpatyashka! - CEO of LLC Ugunday Corporation held in hand the curriculum vitae of the girl, the applicant to a position office - the manager. Alexey Kapitonovich Rebrikov directly - admired a portrait the summary in the left top corner. Fair-haired. Friendly smile. Regular features. Between thin, sensual lips of the female person a number of equal teeth grew white. Probably, when the photographer took this picture and chose an exposition, went too far a little in a directional light why the scintillating patch of light became swept up on one of snow-white teeth. But it turned out on the contrary, it is very healthy. As though the bright asterisk burned in the girl`s mouth. Hitched up slightly, but equal, it is even possible to tell, a little antique nose gave a bigger charm to the girl from a portrait. Ears of the beauty seemed fine-molded as though the talented sculptor enclosed in them all the tenderness and diminutiveness.

Potap Arnoldovich Kulibin, the Commercial director of the same enterprise, addressed Rebrikov:

- Alexey Kapitonovich! Let`s - to me look! the CEO stretched

to the commercial summary with the photo. Potap Arnoldovich captiously studied the photo and passed to printing data of the pretender to a position office - the manager into the " companies; Ugunday Corporation .

- And it looks much more young than thirty two years! - philosophically Kulibin noticed.

- Means, carefully watches itself! - Alexey Kapitonovich stated the judgment. - And it is big plus! If at it everything is all right with maintenance of in due form, then, most likely, and at office she tries to observe accuracy and purity. Potap Arnoldovich continued by

studying of lines of the summary.

- So! - he lowed. - It is divorced. There are no children, it seems. Experience. And experience at it some absolutely scanty!

- And on which to us, Potap Arnoldovich, its experience! - sincerely objected General. - To bring a cup of coffee? Or to hammer several words into ready forms? It and one-armed will be able. And we have all process of creation of documentation kompyyuterizovan! And the fact that experience work a little - it is so unsurprising! Any man will consider it as honor such beauty all necessary to provide!

- In general, is logical. And for work will hardly release, - thoughtfully Potap Arnoldovich on a table knocked with a smart fountain pen.

- Here I also say that such ornament as this young lady, to have at office prestigiously and esthetically! And it not only is pleasant for us, but also for image of firm and the clients of the company coming to office!

- Perhaps, I will agree! And a surname at the girl such romantic! Veronika Zagadkina! And?! Sounds!

- Sounds! - agreed General.

- the Owner of office Veronika Zagadkina! - the commercial director drawlingly repeated. Having listened how melodiously this phrase was heard, turned the person to Rebrikov:

- we Cause it on interview, Alexey Kapitonovich?

- is unambiguous! - shortly the main person in firm disposed.

Potap Arnoldovich rummaged in the daily log and offered:

- At us is " tomorrow; " window; on four o`clock in the afternoon. Let`s turn down it for this time?

- is unambiguous! - shortly answered General.

- is excellent! - Kulibin united to a human resources department and made the order concerning interview with the charming beauty by the name of Veronika Zagadkina.

Next day fifteen minutes fifth both highest figures of the " company; Ugunday Corporation sat in an office of the CEO and began to be irritated gradually.

- Is late even for interview! - Kulibin noticed.

- is possible, traffic jams, - Rebrikov answered, as if trying to smooth fault of the applicant. - And in general, such charming creations even on etiquette need to be late a little!

- But not on interview!

- are not such strict to women, Potap Arnoldovich!

Phone on a table rang out. Rebrikov lifted a tube, listened to summary and made the order:

- We wait for it long ago! See off, Vera Olegovna!

He hung up and looked at the colleague:

- Here also arrived the mysterious beauty Veronika Zagadkina!

- Is already good! - Kulibin nodded.

At a door knocked also both men politely and accurately shouted:

- Enter!

The person came into an office and greeted:

- Hi all! Both directors watched

at the guest, then exchanged glances among themselves, Kulibin even raised the left eyebrow.

- you to whom? - Potap Arnoldovich asked the guest.

- I to a position of it the office manager . For work I.

- the office Manager? - Kulibin asked again.

- Well and.

- But we do not take men to this position!

- And who told you that I am a man. I was just tonsured shortly. And whether you know, hair stick together.

- Ah! Yes! Sorry! We see that you the woman. But at us interview with other candidate is appointed to this time.

- As with another? I was called yesterday and told that I am invited in 16 - 00 for today.

- Here some mistake, - frowned Rebrikov. there is no

- any mistake! - the guest was indignant.

Kulibin attentively looked narrowly at this time to entered and suddenly dawned on it:

- So you is also Zagadkina Veronika?!

- I, - a bass thundered the applicant.

Rebrikov slightly opened a mouth. In an office there was a woman with the rumpled person. Hairstyle under the boy . The wide, massive nose in common people called shnobely. One ear is slightly more than another. On a tip of a nose the wart highlight darkens. Hair are burned out by hydrogen peroxide to the basis. But all the same, in appearance man man.

- And A And forgive, Veronika! Just you are not really similar to the photo in your summary. We did not recognize you at once! Sorry!

- I will be Rich! - Zagadkina smiled broadly. At the same time it bared several yellow, smoked teeth which number obviously left much to be desired. Lips, huge, similar to zhab, Veronika covered with a thorough layer brightly - red lipstick.

- Is unlike?! - she asked again with forced surprise. - So, I asked the nephew to correct which - that. In photoshop . The program is such. So, retouched the appearance a little!

- is A little!? - Rebrikov did not restrain and screamed. But then quickly, on a habit got it together. - And generally, I will agree with you. How you call this applet?

- the Photoshop, - thundered Veronika.

Kulibin twisted a face from high decibels of a voice of the applicant. Awkward silence set in.

- So we will sobesedovatsya, Ali is absent?! - Zagadkina broke silence.

Both directors cleared the throat, and Kulibin nodded. Asked:

- Tell that you are able to do of obligations for the position chosen by you?

- Well what here to be able - that! I well wash the floors. I can to you since morning behind beer drive in shop if it is necessary. I am able to remove dust window sills fine. I can spray an air freshener the room that it was pleasant. I can make coffee. But only in bags. Not the one that should be cooked. And the fact that scissors Chick and in a mug - Forgive to

! - Rebrikov interrupted. - And you know document flow?

Zagadkina frowned.

- And what it you at once to swear - that! - the woman with insult stared in a floor.

- I Will change a question: you are able to print?

- to Print? Well, one finger I can. But you as it is told in the announcement, need the owner of office, but not the typist. How there, in your opinion, on - businessmensk, it is called? The devil, you will not utter

- Office - the manager, - Kulibin prompted.

- Here - here! This manager! And I am a hostess in the house - be healthy! I have my man and the son, and the daughter to servile obedience of the house reduce! So, the owner of office not to be difficult for me! Same men and girls. Same problems, as well as houses! That though something to ask

, Potap Arnoldovich important exhaled:

- And you own the computer?

- I Own!

- What programs? - Kulibin was not appeased.

- the Program of inclusion and switching off. The nephew showed me where to press that the monitor began to shine and as it is correct to switch off. Here not to reap the most important on the same button that at inclusion, and at first a mouse on the monitor to press the " button; Completion of work .

- That! - Kulibin squeezed lips. - Quite good data at you. But, you understand that we have very many other applicants for the specified position. So we made about you representation, you - about us and our company. It is possible to tell the first acquaintance took place. We will communicate if you suit us! And thank you that came!

Veronika Zagadkina smiled broadly, showing rare sharp teeth.

- you still consider that I can make cool pelmeni! And fried eggs with sausage. My men it is excited about these my fried eggs! And still I as the hostess, I like to organize parties to

- Thanks, Veronika! - softly Rebrikov interrupted the applicant. - We will surely consider also these your talents at decision-making. For now, sorry, we have current affairs. Interview is finished.

- is good! - Zagadkina rose from a chair. - I wait from you for a call.

- Agreed! - Rebrikov nodded.

When Veronika left an office, both directors plunged into silence. At last, Kulibin clicked language and buzzed:

- What is it was?

- the Photoshop! - Rebrikov frowned.

- Terrible is force this photoshop!

- Yes! In general, beauty is a terrible force. And the photoshop, turns out, does people stronger.

- I would not like to see more such candidates if it is honest.

- I too! - Alexey Kapitonovich Rebrikov rocked the head.

Kulibin nodded and called the chief of HR department:

- Vera Olegovna! You ask all pretenders to a position now: Whether you Processed the photo for the summary it as it terrible such

- the Photoshop! - prompted General.

- Yes! Photoshop! I repeat: photoshop! Wrote down? And so, if answer that yes, processed or even partially to such candidates do not appoint interview! Only refuse under a specious excuse! Type, sorry, vacancy is already closed. Understood me? It`s cool. Good-bye.

Rebrikov and Kulibin thought everyone of something special. The CEO turned in hands of the curriculum vitae of Veronika Zagadkina.

- And is a pity that such abyss between this photo and the original! - he hemmed a nose.

- the Photoshop - the great mystifier! - Kulibin smiled in reply, got up and left an office. The CEO did not even notice leaving of the colleague. It it is bewitched looked at a portrait in the left top corner of the curriculum vitae of Veronika Zagadkina.