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Virginity under the lock

Lidiya Ivanovna Bondarenko, the massive woman of average years, with well developed muscles and a steady gaze of the born sportswoman, in every possible way preserved innocence of the daughter - students of the first course of large technical university. However, and to preserve - that especially innocence was not an urgent need as the daughter of the weightlifter, famous in the past, winners still the all-Union competitions - Lidiya Bondarenko, Ksenia Bondarenko did not differ in beauty of the person and body. Maiden braids, despite seventeen-year age, almost total absence of cosmetics extended can even be told, the surprised look and points of the honors pupil on the hitched-up nose. With herself the girl always carried the daddy with abstracts and the next Talmud on, say, quantum physics. She would also like to dress up more beautifully, brightly, provocatively, but strict mother stopped these attempts sharply and irrevocably. The daughter did not wish to argue with Lidiya Bondarenko. The former weightlifter has a heavy hand, the movements, despite obesity, are prompt as weeds washers at a hand throw in hockey. This precipitancy was felt once on the skull by Ksenia`s father - Oleg Petrovich Bondarenko. Somehow, long ago, managed the man to have suffered much vodka with drinking companions in garage where those under snack called To put Petrovich into place the woman . They maliciously laughed when they said that it is impossible to be the henpecked even at the acting weightlifter that the man is the man that it in the house the owner, but not the woman with shkify bars and pancakes iron atilt and other in similar tone. The party those far years gathered notable.

- It is right, you, men, speak! - Oleg Petrovich, &ndash exhaled then spirit couples; Man I or what slug?! It turn out - a slug!

- Well, not a slug, Petrovich! Slug wet always, and you at us what won clever, dry, lean! By the way, give - we will moisten our interiors! Pour! - the drinking companion Bondarenko - Kirill Kuzemko reflected.

Men lifted glasses.

- Well, for our rustic brotherhood! - the most senior of the company - Antipenko Sergey Pavlovich thundered a toast.

- For a brotherhood!

Friends waved till a portion, began to have a snack.

- You, Petrovich, - again addressed Bondarenko Kuzemko, - it is rather, just the henpecked. Sorry, the brother, for frankness, but it so. Your Lidka a heel pressed you to a floor, and does not allow to inhale. All of us how many times to that were witnessed.

- the Woman into place an occasional office to put! - significantly summarized Antipenko, - But not that will press a heel, and absolutely we will lose the companion! Is more useless so! Go, have a heart-to-heart talk with the. Stamp a leg. Knock a fist. Only not strongly knock. And that a brush at you, Petrovich, thin, inadvertently a bone you will break.

- And if again begins to water you with unpleasant words, type a mattress, a gruel, then this fist and pro-boundaries of eyes will not prevent to light! - important one more man - Klementy Serov declared. Klementy periodically taught

to good manners the spouse - the fragile worker of weaving mill. Result of education was the fact that this worker quite often highlighted to the accuracy of laying of a seam on fabric accurate bruise under left, sometimes under the right eye.

- Kolya to give vent to the woman - will gobble up you with giblets! - Serov, &ndash concluded; Up to a physiognomy to it! there is no

- I so cannot! I do not wish! - rejected at first this idea of Bondarenko, - And you will not touch it! She is a weightlifter! It to me will set to a jaw, and I already in heaven!

- Came to an end everything! - poured the vodka remains on Kuzemko`s piles. Men became sad. Drank up alcohol. Was not enough.

- Here that! You money of the house have Petrovich? - Antipenko addressed important Bondarenko.

- Is.

- we Will make so. Let`s go all together to you. We are men, we have the brotherhood. You from Lidkaya will talk over strong, but quickly. You will tell that the host you. That you are a man. You will take away money. Here we will also add. And that was not enough something. If it offends you, here we also will cover you, we will protect! Bondarenko`s

viewed with great concern main.

- That you, Petrovich! Culturally everything will be! Any manhandling! We will pull out you just from her predatory paws if it is required. Also we will continue our sit-round gathering, - calmed Bondarenko of Antipenko.

the Company moved towards Oleg`s house.

Then crusade on purpose to put the woman into place turned out a complete fiasco. Having listened to the uncertain, mixed with a sobbing requirements of the husband that from now on he in the house the owner and that it will not suffer over itself(himself) the psychological pressure and clips from the spouse any more, Lidiya suddenly sharply agreed. It surprised all. Then asked why then its salary of the Olympic champion in a bar several times is more, than at host as it venomously imitated Oleg. Also asked why then host is able to drink only vodka with drunks and has to drill walls and to repair the broken household appliances she? Why it brings up the daughter, and host at this time it is cut in dominoes on the street with same poor owners of houses ? The spouse then completely became silent and, having bent the head, slightly nodded. But here entered, was, in business Oleg`s companions, especially, when they were called drunks and poor owners. Antipenko even afforded the rough word in verbal sparring in relation to the woman what that reacted instantly to: a bullet dashed away to the distant room and through couple ten seconds appeared in a doorway of kitchen with a signature stamp from a powerful bar atilt. When the weightlifter still wildly shouted: From here, friends are lousy! My husband will be enough to confuse! But not that a signature stamp and on each drunk head I will walk! Oleg Bondarenko`s drinking companions at once forgot about him also with a shame, being pushed, left the dwelling of the companion.

In two years of drudgeries Oleg Petrovich Bondarenko did not take out burdens of matrimonial life and left a family. He remembered to the wife that that was already not a girl when they got married. That he cannot suffer more pokes and statements about the otioseness. That Lidiya cooks only purchased pelmeni and fried eggs and that she, probably, loves the bar more, than its. What they do not suit for joint life one another. Lidiya was especially cut then to the quick by those claims that was stated by the husband in relation to lack of virginity at the time of a marriage. Yes, at it was to steam of affairs on collecting with young weightlifters. And it turned out that at Oleg to a wedding was nobody, and he nursed a hidden grievance on it dissoluteness as the young man was expressed then.

Anyway, Oleg Bondarenko left a family. Lidiya did not marry. Raised the daughter one, dragged Ksenia on sports collecting. Years went, and soon ceased to call Lidiya on sports competitions. Career of the weightlifter came to naught. She managed to get a job the physical education teacher in local school. Mother protected innocence of the daughter, remembering as Oleg Bondarenko left a family. For the daughter the woman did not wish such outcome of family life.

Lidiya Ivanovna returned from giving not on Sunday, and on Saturday evening. She planned to return on Sunday, as usual, but, having arrived to a country site in the evening on Friday, found out that there is no light in the house. And, not only at it, but also at all garden association. According to information of neighbors, during a week certain shady characters dashingly cut off all wires from columns. The watchman is the grandfather Panteley, just woke up in hours of commission of theft and left to enjoy waters from a well. Having seen plunderers who fastened the perfected garden billhooks to two sticks and the turned-out tool masterly cut off wires from columns, the watchman, was, rushed to protect property of summer residents, but, uvidav three broad-shouldered children, reversed and did not begin to interfere with a creative rush of fans of wires. Lidiya Ivanovna, which - as spent the night in the house, but without light it was inconvenient, dark and, even, a little terribly. She and all rest was told that this week it is not necessary to wait for supply of electricity, and the summer resident directed home to light and comfort.

Light in the apartment she found - it was the young man in professorial points, with the face covered with heat-spots and absolutely naked body. The summer resident entered the apartment, leaned against a wall to take rest. Legs hooted. Half-minute later she understood that the daughter of the house as from the room of the student the easy dancing melody reached. Bondarenko - senior changed the shoes in house-shoes, carried bags on kitchen, then changed clothes in a bedroom. Approached to the door to the room of the daughter, pushed it. The door did not give in. It surprised the woman as to put any latches or locks interfering a free admission to Ksenia`s room is strict - strictly forbade. The innocent daughter should not be engaged in any nonsenses. And if so, and there is nothing to hide from the mother. The former weightlifter strengthened a pressure and the obstacle gave in to not sickly pressure. On that side legs, most likely, of a bedside table which the student propped up, probably, a door began to creak. In the room something fell and as it seemed to the woman, she heard whisper.

Lidiya Ivanovna made slightly more efforts, and the trained weightlifter`s muscles without effort removed an obstacle, weightless for the sportswoman. The woman put in the room and saw that the daughter Ksenia, having fastened points on a nose tip, was inclined over a desk over some textbook. Eyes of mother continued to scan a room situation. She paid attention that on a desktop the absolute order reigns. Means, she did not study lessons. Usually, when studies material, it has a working mess on a table. Here she, most likely, just grabbed the first textbook from a pile of books - the brain of the sportswoman analyzed a situation. Lidiya Ivanovna involved a nose room air. In it the smell of the foreign man was felt. And that is strange, whether wild strawberry, whether strawberry.

- You are one?! - mummy spoke in a bass.

Ksenia slowly, came off, allegedly, reading, corrected points on a nose and quietly told lies:

- One. As a lonely star in the dark sky.

Lidiya Ivanovna included olfactory receptors again. It seemed to it that concentration of aroma of berries amplified after words of the daughter.

- And well, go here! - the weightlifter ordered.

- What? - unwillingly there was Ksenia.

- And well, breathe!

- What for?

- Why drivers breathe in a tube of GAI officers?! For check.

- But it is illegal! It contradicts human rights in a family! - in quick temper the student blurted out.

Mother extended a weighty fist forward. The daughter silently approached Bondarenko - senior and exhaled the processed breath of that in a face.

- You drank alcohol! Therefore it was closed on a bedside table?! You that, secret alcoholic?! Oh! Grief to me, mountain! Lived! there is no

- mother! I only liqueur glass!

- Strawberry liqueur! - efficiently mother guessed.

- Strawberry.

- Where a bottle?

- Here, - fatefully Ksenia opened a box of a subcapital curbstone for papers.

Lidiya Ivanovna a hand as a fuzz, removed the girl and got into the secluded place. Grabbed by a neck capacity with alcohol, became straight and inspected it on light. Was drunk really a little. The woman opened a stopper and took rather big sip.

- And is tasty! - she praised drink, - That more similar was not!

Bondarenko - senior already almost left the room as she suddenly stopped on a threshold. Before an internal look the picture from the last " appeared; scannings bedside table box: there were two shot glasses! Two! The woman sharply turned back, looked at the daughter. Paid attention that Ksenia put on a dressing gown, seemingly, directly a naked body! And usually on the apartment it walked in a light sports suit! Not without reason the stranger`s smell in the room seemed to me! - the weightlifter, &ndash assessed a situation; And man to the girl, what for? What for? And then, old hen! A dressing gown on a naked body! Did not manage to put on! Gosh darn! Her virginity! . Mummy studied a room situation again, sharply approached a wardrobe. Jerked a door, a hand removed clothes. Anybody.

- Mother! What do you look for? - Ksenia was disturbed.

- This smell! I learn this the forgotten smell long ago!

- So you this New year drank strawberry liqueur! Forgot already, perhaps?

- Strawberry aroma is one, the girl! But here smells by no means not only wild strawberry! - quietly the former sportswoman aloud, &ndash argued; Wild strawberry it is good. It is pleasant. And here directly - stinks the man! - suddenly sharply the summer resident raised the voice.

- Ah! - only also the student managed to tell.

- Ah! - Lidiya Ivanovna, &ndash imitated; Ah! Where it?!

- Who? - Ksenia pretended to be the little fool.

- the Man where?

- Stinking?

- Any! Where it? there is no

- Here anybody!

- And was? there is no

-! Bondarenko`s

- senior sat down on edge of a bed of the daughter, then sharply bent and scanned space under a bed. There the thin young man, completely naked lay. He with horror in eyes looked on detective what it calculated. With palms the hero - the lover covered man`s advantage. Ksenia`s mother in rage became straight and, looking as a boa on a rabbit, began to yell:

is who there?

Ksenia in fear swallowed saliva.

is my companion on faculty. We with it learn nuclear physics. Splitting of atoms.

- And why it is naked?! Why you in a dressing gown on a naked body?! Why it under a bed?! Ksenya strenuously clapped


- It CC We We learned splitting of atoms to

- Why it naked and under a bed?! - the woman boiled from rage.

the Girl began to sniff. Here from space where the young man was found, a thin voice sounded:

- It I am guilty, Lidiya Ivanovna! We with Ksenia learned splitting of atoms. And such heat in the room and on the street! Here also undressed! And under a bed I got therefore therefore. Because was frightened that you will abuse me! - hasty the fellow issued the version.

- to Abuse?! - the weightlifter, &ndash thundered; You deprived of virginity my Ksyushenka?! You are an artful polecat!

- Mother! No! - Ksyushenka began to squeak, but was not to stop the enraged mother any more.

Lidiya Ivanovna again sharply bent and furiously looked in eyes to the daughter`s lover under a bed. Hatred in a look of the former sportswoman burned as an electrofireplace spiral, and the fellow instinctively took away hands from the causal place and hid in palms the face only for couple of seconds. But this time was enough that the woman sharply extended a brawny hand forward and strong grasped the young man by men`s economy. Teenage even shout, than man`s is more, cut through the atmosphere of the room. Bondarenko - senior tried to extend the hidden daughter`s friend from his shelter. Shout amplified.

- Mother! What do you do? - in silent horror Ksenia whispered.

- to it I split Atoms! Here what I do! That it was untempting decent girls to disgrace! - spoke in a bass mother.

passed Shout under a bed into something, similar on skulezh the pressed-down doggie.

- Release it, mother!

- You any more not the virgin? This polecat was in time, or not? Also do not lie to mother! there is no

- mother! Was not in time! My word upon it! Was not in time!

Lidiya Ivanovna thought a little and weakened a grasp.

- It tells the truth? Hey, you! Under a bed! to

- I Swear! - a thin golosochok prosipet captivated, - I Swear! We had nothing! I swear! Release! Painfully! Release!

- is fine! Stop poor-mouthing! - the hostess of the house ordered to the youth.

She addressed the daughter:

- Means, in time I was in time! I as felt pryamo that you will give a weak point! And I was in time! I will split to it its atoms and by that I will keep your innocence! the Student listened to

silently, obediently looking at drawing on an oriental carpet.

- I to you it is strict - strictly ordered: to a wedding --! Protect honor with a hammer! And virginity - especially! I taught you to it?!

- Yes, mother, learned! Excuse me.

- Hey, there, under a bed! - Lidiya Ivanovna, &ndash spoke in a bass; You heard that I speak about a bed to a wedding?

- Ugu! Slysal! Slysal! And completely I support your approach! - it was distributed skulezh from shelter to the mountain - the lover in reply.

- Wow! my approach! All right! I see that this guy is not silly. And it is always good for a male. You can meet! But to a wedding of any sex! Truncated?!

- the Moustache truncated! A mustache truncated! Truncated! - instantly reached from - under beds.

- I understood everything, mummy! - it is upset Ksenia confirmed words of mother.

Bondarenko - senior resolutely left the room of the daughter at the same time on a habit powerfully, with a strength of the weightlifter, having left in a huff. Under a bed from a fright the naked body of the student at once shuddered. Bondarenko - younger addressed an above-mentioned body:

- Get out, Olezhek! Olezhek! It left!

From shelter appeared at first one youthful leg, then another. With the eyes full of horror, on light the naked student, the fellow student of the hostess of the room - Oleg Besschastnykh got out. Puny, even more teenage, than male body, became covered by goosebumps. It covered man`s advantage with the shivering palms. The poor fellow kneelt and crept from half-meter on a soft oriental carpet to the beloved. Silence as the lock on lips, held down the student`s mouth. Breath at the fellow got off why the nose it abruptly involved room air with aroma of strawberry liqueur. Ksyusha ran a hand over the tousled hair of the unaccomplished lover, then more and more. She ironed Oleg and kept saying:

- Eh, Olezhka, Olezhk! I told you that at me for the mummy and what education she preaches, what principles! Said to you that better we would be engaged in it in storage of our library, in the most far corner. Nobody would disturb us there! For what to us subscriptions? And steps of any person in that storage are from far away heard! And you did not agree.

Besschastnykh stiffened a naked statue on a lap and obediently listened to the girl`s reasonings, preferring not to interrupt and keep silence.

- And you with the prejudices! - Ksenia, &ndash continued; Say, I cannot be engaged in it among works of great writers which portraits, allegedly, look at us from covers of books in storage. Said that to you the bed, heat is important. Human conditions. Easy alcohol to be liberated. Here it was also liberated that the speech power lost from a meeting with my mummy! Also you stand golenkiya, frozen, stunned on kolenochka! Poor you my, beaten off by a mighty hand of the weightlifter fallosik! Steel palms of the sportswoman crushed almost your atoms! Well! Go to me! I will embrace you bolezny!

the Student attracted to herself the head of the poor fellow and, without stopping ironing it on hair, continued tender lamentations.

In nine years Ksenia Bondarenko married attractive, clever and very wealthy businessman. He very estimated the fact that in the bride, and then in the wife, it got the innocent girl, very perspective in respect of science and without rich erotic experience. Itself being brought up in strict rules, it had all opportunities to receive a great number of women, but manuals very and very religious parents did not allow this handsome - to the man to hit in fornication. From the moment of a wedding Ksenia Bondarenko happily lives in marriage. They have with the husband three charming peanuts, two boys and one girl. Oleg Besschastnykh also married the tiny girl, a modest uchetchitsa of machine-tool factory. He is afraid of large women still. Having seen the impressive sizes and high growth the sportswoman or the woman, just powerful on a constitution, he instinctively covers to this day with a palm the causal place. And here adores the shchuplenky spouse and even composes small sonnets in her address.

Lidiya Ivanovna Bondarenko still teaches, goes on the dacha, digs in a kitchen garden, itself with ease drags wheelbarrows with manure for fertilizer of the soil of six hundred parts, itself qualitatively repairs fences, patches a roof and moves bricks for the calculation of a fringing of beds in the kitchen garden. No, and sometimes in the city apartment it wipes hands with talc and does several approaches to rather big bar why chandeliers at neighbors below begin to shake, and inhabitants of the lower apartment involuntarily press the heads in shoulders. But the weightlifter infrequently so the relations at neighbors normal disturbs residents from below thus. After now short sports occupations Lidiya Ivanovna likes to pass a liqueur glass - another of strawberry liqueur, inhaling its berry aroma. This liqueur was fallen in love also by the daughter Ksenia. In this question at mother and the daughter full coincidence in opinions is observed, and is more sincere.