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Whether people more conscious in the acts can become?

Yesterday incidentally saw this picture in banners and I cannot still calm down. Up to this point, of course, many times heard that animals are killed for the sake of fur coats, but for me it were some abstract proteins, foxes, minks And when saw this small unfortunate mug of a raccoon, in heart jammed.

Hands just fall to such moments (and recently they happen even more often), and you cease to see sense in the seeming such wonderful life. The person - such being who is at the same time both short-sighted, and far-sighted in the understanding of the world. Otherwise it is impossible to explain what occurs.

Human short-sightedness

People short-sighted because they, as a rule, do not see the general in private. We believe that it is single a perfect small act will not cause anything bad. We throw a paper ball on the sidewalk and we think that one small ball will spoil nothing in purity of the city. We throw out every day packages of various garbage, and us where it will arrive further worries a little. For New year we surely buy a live fir-tree because it is tradition. In the spring we see bouquets of snowdrops at the counter old woman, and we do not think of what in their woods remains less.

We think that specifically nothing depends on us because there is a lot of people in the world, and it is hardly possible to re-educate all of them. We buy to the beloved a fur coat, and we are not touched by statements of defenders of the nature that for the sake of one fur coat several animals are killed. And, of course, for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner we eat chicken, pork and beef. Because we so got used.

I, for example, calmed myself the fact that cows and pigs do not understand that they will be killed for the sake of meat. One person working at meat-processing plant told me that cows who are brought on a slaughter do not want to leave trailers because they feel . Yes, they feel a smell of death and know that they will die because they hear shouts of the fellows who are already killed with

Human far-sightedness

by People not only short-sighted, but also far-sighted because cannot see generally private. Every day we hear in report news in which it is reported a death toll and wounded. Sometimes it are very large numbers, for example, at an earthquake. Also report to us about a huge number of homeless children and orphans. But we turn to all this a deaf ear because it is the general . And to us it is close to private . One own child is dearer us than one million orphans. One relative who broke a leg causes in us more compassion, than thousands of people who died as a result of a tsunami. We are deaf to large numbers because at everyone the life, and in it is enough problems. And until the problem concerns us personally, it will not interest us. I, maybe, speak rigidly, but actually so it also is.

In that case where we go? How to make so that our acts were more conscious? I think that it is necessary to try to see the general and private in a complex, to draw conclusions from the most insignificant things and events. Trifles in this life do not happen. Every time when we make a small act, we will try to present that at this moment it is made by one million more people. Million people throw a candy wrapper from candy by a ballot box. Million people cut down one million fir-trees, one million people tear snowdrops...

When we hear the general facts, for example, for the sake of one fur coat 30 - 40 raccoons " are killed; let`s present a mug of this little raccoon. Whether it will want to wear then to us a fur coat?