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Sunflower seeds for lunch? In soups for every taste...

Soups with sunflower seeds are, of course, something like the well-known food from the axe, i.e. one sunflower seeds not to cost us. But we will not be greedy as the heroine of the famous fairy tale which was bought on the promise of the soldier to feed her with exotic soup, huh? we Will be generous so as far as refrigerator contents, as well as a purse will allow.

Pumpkin soup. At first we will bake in the oven warmed to 190 degrees, sunflower sunflower seeds (according to the recipe of 25 g, but I put more) - it will occupy minutes six, - before acquisition of golden color by them.

Having cut off top small nut pumpkin batternat, we put it on a baking sheet instead of the baked sunflower seeds, we put a ten-gram piece of butter on pulp and we leave in an oven for 45 minutes. During this time pumpkin has to to pomyagchet . When it happens, we take out pulp and we choose from it sunflower seeds (if hunting to potter, them it is possible, having cleared, to use in the same soup).

Now we put a pan on average fire, having put 15 more g of butter on a bottom, and we fry in it the cut bulb, then we pour out liter of hot vegetable or chicken broth, the pumpkin pulp and one small potato cut on small cubes there. Under a cover it is brought to boiling and we cook 15 minutes.

Gourmets can shake up still after that weight in the blender and back send to a pan. Everything that it was necessary - to add 140 g of ten-percentage cream, to salt, add favourite seasonings and to give to a table.

It is possible to add garlic to the basic recipe to taste, grated firm cheese (100 g), a tablespoon of croutons, greens. And if to dream up, then from the pumpkin, having taken out contents, it is possible to build a pot, having steamed it in an oven of minute three; to extinguish other ingredients on a plate, and then to give in a pumpkin pot, on pleasure and surprise to messmates. By the way, at will it is possible instead of creamy to use vegetable oil, then the excellent fast dish will turn out.

Zucchini soup. If you prepare the trial recipe for two, then one onion - shallot, one garlic glove, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, salt and pepper (but only white), and also a glass of dry white wine, 125 ml of vegetable broth, 2 tablespoons of pumpkin sunflower seeds and as much - whipped cream is required all steam of small vegetable marrows.

Onions and garlic is small cut and we fry in vegetable oil. We add a zucchini mug, we fry, we salt and we pepper. We fill in frying pan contents with the warmed broth in which wine is poured, we weary under covers of 15 minutes. And meanwhile we fry sunflower seeds and we add to soup. In the last turn we put cream and it is carefully stirred. Everything, it is possible to remove test!.

Beetroot soup. the Bulb small to cut and fry in a stewpan. on creamy or vegetable oil. To add to it cut on cubes 300 - gram beet, a pinch of a ground carnation and as much some ground juniper berries, bay leaf. It is careful to pour 2 tablespoons of starch.

When mix will be reddened, to pour in 750 ml of hot vegetable broth and to bring to boiling, stirring slowly, and then to cook under a cover of 15 minutes on slow fire, without forgetting to stir slowly from time to time. During this time it is possible to manage to chop parsley (to taste) and to fry sunflower sunflower seeds (2 tablespoons). Then to add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to soup and to check readiness, without having forgotten to salt to taste. When giving to strew beetroot soup in each portion plate with parsley and sunflower seeds, to fill with sour cream.

By the way, too it is possible to add sunflower seeds to Russian cabbage soup or any other vegetable soup either pumpkin, or sunflower, or sesame, or mix from them. There is a lot of options: to fry, throw crude or previously having passed via the meat grinder.

Cookery - such area where not to do without own creativity in any way, - so check flight altitude of the imagination on sunflower seeds!

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