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What the website - the business card from Chi can be useful. mp?

The longer than people use the Network, the stronger acquires various resources. E-mail, services of instant messages, sections on various the blog - services, the personal websites and so on.

It is very convenient to have also a resource - the business card, the aggregator where it is possible to place all contact information at once, and if necessary - headline news. Some kind of electronic business card.

On April 1, 2009 (and it was not draw) the service of free registration of the websites - business cards in domains of the second level in a zone opened. mp (national domain of the Northern Mariana Islands). Opened how it is told on the website of service, mp ( chimp - chimpanzee in English), free service of representation in the Network.

What the similar website - the business card can appear useful ?

the short, easily memorable domain name of the second level;

the e-mail address in again created domain with transfer on any of the addresses which are available for you;

an opportunity to specify a set of various personal network resources and physical contact information;

an opportunity to adjust transfer of contacts and records from network resources;

an opportunity to create different profiles for different groups of contacts;

an opportunity to use again received website as the OpenId identifier.

And it is not all functionality of the website - the business card in a zone. mp. But, undoubtedly, to already listed the explanation is required.

The short domain name and a possibility of creation of different profiles for different groups of people in your telephone book are very convenient: you can report one data (e-mail addresses, phones etc.) for friends, others - for colleagues, the third - for all other world. Also you can add new profiles if necessary.

Import of records from other resources providing a conclusion of data in the RSS format will allow to tell visitors of your website - business cards all news which you will consider pertinent.

OpenID is a technology of authentication which relieves you of need to create a set of names and passwords on various network resources. If the website supports authentication on OpenID (and such websites become more and more), you can use the address of your website - the business card of century of mp as a universal key for an entrance on such resources. At the same time you should not enter a name and the password from the business card on the foreign websites. OpenID is used by electronic shops and the blog - services, it is simpler and simpler to provide it on the author`s websites, and the main thing - it relieves of need to think out and to periodically change a set of passwords.

For using service of microblogging Twitter there is an opportunity to adjust broadcast of the records in a news feed on the website - the business card.

Besides, you will have a tool for blogging on the website - the business card (probably, nobody can already do without similar services), and also for storage and placement of photo albums. Restrictions for the size provided under blogs and photo albums of resources explicitly are not specified.

Certainly, it should be noted that as all free types of resources, this service of representation in the Network is offered to you without any guarantees. Unfortunately, at the moment user Chi interface. mp exists only in English, but it does not prevent you to enter data on the website in any language at your choice.