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How many it is necessary to collect information to begin to earn on the Internet?

You speak Less. do


of the Word will show your mind,

but actions - your importance.
Benjamin Franklin

forced to Write to

me this article, just compelled very sad case. For me sad, naturally. I wrote the book " recently; How to make the blog which brings money . Tried as it is possible to paint in more detail ways of monetization where the blogger does not invest in extraction money of anything, except the time and ideas. And receives for it money. By the way, the book is distributed for free too. Well just take and do!

Annosiroval the book in two weeks prior to the official presentation collected enough (several hundreds) applications. The presentation took place, I distributed the book with the offer of the help if something is impossible. Sent. I wait. Silence Several letters with gratitude came. Pleasantly, of course, but I waited not for it at all. I distribute once again letters: Tell whether you downloaded my book. If is not present why. That it is impossible in what difficulty . Answers came. And so, majority, percent of 90 answers approximately are as follows: Yes, it is interesting, esteemed, but I now only collect information as I will begin the Internet - business then...

90%!!! And after that people say what on the Internet cannot be earned! And, at many from sent me such answers, I think, the blog already is.

You watch how many it is executed preliminary actions:

1. information on the book is found;

2. the application is sent;

3. the book is downloaded from a file hosting service,

4. after obtaining my letter the answer is written and sent to

A in order that to hang up the advertizing on the blog it is necessary to make the following actions:

1. to click the link in the book;

2. to fill in registration information;

3. to fill in the description of the blog;

4. to receive a code and to post it on the website.

You see a difference? Is not present? I do not see it too. Actions absolutely as much how many it is already executed. It was just necessary to take and make. In the book pictures are placed, everything is told very in detail, and if something is impossible I I ask, Well what difficulties, answer, pancake!

I collect information... - sounds of course, abruptly. Only, I think and it confirms my experience practically for 100%, these people never to decide to make something. They will ask stupid questions at forums, to ache that cannot be earned on the Internet and to complain of destiny. And nothing will be done. Or absolutely, or will throw at the first difficulties!

And that is interesting, the amount of information, collected at such people often is huge. I use archive of one my acquaintance which is simply mad about information search of the " type; how to earn one million . Only on search, but not on practical actions. I Envy you, Mikh. Here at you everything turns out, and I here So, Serega, I will help give what it is impossible? You can predict the Answer with probability practically for 100% now!

Well Bravo`s

!!! From the first guessed!

the Answer standard for such peculiar idlers: I collect information Where already to bring together her!?

I do not know why, but I had an association such - life is a theater The majority - the audience, wait that to them now will show and only a little bit actors which operates attention, to emotions and action of these audience . And life as always - is fair! The audience pays, and actors receive money. There are actors in periodic roles, there are stars like Shvartsnegger, the rowing millions, but the sense from it does not change. You want to receive money - become the actor! Step on the stage. Immediately.

Actually any Internet user already has enough knowledge and skills to earn money from the very first day. It is only necessary to decide. To believe that you can begin. Yes, it is terrible, unusual (there is no experience) and what people will tell .

Yes to spit that will be told by people!

To hell all! Undertake and do! Sir Richard Branson knows that he speaks. Without having left even secondary school, this person came very close to the accession to club of billionaires today. On studying of the new direction of business, and also operated from university to construction company, at it left from a week to two months. The Virgin brand uniting several tens various businesses: - both the railway companies and even own radio station it promoted shops selling musical disks, an avia for several months. You look, it is not necessary to study, for example, five years at construction institute and then some more years to acquire practice. It is necessary to plunge only on a month two into business. Excitedly, enthusiasm, passion.

And so and the answer to the question asked in article heading: How many it is necessary to collect information to begin to earn on the Internet? - at all.

illness Medicine I collect information very simple.

To hell all! Undertake and do! (c) Richard Branson