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What dances call dirty?

What symbolizes any pair dance? Of course, relations between the man and woman, whether it be shy love, romantic courtings or ardent passion. Somewhere expression came across: dance is a sex in which it is not a shame to be engaged in public . It is a shame or is not a shame - each couple defines for itself, moderately the abilities and the relaxedness. Nevertheless, at all times there were public morals thanks to which in choreography and the whole direction - dirty dances appeared.

They say that one of the first the Vienna waltz received such assessment. And the certain French nobleman who dared to show to the high society as it needs to be danced, passed for the great profligate at once. And only put hands to the lady on a waist and turned round and round with it on the hall. The tango and a jive, salsa and hastl, a mamba, lambada - where without it once were considered indecent.

In Colombia relatively very juicy dance under the name " became fashionable recently; perchyero that in translation means hanger . Persons interested to warm up under its rhythms have to take off at first from themselves all clothes and hang up it on a hanger then can safely come to a dance floor. Perchyero enjoys wild popularity at youth, but is executed only at the closed parties so far. For dancings under hangers in public places it is possible and to ring out in police.

This fashion, thank God, did not come to Europe yet, and dirty here so far call the dances constructed on the frivolous movements: pachanga, kumbiya of a bolero, Calypso and many others.

Professional choreographers watch at dirty dances a little from a different angle. For them the term dirty means not so much immoral how many not having an accurate formula . I will try to explain.

Standard dance is executed in certain own rhythm. In it all movements are in advance predictable, it can be executed and across music, and without music in general. Dirty dance of own rhythm has no and submits to a melody rhythm. And as it can be any, the rhythm of the movement of dancers constantly changes. Though, as well as in any other dance, here synchronism of movements of the partner and partner remains the main requirement. It is important to feel music, to catch all its nuances. Directly, as Tanya Ovsiyenko once sang: I want to understand where music conducts us . By the way, there is one more name for dances of this type - of free - dance .

An indispensable element of any dirty dance - a touch. Except that hands adjoin, it is not forbidden to run slightly fingers over the partner`s hair, an ear, a cheek, a neck, shoulders, a stomach, hips. It is possible to nestle a face or the head on a neck, shoulders, the partner`s breast, it is possible to touch by hips of a bottom of his stomach. Also access to erogenous zones is allowed, and here to what - depends on the fact that the partner is ready to allow you. Kisses are not welcomed. Sometimes finish with a kiss dance, but in general it is regarded as unevenness manifestation.

It is considered that during dirty dances at partners under the influence of music and unpredictable rhythms the consciousness changes. The woman in an attack of ecstasy and excitement in general is capable to lose the head. But than it is more pliable in the gentleman`s hands, the more tremblingly merges with him in a single whole, the more magnificent couple looks. If the partner (as a rule, it happens to partners seldom) feels is held down, keeps thinking of that, what will be told by people - everything will be valid more similar to trite advances.

Dirty dances join in training programs of many dans now - clubs. But this subject - not for beginners in choreography. It is necessary to have behind shoulders at least good ball school. Dirty dance - at all not a prelude to sex, and aerobatics of choreographic skill. He demands from performers of perfect possession of the body and ability to subordinate him to the feelings. And only then it turns into gripping show - fine as the flower which broke through from - under thicknesses of roadside dirt.