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How to enter into the new company or What to do when you are irritated by your environment?

quite often meet Presently a such problem. Sometimes in life there are inexplicable changes, and then the person understands that those people who surround him - absolutely not that it is necessary for it.

There is a certain list of actions which can be applied in this case.

For a start needs to understand whom you want to see near yourself. Be it clever, widely-read, literary, musical people. No matter. Put before yourself that image which to you to liking.

In the first day take the initiative. Make the action plan. Try to spend less time with the old acquaintances who are less pleasant to you. Replace the place where you spent before a free time, otherwise it will direct at you unpleasant memoirs, and associations. Choose something new where you were not earlier.

Look narrowly at colleagues at work, or at schoolmates at school. Perhaps, among them there are also those which divide your interests, and are pleasant interlocutors. New people - it is always interesting, it as if the unread book. Try to find with them contact, to interest them, to show that you have a mass of common interests.

Parallel to communication with new faces, try, to learn as much as possible about them on the party. Opinions can be different, but nevertheless you will know as well as to whom to talk on certain subjects. Also you hold a distance, and do not collect a gossip. Keep the own opinion opinion.

The next days you just have to spend with your new acquaintances more time, sees them more often. When the person nearby, he can prove to be in business, but not in words. And when they where - or invite you - do not refuse. It means, you interested them, and they want to learn about you more. But also do not leave alone! At any opportunity try to spend time near the new company.

Be persistent, but are not importunate, otherwise you can frighten off them. Behave so that to seem the confident, serious person. But be not overzealous, and first of all remain yourself.

Most it is important, to be interested. Every day ask, how them affairs as mood. Your interest will show your not indifference, and will bring your relations to absolutely new level to which also the feeling of trust from the new person will be added. When business reaches informal conversation, try to say less, give the chance to express to your interlocutor. You do not press on it. And at the end of conversation try to give sincerely exact, right and reliable advice.

Try to show politeness, to give any help. The friend is always learned in trouble.

your meetings can experience After a while the relation of those people with whom you began to communicate. Exactly in one and a half weeks everything will fall into place, and it will be accurately visible who and as treats you. And here, later even same time, you in the new company. The, accepted person.

As you can see, it is absolutely simple.

be not afraid to change yourself, and the people around!

It how many it is not terrible, and very much is even healthy!