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Literary penthouse of Vladislav Kotovtsev. “ The Saga about a dash of madness “ (chapter 5) of

a chapter 5


became nine again. Seven if to subtract to Katk with Yaroslava. Applicable to much - happy number. To line for a polyethylene film for susaninsky greenhouses - too. To everyone to stand on an hour - foolish business.

Stop. It already at all not on - ashramsk. There is not an agricultural commune, but monastery of spirit. Unless language with small steps in a human crowd under infinite " will turn to suggest the guru to move ahead; will be enough - will not be enough “? Or to drive into turn mother Lida, advancing a kupchinsky starushnik on a spiritual way three hours? And who will risk to throw Victor into the crossing of aggressive human fields?

Causal Tanka disappeared too. They with Garik since the morning went in for creative power of aura. Sounded very intriguingly, but the guru told:

- For you it is still esoteric.

And none of inhabitants of an ashram climbed with questions. Phone and a call switched off, and all passed by the big room on tiptoe.

The boy Yura performed work necessary to a brotherhood too. It drew the scheme of Seven Plans of Consciousness. All were engaged in business, and Fayke with Tanka - the cook was necessary to be engaged in turn. They changed everyone an hour and a half. In the watch Fayka tried to expand consciousness on all zmeyashchuyusya crowd and to like to it all-consuming love. Expansion still worked well, but here about love was hardly.

The ocheryodsky polzuchka did not weigh Tanka at all. Yesterday Garik cemented its spiritual crack surprising idea. Before, before creation of a brotherhood, it was still possible to suffer which - as otstukanny treatises on east philosophy and biographies of great gurus. It was possible to be reconciled with the folders which swelled from sheets and to long remember who to whom and that allowed to read. Now they need the real library with the catalog and forms. Accurate covers which one type has to call to knowledge Boundless are necessary.

Tanka would have enough also it, but the guru moved further. In its standard kooperativka he planned, besides library, to create the House of Conversations. Around there are a lot of people who should tell the first word and to outline the direction. They are hundreds, and can - thousands. Fighting and suffering, getting into labyrinths and deadlocks when long ago exists such straight line, a clear way.

The aunt standing ahead tastefully chewed pie from the next cookery. Pie also tastefully gave the fused fat, but the smell did not reach Tankiny nostrils. Behind it methodically smoked the oval " cigarettes; Arrow “ but also it somewhere is far, in the outside world. Tanka entirely stayed in the House of Conversations.

… Late evening. The last of heard the first word left, and it, having cleaned after guests, sits and writes reminders to forgetful readers. “ Dear brother! (or Dear sister!) We sincerely hope that taken by you (the name of the book followed here) made you prosvetlenny and are richer with spirit. But the same wealth is necessary also for many other. Therefore … “ Tanka persistently struggled with an ending, however steadily threw it into stamped officialese: “ … we ask to return the books detained by you immediately. In case of not return … “ Tanka screwed up the face and again rewound the mental video on the beginning … Late evening …

- Where to you is so much? - the shop assistant wound off the last, seventieth meter of a film.

- I Like to dig in the earth, - having radiantly smiled, Fayka answered.

If is honest, then in the earth it did not dig ever since as lost interest in a sand Kulichiki.

Work with creative power of aura could be continued. Just in case Fayka very quietly opened a door and carefully brought a roll with a film.

In the small room spoke by phone. Fayka listened and did not believe the ears. Really Victor?

- you Think, he really talks?

Garik arose in a corridor suddenly as if through a wall passed. In a voice of the guru the grief was felt.

is - short-term superficial remission of consciousness. Here even not all consciousness works, but small part. Sat near phone. Vdarilo. Grabbed a tube, took three - four figures. It is not its manner to speak. That Victor … then, to Shambhala … he absolutely not so talked.

Remission really was short-term. When Fayka came into the room, everything came to an end. Victor was amused a wire, stretching black rings in the manner of an expander.

- What cord, - giggling, he reported.

To Faykiny consciousness there was something strange. Perhaps it is called remission on the contrary or as - nibud still. Fayke had no time for terms. It was hlestanut suddenly by a question: but whether Garik lies? Behind it another: what do all these people do in its apartment? With the third question Fayka jumped out on kitchen.

- Tan, does not seem to you that we with you are used? How servants?

Tanka is the cook and rang out down. From the House of Conversations, from the tops of a rack where it carefully placed volumes “ Upanishad “. Shook off, rubbed knees and scaredly stared at Fayka.

- Fayechka and you that? Perhaps in turn was tired? You want to eat?

At Fayka shoulders for some reason shivered. Tanka embraced her, but to put did not kneel, not that option. It just ironed Fayka on the head.

- I do not know how on - to their, on - Hindu, and my grandma delusion called it. Will fly, told, on the person besyyo a miscellaneous and let`s tempt. Be not given them, Fayechka. Very much keep.

And Fayka went to keep very much. Besogonny to it the same served “ Gleam Boundless “ Sri Krishnaradzha.

“ Once to me the person came and declared that about a month stayed in an ashram and is absolutely disappointed. “I waited for serious spirituality, but the guru ordered to sweep to me the yard and did not wish to answer my questions. Whether it was worth going to India to be engaged in day work?“ I answered this disappointed European: “Beware of gurus who in the first day will give you dedication and on the second will begin to state depths of allegedly secret knowledge“. He did not believe and left even more disappointed. Now I tell the same words to you … “