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Female logic: how about it not to stumble?

- And to whom else?! - someone from readers will be surprised.

- As it to whom? - also I will be surprised in reply, - to men. To be convinced of it, it is necessary to abstract from the given dictionary definition and to consider the point of view according to which the female logic , unlike logic in general, is probabilistic.

By the way, in folklore similar view is noted to conclusions of scientists. For example, in the following joke. The man and the woman are asked what probability that he / she, having gone outside, will meet a dinosaur.

The man begins to count and, at last, issues the version: Taking into account all possible factors - zero whole three trillionth . The woman answers immediately: Fifty on fifty . Why? - speak to it. Very simply: either I will meet, or I will not meet .

But we will return to a question of how manage to pick up female logic representatives of a strong half of mankind. You see they with it are born. Everything depends on structure 23 - y couples of chromosomes. Statistically, the corresponding combination of components is granted by parents to every five-hundredth of newborn boys, and requisitioned at each three-thousandth newborn girl. So, quantitative advantage nevertheless for women.

But in what an essence of this mysterious way of thinking? And you remember that it was already mentioned prevalence of white substance in a brain, so to speak, ladies`, and gray - in man`s. This white also allows quickly - quickly at all not linearly to scroll a set of options of succession of events in the head, without explaining sequence (we will smile: and how to explain what is not present!) and giving out on the mountain only result.

Besides at this florid chain of conclusions there is such huge number of links which sense - in details, details and trifles on which the owner of usual logic and attention - that will not turn, and especially will not want to understand.

Having become stupid from it is unknown from where the undertaken conclusions which are not supported with syllogisms and so forth the person conceiving, so to speak, as a real man, just rejects them, than very offends the interlocutor who actually did enormous mental work.

And what as a result? As at the poet: We speak the " different languages again; And still, nevertheless, nevertheless - it is possible to find the general. And the first step to it is recognition of features of thinking of men and women. If He speaks yes - that it means a consent, and is not present - refusal (which, however, can be full or partial, but it is already subtleties). In her lips everything can be both so, and absolutely on the contrary.

And if She complains that she, apparently, put on weight a little, then almost for certain it means desire to receive in reply a compliment or at least attempt to dissuade itself from it. Well that It is necessary to tell the tender word, eventually?!

On the other hand, and It does not prevent to recognize that, telling one to hear another, it is necessary though somehow to otsemaforit the desire, differently It is absolutely sincere, without any ulterior motive will support the stated judgment.

Means, the most important - attentiveness to each other. Of course, it not the only thing that should be considered. Here some more postulates marking specifics of female logic in its most unpleasant form (and concerning pleasant unless it is worth continuing?.) .

1. If I told and did not receive objection, my application is accepted and approved. The skorostrelny equipment of a vypalivaniye of in a row machine gun fire of statements is based on it (something yes will pass, - so ). And, above all, if the end is put to conversation by me, so I won.

2. I have the right not only to disprove each statement stated to others, but also just to reject it. I do not accept, and all here. Favourite signals of rejection: So what? It - is important?! etc.

3. Give to me an example of what you speak about, and it will be an exception of the rule. I will prove in no time. Here if I begin to give examples is quite another matter. Ha! I and will be have enough one example: I will begin to repeat it after each objection, turning other side. I will look how you will be started turning a spinning top!

4. Any doubts, any nuances Well, that is I will present them if it is necessary. And objections against my judgments can only be black - white. Here so I will also paint them: admire.

5. Yes that you, really! You repeat about something P - time - and conversation changes the course (a subject, a subject, etc.) though we with you also did not notice it. It is necessary as interestingly it turned out!

6. On one your argument I have dozen. I to you spread them in a row: turn, catch, beat off. What, you cannot? It is not necessary.

7. What you told, it either approaches, or does not approach what I trust in. Fast I remove a merochka, and right there I give a verdict. And further, however you tried to convince me - I do not let go a measure standard. And all. That will do.

And what should be meant at a meeting with relentless man`s logic?

It, of course, art - to meet requirements of her. And as a barrier on the way to its development serves the hackneyed phrase expressing thought: It is absolutely impossible to talk To it! .

In - the first, the word it is perfect and is impossible , used one after another is a lexical eclecticism. In - the second, it is the receipt in helplessness as after the similar statement new attempts to speak, as a rule, follow, and it is addressed more often not to the interlocutor, and those from whom try to create support group i.e. intention to create the additional pressure upon the staunch adherent of nonfeminine logic is available.

But how to come to mutual understanding? Certainly, hoping for neposyagayemy honor and the infallible right of the man to independently make a concrete crucial decision. Who will tell that it is manipulation, that let will eat the tie.

Unless the man does not need feeling of the importance, not only internal, but also recognized as an environment? Unless will not give it to it keenness from which that part of this environment which is found in coordinates of female logic will feel comfortably and will answer with keenness?

Certainly, it will occur... at best. And who does not want the best?!