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How many lives Nikolay Sklifosovsky saved? Hera Miloserdiya of

Once in 1855 - the m to year at Department of surgery of the Moscow university, during the first operation, fainted the student. Who could know then that this student in the future will perform tens of thousands of operations, rescuing people, restoring them to life? It was the first operation of great Sklifosovsky.

the surgeon`s Birth

Nikolay Vasilyevich Sklifosovsky was born

on April 6, 1836 on the farm near Dubossar of the Kherson province (nowadays - in Transnistria) the ninth child from twelve in a poor noble family of the petty official. The salary of his father, a pismovoditel of quarantine office, was hardly enough for livelihood.

When in the person is born his way? When the way of mercy is born in it? In dirty remote Dubossarakh of the childhood where epidemics where from 178 newborns, statistically, died 100 where an arbitrariness of local authorities and national poverty reigned continually flashed? Example of the father participating in fight against cholera? Stories of visiting Russian medical officers?

Anyway, but Nikolay Sklifosovsky made the vital choice - to be a doctor. After the termination of the Odessa gymnasium in 1854 - m to year he goes to the Moscow university, on state contents where is defined finally in profession of the surgeon.

Learning truth

the Second half 19 - go centuries. A gold era of opening in surgery. Kolumba of disinfecting and an anesthesia made revolution in medicine. The antiseptics and an asepsis liquidated huge (80%) postoperative mortality, and the anesthesia relieved patients of devil torments at operations.

Nikolay Sklifosovsky brilliantly graduated from the university and, after few years the territorial doctor, headed surgical office of the Odessa hospital. Great honor for the young doctor! In works and doctrines Sklifosovsky protects in Kharkiv, in 1863, the doctoral dissertation.

Years of the doctrine - years of wanderings. 1866 - 1868. Europe. Training at surgery stars: in Germany - Lengerbek and Virkhov; in France - Nepaton; in Scotland - Simpson, the first the applied chloroform for the general anesthesia, and also an anesthesia at childbirth.

Are blissful mercy


- the field surgery fascinates Sklifosovsky. He accumulates invaluable experience in fighting conditions on avstro - Prussian war of 1866, then free - Prussian 1870 - go, slavyano - Turkish 1876 - go. In 1877 Nikolay Sklifosovsky goes the volunteer on russko - the Turkish war.

Wuthering Balkan Heights and crossings, legendary Plevna and Shipka. Glory of the Russian weapon! Glory of the Russian surgery! There is an unprecedented fight for Plevna. Bashibuzuki Osman - pashas die in the last ditch. Wounded are brought on closed sleighs, brought on a stretcher. Women - volunteers of the Russian Red Cross under supervision of Sklifosovsky slave away. And he armed with a lancet with concentration makes the verified movements. Dissects, stops a wound a silk cord and sews up.

I so day and night, day and night! Happens, as under firing Someone tried to count how many passed wounded through Nikolay Sklifosovsky`s hands near Plevna. Left - about ten thousand.

the Russian lock

Professor Sklifosovsky leaves behind the most valuable scientific works on voyenno - field surgery and its general organization. One of the first it applied hot disinfecting of tools. He invented surgical connection of joints, so-called Russian " lock; or Sklifosovsky`s lock .

Contemporaries were surprised modesty of this impressive general, professor, the dean of the Moscow university. He worked not for the sake of glory, for the sake of life on the earth . On the 60 - summer anniversary he did not want any magnificent celebrations and celebrations. And - that had glory All-Russian and world. Only one telegrams four hundred were received from infinitely grateful people rescued by it.

Tells such case about Sklifosovsky`s authority. When scientists are physicians on anniversary of the great surgeon Pirogov N. I. submitted the application on establishment to it a monument and were refused, the personal request of Sklifosovsky to Nicholas II was granted. So in Russia the first monument to the scientist appeared.

Works of the patriarch of the Russian surgery on the organization of clinics are huge. The best-known - a complex of buildings of the Moscow university on the Maiden field.

B 1900 - m of the patriarch of surgery struck a brain stroke. He moved to the manor near Poltava, at Vorskla. And there, in 1904, died.

How many Sklifosovsky rescued people? Unless you will count it? Unless you will consider pain, blood and tears rescued by it? Unless to measure merciful works of the surgeon?