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What tells color of clothes about?

Ability to see the world in different flowers - surprising gift. And information which is born by color undoubtedly, is very important. For example, we can determine by color of wild strawberry, ripe it or not.

In the world a set of shades. True colors in our understanding in the nature do not happen. Professionals distinguish up to 40 shades only of black color. Let`s understand that tells the color preferred in clothes about the person.

Red color

Is considered

in the most sexual color. The love to red says also that you are persons purposeful, sometimes even aggressive. You got used to stop at nothing and in clothes are ready for the most courageous experiments. As a rule, you try to obtain what you aspire to, and it is difficult to resist to you. Color of passion. It usually attracts people strong-willed, imperious. However it is inherent also in quick-tempered, sociable types. People in whom this color causes irritation - true and stable in the relations, but at them are an inferiority complex, they are afraid of quarrels and are inclined to a privacy.

Blue color

your smile is a rarity. It is very difficult to gain of you the confidence, only those who passed a trial period are capable of it or even proved the friendship time. In clothes you the supporter of classics. If blue prevails in your clothes thanks to love to jeans, then it characterizes you as person practical and loving comfort - excellent quality. The blue color is deeper, the stronger he calls the person in infinity, awakes in it aspiration to pure and, at last, to supernatural (V. Kandinsky). Coming nearer to black, he gets a shade of inhuman grief.

White color

you nature romantic. You do not suffer lie, you do not forgive treacheries. If in your clothes it is more white, then you are fanatically accurate or the superspecialist in spots. Ideal color, color of dream. It pushes away nobody, but also does not bear information - the person with any warehouse of character can give it preference.

Violet color

On the one hand, this color gives solemnity, and with another - installs melancholy and grief. Lilac shades can designate the hidden aggression, and light-lilac weaken and calm. The main thing - not to go too far in this remarkable color. These people are rational, seek to control the sensitivity and are severe. By the way, by experiment it was proved that 75% of children before puberty prefer violet color. It is connected with the fact that this color represents mix of red and blue color, that is female and a machismo.

Pink color

Seems to

, you still love dolls. If pink in your clothes there is a lot of, then, seemingly, you try to prolong the childhood and to hide from problems behind a naivety mask. You constantly need the person near whom it would be quiet and informidable.

Green color

For most of people your soul - the true darkness, but this mysteriousness is also the main reason of your charm so try not to lose it. The love to evergreen speaks also - usually you know that you cannot be tormented with doubts what you want, and questions from the " series; What to do? What to put on? for you a rarity.

Yellow color

you quiet, friendly and cheerful person. Moreover and with sense of humour. Probably, therefore this color paint madhouse walls. Yellow color - color of a discharge. The preference of yellow color the rest means searches of the release bearing happiness because that is absent. Yellow is chosen by people who look for the changed, releasing relations to discharge in the expected way the increased excitement and to have an opportunity to reveal, reach the desirable.

Love to this color says Blue color to

that your representations are a little overestimated, and you are quite often too exacting to people around. You quite cruelly adhere to the principles, but that who surrounds you, it is not always pleasant - reflect.

Love to brown says Brown color to

that you got used to do everything properly. You try not to hurry anywhere - today this rare quality. In selection of clothes you are rather strict, and your recipe of good mood - close friends and a favourite sofa.

Grey color

you are upset that remember you only when to someone it is bad. But already is what to take care to the person with it of - that inner world and imagination. At the first look it is clear at once that you the interesting personality. In clothes there is the style, but you do not pursue fashion.

Black color

Colour of luxury and elegance. In clothes of black color it is always possible to look fantastically. It demonstrates that you have many secrets which you do not hurry to share. And here about those who strong got used to an image eternal widow psychologists say that they have a permanent depression and discontent with.

You should not think that each of us is doomed to love the one and only color. Our color addictions depend on much - from age, mood, a season, weather, health, from changes in our character, from fashion, at last. But all - many would like to know own deep color.