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Unexpected resolution of conflict in the Middle East?

Unexpected resolution of conflict in the Middle East?

Some unusual messages install optimism for pleasure. But I do not hurry to trust in a real position of an abrupt change. Everything speaks for: establishment of the peace, benevolent relations between our neighbors. Family: by origin. There will be enough hostility!

Appears, the compromise and pressure go from several parties at once - for rapprochement. And except good will huge money is involved. Everything together speaks about a possibility of implementation of this comprehensive plan. No, I do not trust! But it so!

In that comprehensive plan are allocated the directions:

A. Gosudarstvenno - economic property. Familiarizing of our neighbors with creative activity. There cannot be more abruptly a turn!

1. for this purpose the different countries and the public directions invest cash on creation on this small the patch of technical base on oil refining and gas.

2. the oil found near coast and a gas-bearing layer in sector of Gaza will allow to carry out very profitable production on the basis of local resources. And for many decades ahead.

3. in addition to this technological complex will create the second with similar production - on the basis of petro - gas raw materials of the Kurdish Iraq. The complex problem, but many factors influence for implementation of this undertaking. Want to suspend the national movement of the small people (their several millions) - to counteract a tendency to independence and office.

4. petro - gas raw materials from this perspective area will begin to arrive on an angular shtrek. Are forced to build huge intermediate petro - gas storages but ways of deliveries of raw materials.

5. the peace depriving of natural resources will receive legal justification in the UN - by means of existing American voting machines - the mechanical majority of votes is guaranteed to the plan.

6. attract several authoritative modes from the countries to the solution of this project non-aligned, structure of the former colonial and dependent countries. Them banana " modes; will be help for emergence of positive public opinion.

7. Israel brings the contribution in the general stream of the project. The contribution of Israel passes across the line of finance, organizational activity, participation of experts, businessmen and intermediaries. Politicians will not avoid the project.

8. very essential role will be brought by rich clans from the Israeli Arabs.

B. Truditsya at both created enterprises will become those Palestinians from refugee camps from the adjacent states. They will be well technically prepared - will enter into working positions. To them young, vigorous local Arabs - not committed at the gene level will join aggression and destructions.

1. two new settlements - the cities will construct in the course of construction restoration of Gaza. With all modern infrastructure and turistsko - the improving direction.

2. all this includes in the general plan of anti-recessionary actions of global property.

3. interest of the different countries, the people and financially - industrial circles in this extremely profitable action will allow to carry out the grandiose plan in rather short and real terms.

4. industrial garden cities will play an improving role of global scale in the desert. And in this sense promise new torgovo - tourist profits for a great number of inquisitive people - are interested in productive rest and improvement.

B. The solution of international and political goals enter useful branch in sense of improvement of the modern world and, on too - opportunities, the peace solution of the stagnant conflict direction.

1. will expand powers and functions so-called Palestinian Authority to level real, it is useful active, whenever possible peace.

2. find alternative application for fighters of Hamas - transfer them to protection of objects and vast ways of receipt of raw materials.

3. protection of industrial dredging and delivery petro - gas-bearing raw materials from the northern provinces of Iraq is very problematic. Aggressive Palestinians are capable to protect courageously become them national wealth petro - gas-raw materials.

4. the part of the help with UN channels allocated constantly will be transferred to the global project - at a consent of small part coming back to useful activity Palestinians .

G. Natsionalno - a political motion Palestinian Arabs to the center, possible loss of influence, even defeat of fanatically adjusted Islamic fundamentalists.

D. An important role in the last link of an event the last meeting arabsko - the Muslim countries, inclusion of the American diplomacy and a silent position of Russia was.

E. Secret methods of diplomatic work remain - play the important role in the interstate relations.