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How the kind reputation can help with life?

Reputation - a magic key to a door behind which something material hid and tangible, so necessary to the person (thought of the author of article) the Quote of article was formed by

somehow in itself when once again I reflected on reputation of the personality, life of society and the certain person, on their interconnection and a role. Life provides us a set of ways and means, using which we can achieve goals. Some kind of keys and passwords of access from thick and impenetrable doors behind which something long-awaited hides. To take away them from someone it will not turn out, each person cracks the code or forges this unusual key independently, relying on the life experience, skill, knowledge and abilities. In particular it belongs to reputation of separately taken person. Over it it is necessary to work independently at an extent of all life.

It will be a question of good reputation below as means for achievement of some purposes. Reputation - concept which can be compared to a houseplant. If not to water a floret - it begins to wither and further perishes if in time moistened the soil with water - continues to reach for light, grows and blossoms. Development of reputation - the similar phenomenon, but mission significantly differs from a plant. Let`s say that the person remarkably works, everything at him turns out perfectly well, highly climbed up a career ladder, but once speaks: In total! I conquered peak, my reputation reached the highest point of development. It is time to take a break . He takes this break and what`s next? Such action generates result. The necessary information passes about the person, he relaxes, begins to doubt, be confused, drops out of the habitual environment. As a result the reputation suffers, it is necessary to understand, be up on, acquire missed again. But I will not continue further, and I will turn to the question raised in article heading.

So, as kind the reputation can help with life? Let`s consider two situations when it can serve for satisfaction of mercenary interests of the person.

1. Search of new work. Let`s say that you were dismissed or you left on an own initiative, previously having written the application for dismissal at own will. Now from the category worker there was a transition to the status applicant . What can help with the solution of this question. Reputation - the best friend. Most likely, you already managed to prove to be in certain circles, to prove as the expert, the former chief and colleagues know about your business qualities and immeasurable potential (it is about the people having behind the back of for many years work, having good reputation). From the old place of work to you can issue the positive written characteristic.

The reputation can help with the following case. You made the competent summary, sent on the alleged place where would like to work. The employer read it, took cognizance and is ready to cooperate, but nevertheless decided to be reinsured and began to call on old places of work which were specified in your summary. In case of receiving confirmation of your business qualities, information provided to the employer one more is formed For in your advantage. Usually at such moments the reputation plays a crucial role.

2. Organization of the business, formation of business connections. To try business, to try open the business everyone can. However it is more chances of the successful embodiment of such idea in life at the people having good reputation in a certain branch, knowledge and skills. Serious business and its organization will not suffer amateurishness and inexperience. Life is severe and will reward those who really deserved it.

Business in itself assumes ability to influence people, to organize all production, to make crucial decisions at the right time. And who with etimspravitsya best of all? Correctly, the person who has influence, the weight, the experience able to carry away and lead, inspire belief in success of the realized action. The reputation in business is very expensive, almost invaluable. It is difficult to earn it and to lose rather awkward movement. The bitter truth which was is and will be.

Only two examples when the good reputation can help the person with creation of own life and satisfaction of the mercenary interests were reviewed. Finally I want to return to conversation on flowers. Your reputation - the capital which can or be increased greatly, constantly working on itself, or to lose and spend a great lot of time for its collecting and restoration. Think once again of it before taking a time - a miss.