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Literary penthouse of Vladislav Kotovtsev. “ The Saga about a dash of madness “ (chapter 4) of

chapter 4

Read “ Shyure “ caused sympathy in all ashram. Even Tanka from height of causal level of consciousness regretted it. Still! A synthetic coat, a thin hat, worn jeans and the same not yesterday bought sneakers. Seryozha nearly to transparency was thin. And sponges at it were bent by a sad semicircle from top to bottom. Any minute, will break into large tears of the offended child.

Mother Lida immediately offered to the Serezhiny son which - that from an affiliated junk. The colleague Tanka - cooks added clothes of the subgrown-up children. Tanka flew to the Cheerful Settlement and brought to Seryozha absolutely new jeans. Jeans were sewed on the far island of Malta, cost

exactly one hundred and intended to someone from Tankiny relatives. Fayka gave to the victim of a karmic debt the favourite crimson sweater.

Seryozha was so diligent surrounded with attention that forgot about unfortunate Victor a little. He took offense and, probably, threatened to complain in the highest spiritual authorities, endlessly going on:

- Saleptargan Abay - Mirza. Seryozha they are bar, one Victor - yok.

There`s nothing to be done. If the consciousness is oppressed, not the best channels for some reason remain to work.

Collective meditation - sacred business. Especially evening when all Space turns the eye towards an ashram. It is, of course, a beautiful metaphor ancient. But the essence is right: during evening meditation desire to give all the best completely. To you still says goodbye if you, like mother Lida, leave a handful of a sunflower peel on the TV. Or, like Klara, you will decorate a floor with curls of hair. You can even usurp on a sofa the favourite place of the guru and all others and claim that here you - as if in a womb. The neophyte Seryozha acted this way. They are everyday trifles, the Maya. Will judge you the highest forces on meditation.

Soon after the general meal Garik with the advanced Tanka retired to the big room. Tanka already got used to come to causal level. But today very serious business was necessary to both of them: to connect power of an ashram in the general bunch and to be connected to an egregor of the great guru Omram who was corporally staying in France. Tanka only of all ashram knew about it. Garik spoke about Omram extremely avariciously. He only reminded a bible precept: “ Do not remember a name of the Lord in vain “. Also added: for talk on ekstralichnost like Omram strongly developed consciousness and power are necessary. Otherwise everything will be reduced to chatter and can even do harm.

In the big room Tanka learned one more important news. The gold chain with a crystal of rock crystal that hung on the Garikovy neck, was a dedication sign from Omram. To her Garik two Congolese students brought from France.

In kitchen Tanka - the cook washed a big refectory pan. Mother Lida sat right there. On mezzanines it dug out several annual filings “ Workers “ and now absorbed history of the bright factory girl Zhanka. By the end of the narration Zhanka by all means had to leave in peredovichka and construct a strong rated family. So far the heroine was largely not lucky. Mother Lida sighed, wiping an eye sleeve. At the same time she did not forget to click sunflower seeds.

- To be in time, - Tanka askanced for hours. - Today such important meditation will be. Mother Lida unwillingly came up

from whirlpool of Zhankiny passions.

- And you know, Tanusha, I cannot still understand why to us these meditations. My mother all life without them lived, and nothing.

Tanka - the cook motanut the head on the parties - would not hear who sedition.

- Lidochka and unless is so possible?

- Six years are engaged in it - and on a step. And itself - that you is far from me left?

- Garik always scolds us for these “ far “. To me it you know what repeats? The last should not be afraid to get up that then to be the first.

Garik really repeated this phrase, estimating more than modest Tankina progress. Even before it ancient Indian wise men stated.

Phone is switched off. Excess light is turned off. Curtains at windows are drawn. Quietly Garikov a kassetnik mutters. Meditation began.

At the causal level it is possible to do also without verbal communication. But when you coordinate power of an ashram in the general knot and you do it for the first time - can be difficult. It is necessary to exchange words.

- Tanya, concentrate. We approach Yura. You feel a power column?

- Yes.

- do not damage a luminescence. Hook carefully … It is ready?

- Hooked.

- Now we approach Fae. How with a column?

- I do not see.

- I see, but is very weak. Does not want Faya to work with power really.

- Me shakes something, - Tanka began to worry. - Stick to

. Do not descend from level. You will get down - everything should be started anew. I will connect Fayu.

- Where now? to

- we Approach Seryozha. Concentrate … Tanya, why you shiver?

- It pulls.

- Who?

- Seryozha.

- Tanya, strain. It is impossible to relax. Try once again.

- Again pulls. You understand, korpusit. Isolation at it, perhaps, is punched?

- What isolation? - nearly Garik cried.

- I do not know what, and again pulled me … I cannot more. I get down.

Connection to Omram`s egregor that evening did not take place. For technical reasons.


The advanced Tanka did not know about existence of the unbalanced, dispersno getting power. Garik, on the contrary, knew and knew even the Sanskrit term difficult to pronounce designating this phenomenon. He only did not assume that he will face it at himself in an ashram.

Gradually was found, as to meditate at Serezhiny presence is not painful to the rest - that pleasantly. The feeling is such as if you sit, sorry, the naked back on the hot battery, and still sensitively shibat you current. There is such feeling.

And everything understands half-troubles when the person is humble. If there is an understanding, it is possible to harmonize any power. Seryozha, meanwhile, was sincerely fixated on own perfection. It turned out, not it came to an ashram, and the ashram welcomed to it. And, if all others cannot meditate near it, Seryozha is not guilty here. Sponges at it were bent, the head bent, and he began to snuffle.

Seryozha worked as the joiner in theater. Garik already got by then an electric fret saw, and the excess tree would be advisable to it. Especially, by Serezhiny words, in a theatrical stolyarka amazing pieces of mahogany came across. Trenazhny material for the guru it brought regularly, only quality … Serve Seryozha as the buoy keeper and catch the dreves from river waters, everything would be clear. But he declared that he brings pieces of import plywood which the theater receives on special deliveries. Patient Garik nevertheless decided to remind about “ amazing pieces of mahogany “. Seryozha reddened too and preplaintive tone reported that now the master and zyrkat an eye. And scraps, like precious metals, are from now on locked in the safe and are given on receipt.

You never know nonsenses people think out. It did not surprise Garik. It was occupied by another. The fret saw regularly cut the tree bought in household shops did not disdain and brought from dumps. Let preparations for blagopozhelatelny symbols on the whole millimeters dispersed from a template, not about it the speech. The fret saw sawed that tree. But on Serezhiny import plywood kicked up, precisely a horse before an UFO. Files or directed to a ceiling with some farewell squeal, or death grip bit into plywood and got stuck there. Garik with detachment of the Himalaya wise men took flat-nose pliers and pulled out a fragment of the next file. He remembered that an ashram - not the circle “ Skilful hands “. Here the process expanding consciousness is important. And therefore Garik was not out of balance.

In spiritual work of the guru it was more difficult. Seryozha found shortcomings at any teachers, ancient and modern. With Sri Krishnaradzhem he long did not stand on ceremony. “ Meditation Art “ he called “ the abc-book for primacies “. About “ Gleam Boundless “ expressed so resolutely: “ Talking shop for excited young women “. So he also told. Seryozha even did not spare Vakhramurti and his poetic interpretation three Gong. “ Podtirka after a liquid intellectual chair “.

“ But to all there is a limit, brothers “. It was told not by Garik, and absolutely other person and in other occasion. But the sense is right. And Garik said here that:

- With such width of judgments, you, Seryozha, is better to organize own ashram.

Garik could add the known aphorism of Vakhramurti here: “ Two gurus are not in one ashram “. But he too loved this wise man to whom and so got from the Mirriny protege.

In less spiritual places the person like Seryozha simply would be shown the door. And still would make a knee under the back. Ashram Garik worked at other principles: love and wisdom. Therefore the guru showed wisdom.

Lyubov showed Tanka - the cook. For it Seryozha eclipsed unfortunate Victor. She felt pity for the seeker of Shambhala, and here … “ Directly a bylinochka on wind. Any minute will break “ - Tanka thought of Seryozha. In it some undercover locks suddenly opened, and the whole stream of not dissipated maternal love directed to the subversive of dukhavtoritet.

Serezhina leanness especially concerned Tanka. After an evening meal she furtively asked:

- Serezhenka, maybe, to you still what to add?

Seryozha drank morning boiled water more just for show. And still - to dilute the cocoa cooked by Tanka for 20% cream.

Especially worried Tanka as as her “ child “ eats at work. Seryozha did not wish to take house breakfasts. It bent sponges … further clear. Tanka did not insist: boys will be boys. She put in a pocket of the Maltese jeans a three, the five and asked:

- Serezhenka, you it is obligatory to eat do not forget. Buy what more satisfying. You promise?

When Seryozha declared that he will spend the next days off in a family, Tanka - the cook directly got exhausted: “ Will exhaust the child “ - endlessly she thought, hiding for Seryozha I go more tasty.


The next communication with a family finished unfortunate Seryozha. In an invisible bowl of tears one drop was not enough. Tanka forgot even about feeding.

- Serezhenka, happened what?

Seryozha did not answer. It buried in cold kitchen glass, and soon on the misted surface two damp furrows were designated.

- Serezhenka, you tell, it will be easier, - Tanka quietly asked.

- Why so? - not whispered, not the subversive Vakhramurti moaned.

- That so? - Tanka held breath.

- Why on this insignificant earth … everything rests against money? - Seryozha squeezed out.

Here its bowl was overflowed and began to flow. The top discharge as in a bathtub, at it was not.

Giving for the Serezhiny son this time rested against money. The greedy hostess demanded a deposit in the winter: exactly a half of all sum. Seryozha had no such money neither in a purse, nor in a wallet. He rushed to the friend, expecting to borrow … Correctly, the friend went to long business trip. Seryozha did not possess a wide range of acquaintances, and term was delivered to it rigid: week is more also second. If it does not make a deposit, “ unfortunate child “ (it already about the Serezhiny son) it is doomed to suffer the whole summer in a prison cell. Seryozha somewhere on boondocks of the Petrograd party, lived in an enormous communal flat without hot water. The only window of its room rested against a firewall of the neighboring house. Generally, worse than ever.

Seryozha was by the window. Nearby, near a kitchen table, there was a white stool. It in a flash. In following Tanka - the cook already sat on a stool, and on a lap at it Seryozha sat. Perhaps, everything occurred a little differently: Seryozha appeared at Tanki on a lap in the beginning and only then she sat down on a stool. Truly notices Krishnaradzh: “ Do not pronounce the words “ MiG passed “. While you said them, there passed the whole eternity “.

That there causal level! Tanka - the cook was in a nirvana. No, take above: it reached of a nirbikalp of a samadkha which if did not forget, Vitaly was eager to reach a power bug. Tanka forgot that Seryozha is younger than her all for some year. He was born just and now, the newborn, sat on her knees. Here also its turn the first came to rise. Only it is impossible to rise, otherwise all magic will be gone.

- And you from - for money were so killed? - tenderly Tanka kept saying. - There will be to you money?

- When? - the baby uttered indistinctly.

- Tomorrow, - mummy promised. - And now let`s eyes wipe. And we will clean a nose at the same time.

Seryozha still allowed to wipe eyes. Blew the nose even with pleasure. But here did not wish to bend the head on lean Tankina a breast categorically. How many the touched cook did not try, some internal spring threw back to Serezhin the head back.

- Oh what we stubborn, - Tanka cooed. - If you do not want, then sit so.

Perhaps is closer to the center of the Galaxy there are more perfect planets. There, probably, davny - long ago reached unambiguity of perception. And, if there something is good for one or for two, it is automatically good for all. The number of billions of population does not matter … To us to them it is as far, as to the center of the Galaxy. Here - all just the opposite: “ Your garden blossoming - someone`s " ashes;. Beautiful phrase and very exact. Though it was told in other occasion.

- Oh! - Tanka screamed, blocking hands Seryozha.

Myrrha obviously did not know fundamentals of ballistics. The Chinese porcelain cup of the late Faykiny mother went above the necessary trajectory and got into a wall. It is inefficient to rush to walls cups. It was known to the invention of porcelain.

- My leg in it beliefs … an ashram will not be any more! - Myrrha hissed.

I is valid, in ten minutes her both legs in an ashram were not. Dresses, certainly, too.

At first Fayka thought that Tanka - the cook with Seryozha came to causal level too. Seryozha, all red, was by the window and silently crackled fingers. Tanka did over it some strange passes as if wanted from something to cover.

- You understand, Faya … means … this most … well, generally … the matter is that … Is not present

, if you want to know truth, it is necessary to ask the baby. Katka even had not to be asked.

- Snatyala the father Selyoza sat at mother Tanya on koyenyakh. It ironed it as to a kosk. Then the plisla mother Mila and then - that blositsya in them tyasky. Tyask it lazbitsya, and mother Tanya of her polozyl in vedlo.

Otglagoliv truth, the live help device went to watch animated cartoons. Katka called all men of an ashram fathers, and women - mothers. She called the father “ babbling “. In Katkiny language it meant “ guru “.

What would be made in the Faykiny situation by spiritually advanced person? He would smile a smile of forgiveness and compassion. So Garik made though he seriously thought to move subsequently an ashram to Myrrha. It is possible and not to smile. To say rather quietly: “ It are a Maya “ or to remember Vakhramurti`s saying: “ Who lost gold, did not lose anything “.

Faykina put aside advancement to wish the best. She suddenly was sorry … The broken cup? The died mother?? Plainly did not know this Fayk. Inevitably pulled it thoroughly to vyrevetsya. But also here stirred defects of spiritual work. Fayka seriously was not engaged in relaxedness of emotions, and the artful reason right there asked it a question: where you are going to roar? Really, where? The big room is occupied, in small “ lotosirut “ Victor. In kitchen at Tanki - the cook with Seryozha - the astral. It was not pleasant to roar in general use of Fayke, and to get out on a ladder … it too. Therefore Fayka only sobbed and started wandering in a bathroom to wash the head. The most important chakra - “ Thousand-petal Lotus “ - and a medulla too, very much liked to wash.

On the next day Seryozha received promised.

- Serezhenka, you sorry, but not my money, - warned Tank. - They on the trade-union line, strakhdelegatsky. For about four days only I can also give.

Seryozha lowered the head on one side, zamimikriynichat under color of a sweater, crackled fingers. Well, he will make a compromise with life again - will go to parents. Yes, to a pillory, even on an executioner`s block, but taken it will be returned in time.

In half an hour Seryozha carried a deposit. Tanka - the cook plentifully fed him at way - the road and supplied with a dry ration.


In an ashram Seryozha did not appear in the evening, neither tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow. Tanke - the cook had no time for meditations. She looked from a kitchen window at traveling facilities of the Warsaw station, and the heart which learned motherhood and burned. “ What if robbed the child? Tracked down on a platform and carried out to a lesochka. Hundred fifty rubles will not prevent. There are such - from - for tens of the person are ready to ruin “.

By the evening Tanka made up the mind to an extreme step. She called theater.

- Vyperli your Seryozha from theater, - the man`s voice told her.

- When? - nearly Tanka moaned.

- Yes more than a month ago.

- Z - for what … in - vyperl?

- Hands at it from a bum grew, - Tanke the man efficiently explained. - Boards to us pereshkodit to vigorous the hair dryer. And the master it regretted that. Transferred to a boiler room. So he and there suited a variety show. While with the woman was engaged, slightly the copper did not fly up.

- Why a lie you tell? - Tanka cried. - It about Seryozha! Yes it … Saint baby.

- And you what at this baby will be? - Tankin the interlocutor took an interest. the faith in people gave to Tankin`s

the second crack. And it was far deeper than the first.

- Klarochka, you would see to the volosye. Also I collect only your shreds on the apartment.

Yesterday Tanka - the cook would not decide to tell it. But today some things seemed it in other light. Perhaps, it was the causal level of consciousness.

- Throw, Tanusha. The Maya all this, - Klara told. She with surprise and pleasure found

how the philosophy of wise men coincides with its own. Especially as regards household Maiya.

- And with a flower you what made? - rushed to the second calling of Tank. Anything special Klara with a flower did not do

. Perhaps, she did not even notice it as with concentration comprehended “ Meditation Art “. A clarain the hand just shook cigarette ashes in a flowerpot.

- Ashes - in some way fertilizer, - Klara unperturbably uttered.

It found decent training, carrying on similar dialogues with mother. And mother was an opponent more serious; not that this freckled little fool.

- You so to fertilize, - Tanka threw. - And you know that flowers - they are not just live? They still think and feel not worse you. There is he you and shouts at shout. Only you are not able to listen.

Tanka was delighted too when in some scientifically - the popular magazine to her confirmation of the old conviction in mind and feelings of flowers met.

- Tanusha, I am not guilty that in this house there are no ashtrays, - having fondly smiled, Klara explained.

Yesterday Tanka - the cook silently would remove ashes from a pot and would even move to Klara ashtray substitute. But business happened today.

- Is more senior than all of us, and mind - as at Katka!

Here that was told by Tanka today.

Klara with noise slammed the book.

- the Darling, I acquired rules of conduct earlier, than you were born. To you does not prevent to know that I am a candidate of art criticism. I was accepted in houses of the best people, including in the house of the world famous artist Lado Gudiashvili about which you hardly heard.

Is even more red than a steel freckle on a white Tankiny face.

- Dristobolka - here you who, - she told.

Tanka wanted to tell not that at all. But in her brain two favourite babkiny curses were unexpectedly synthesized in the new word.

Klara was able to assess a situation. Now except them two - in an ashram of anybody. The droplet of high Georgian blood demanded vengeance. Other several liters considered as more reasonable to go away.

“ Probably, mother everything is caused “The Nevsky dawns“ “ - collecting belongings, Klara thought.

When inhabitants of an ashram returned, Tanka stood on sterilely the washed kitchen and with concentration cooked millet cereal.

- Where Klara? - she asked again. - Went to visit, to … Lado Gudiashvili. Told that missed it.

The word of honor, it not from the evil. Tanka - the cook really for the first time heard about Gudiashvili. And, of course, did not know that the world famous artist died a few years ago.